BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Kit .17 .22/.223/5.56MM .243 .280 .30 .357/9MM .40 .45 12GA Multi-Caliber Pho

The BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive set of cleaning supplies that includes everything you need to keep your guns in top condition. This kit features a zippered case that keeps everything organized and protected from damage, a stainless steel cleaning pick that helps to clean stubborn areas on your firearms, and a lifetime warranty on the nylon coated flex cables that make feeding the brushes into the barrel easy.

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  • The BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Kit comes with a zippered compact case that keeps everything neatly organized.
  • It includes a 17 caliber, 22 caliber/.223 caliber, 243 caliber, 280 caliber, 30 caliber, 357 caliber, 38 caliber, and 9 mm cleaning pick as well as 50 patches.
  • The kit also includes 3 pieces nylon coated cleaning cables and 1 piece metal gun cleaning pick.
  • Finally, the BOOSTEADY brand offers a lifetime money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


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  • Great For Various Caliber Brushes
  • Cleaning Kit Includes A Handle That Pivots To Use Properly
  • Inexpensive


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BOOSTEADY Gun Cleaning Kit .17 .22/.223/5.56MM .243 .280 .30 .357/9MM .40 .45 12GA Multi-Caliber Pho