Baby Alive Diaper Bag Refill Doll

The Baby Alive Diaper Bag is perfect for taking care of your little one. This bag features a variety of materials that are safe for use on children. The bag is made of a durable plastic that is resistant to chemicals and can be washed in a machine. The bag also features a waterproof lining that protects against spills. The bag has a shape that is convenient for carrying and storage.

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  • Caring for a doll like a real baby
  • Playful moments of growing up
  • Nurturing your doll
  • Fun and exciting playtime
  • Many different ways to play


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  • Comes With A Few Accessories
  • She Can Take It Everywhere
  • Loves To Take It Everywhere


  • May Not Have Enough Room For Some People
Baby Alive Diaper Bag Refill Doll