AIRHEAD Booster Ball, Towable Tube Rope Performance Ball

The AIRHEAD Booster Ball is a great way to keep your towable safe and in top shape. The ball is made of durable polypropylene and is filled with a red dye that makes it easy to spot. The ball is attached to a tow rope to keep it lifted out of the water. It also reduces the amount of rope spray that comes off of your towable and prevents the rope from getting sucked into the wake of other boats.

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  • The product is a booster ball that is designed to make it easier to operate a boat with a tow rope.
  • It has a tow rope attached to both ends.
  • The ball acts like a shock absorber to minimize drag and enhance fuel efficiency.
  • It also reduces rope spray for a more seamless ride.


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  • Keeps The Spray Out Of The Kids Face
  • Less Of A Load On The Boat
  • Inexpensive


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AIRHEAD Booster Ball, Towable Tube Rope Performance Ball