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SiteGround Company Overview

901 N Pitt St UNIT 325, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

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SiteGround Plans & Pricing

Shared Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features



1 Website

10 GB Web Space

10,000 Visits Monthly

Free SSL

30-Days Money-Back



Unlimited Websites

20 GB Web Space

25,000 Visits Monthly

Free SSL

30-Days Money-Back



Unlimited Websites

40 GB Web Space

100,000 Visits Monthly

Free SSL

30-Days Money-Back

Cloud Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Jump Start


4 CPU Cores

8GB Memory

40GB ssd space

5TB data transfer



8 CPU Cores

12GB Memory

80GB ssd space

5TB data transfer

Business Plus


12 CPU Cores

16GB Memory

120GB ssd space

5TB data transfer

Super Power


16 CPU Cores

20GB Memory

160GB ssd space

5TB data transfer

Wordpress Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features



1 Website

10 GB Web Space

10,000 Visits Monthly

Free WP Migrator

Free SSL



Unlimited Websites

20 GB Web Space

25,000 Visits Monthly

Free WP Migrator

Free SSL



Unlimited Websites

40 GB Web Space

100,000 Visits Monthly

Free WP Migrator

Free SSL

Reseller Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features



Unlimited Websites

20 GB Web Space

Free SSLs

Easy Staging



Unlimited Websites

40 GB Web Space

Free SSLs

Easy Staging



Unlimited Websites

40+ GB Web Space

Free SSLs

Easy Staging

SiteGround Full Review

Choosing a web hosting company to trust with all of your site's data can be very overwhelming. Not only because there are a lot of options available but also because of the fact that although there are good web hosts, there are also bad ones.

SiteGround is one of the leading hosting providers in the market today. With excellent customer support, performance, and security, it's no wonder why it is rated as a superb hosting company from numerous reviews and a 99.7 happiness rate from loyal customers.

Its hosting journey began in 2004 with the promise of delivering quality service to its customer. Since then, they evolved to be one of the top-ranking web hosts.

They must have done something right to stay in business for more than 16 years, more than 600 members, and over 2 800 000 hosted domains.

SiteGround servers located in four different continents make it easy to choose a data center for your website closer to your audience.

SiteGround offers the following: shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerse hosting, and reseller hosting plans.

Getting Started with SiteGround

To get started with this review, I have to choose among SiteGround's hosting plans. I choose the cheapest one, which is the StartUp plan. This plan comes with one free web installation and 10 GB of storage space.

I clicked the Get Plan button, and I was redirected to the domain registration page. You can choose to register a new domain or to add an existing one. Domain registration is not for free, and you have to pay $17.99 per year to use it on your site.

After clicking the Proceed button, you have to input your account information, client information, and purchase information.

You can also choose some extra services to your purchased plan, like domain privacy that starts $12/year and renews at $24, and SG site scanner for $19.80/year. The SG site scanner monitors your site and immediately gives you a notification if it is compromised.

If you are done filling in the information, you can proceed to the payment page. If your payment is successful, you can receive SiteGround's welcome message together with your login credentials.

You are now ready to check out the Client's Area!

Using and Managing Your Site in SiteGround

SiteGround's Client Area is relatively new. It was introduced in 2019 to promised ease of use, better user experience, improved performance, and many more. They introduced a single-page area with elegant designs but still optimized for complete hosting account management.

Home Tab

When you log in for the first time and do not have a website set up just yet, this is the page that you will see. From here, you can click the Set Up Site button to get started with your website.

In the home tab, you can also choose to install or migrate a WordPress website, point your domain to the SiteGround servers, use a temporary URL to your site; transfer, change and create email accounts for your domain; and many more.

Websites Tab

The website tab is where you can see your managed websites. From here, you can access your site tools to manage your website. You can also add a new site from here.

Services Tab

The services tab shows your hosting plan details or your hosting account. From here, you can change the name, add a website, renew, upgrade, downgrade, relocate your data centers, change renewal settings, and cancel the plan.

From the services tab, you can also access your site statistics. You can view your storage usage, inodes, program executions, and CPU seconds.

Billings Tab

This tab shows the summary of your purchases. You can view the payment details, change payment methods, view invoices, and more.

Referrals Tab

The referrals tab is for the SiteGround affiliates. They can manage their affiliate account through this tab. It is where they can see the shared affiliate link, the number of users using the link, etc.

Marketplace Tab

The marketplace tab shows your cart, the hosting plans, extras, add-ons, and many more.

Help Button

The help button at the upper right of the page will show you the specialized recommended help that fits the tabs you open.

When you click the View Help Center link, you will be redirected to the help center page.


Here you can see and modify your login and profile setting, notification preferences, and more.

You can choose email notification or SMS notification.

You are now familiar with your hosting account's client area. It is now about time we move on to managing our websites.

SiteGround Control Panel

Site Tools is SiteGround's very own control panel. It contains all the tools you need to manage your website. You can access it through your client's area.

The first thing you will really notice when you open this page is how elegantly arranged the tools are. It's simple yet packed very nicely, clean, and so easy to navigate. The colors are not too bright and not too dull as well.


Below is the main dashboard page you'll when you open Site Tools.

Here, you can see the site the pinned tools, site information, and the summary of your web insights. You can edit your pinned tools depending on your preference.


Under the Sites tab, you can see the following:

File Manager

This is where you can manage all your website files. You can easily switch from one website to another without having to go through a complex log-in process. You can add, delete, rename your folders, and so on.

FTP Accounts

This is where you can create new FTP accounts or manage existing ones. FTP accounts allow you to assign different roles to your users.

App Manager

This is the right place to go when you want to download web apps like WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

My SQL Manager and PostgreSQL

Here you can manage your databases. You can add, update, delete, modify your databases, and many more.


Under the Security tab, you can find the following:


This page allows you to backup and restores your previous site version with just a click. You can restore files, databases, and emails.

SSL Manager

This is where you can manage existing SSL certificates and install a new one.

HTTPS Enforce

You can enable HTTPS to enforce so that all your site traffics is redirected to a secure connection.

Protected URLs

This is where you can limit access to specific URLs on your website


This is where you can see reports and notifications when SiteGround scans your site. You can also force a scan on your own.

Blocked IPs

This is where you can manage your blocked IP address or block a new one.



You can enable your Cloudflare CDN here to speed up your website


This section lets you manage your site's cache to optimize your site speed.


This section contains all the tools you need to manage your WordPress site.

Install & Manage WordPress

This allows you to install and manage new or already existing WordPress sites and applications. You can update the admin password, reset preference, and move or delete applications.

Staging Copies

This is where you can create, manage, and deploy staging copies of your WordPress site. This allows you to test the changes you've done on your site before you actually finalize them.

WordPress Migrator

Allows you to transfer your WordPress site from another hosting service provider as quickly as a few clicks on your dashboard.

WordPress Autoupdate

All WordPress installations are automatically updated, and you can see them here. You can also modify your update settings from this page.


The domains tab contains the following:

Parked Domains

This is where you can see the additional domains that could be used to reach your sites.


This is where you can create and manage all your subdomains. Subdomains organize our sites into sections or parts.

Domain Redirects

This is where you can manage or create new redirects. Redirects are used for forwarding one URL to another.

DNS Zone Editor

This is where you can find your DNS Zone records. You can create a new one or manage the other.


This section is dedicated to email management.

Email Accounts

Having an email that matches your domain name makes it look more professional. In this section, you can create new email accounts or manage your existing ones.

Email Forwarders

You can use forwarders to redirect emails from one inbox to another. Here, you can create new forward rules or discard the old ones.

Email Autoresponders

This page allows you to set automatic email responses for your email messages.

Email Filters

This is where you can manage your email filtering system. You can choose what emails to discard or forward to your inbox.

Email Authentication

It prevents you from getting spam. Here, you can modify your authentication settings.


This is where you can manage your Solar Winds SpamExperts account. It filters all incoming and outgoing mails.


Here, you can see the website insights and logs. Included are the following:


This shows information like visitor logs, views, search engines, and keywords used to drive traffic to your site. It is presented in visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics.

Error Log

This displays the errors that occurred on your site

Access Log

This is where you can see who has visited your site and monitor if there are any malicious activities.


The Devs tab contains the advanced features of website management. It includes the following:


Here you can create repositories of your applications.

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs let you automate commands and scripts on your website. You can create and manage it through this section.

PHP Manager

This section lets you manage your PHP versions. In managed hosting plans, it is automatically updated, but you have the option to update it manually.

SSH Keys Manager

SSH keys provide a secure connection to your sites. This is where you can manage all your SSH keys.

Apps Installer

This is where you can download and manage your web applications.

Now that you are familiar with SiteGround's dashboard and control are, it is time to create a website.

SiteGround Website Builder

Setting up your website in SiteGround is straightforward. How about building them?

Luckily, SiteGround supports the already familiar web builders in the industry: WordPress, Weebly, WooCommerce, and many more.

For this review, I will walk you through WordPress.

After successfully installing WordPress from the App Installer, you can go to the WordPress tab in the main dashboard to manage it.

Dashboard- shows the following widgets: Welcome Message, At a Glance, Activity, Quick Draft, WordPress Events and News, and many more.

Post Tab - allows you to add new posts and tags and add categories to your post.

Media - shows all media items like pictures, audio, videos, documents, and more.

Pages - is where you can manage all your web pages; you can add new pages, link tags, and more.

Comments-this is where you can see all the comments left on your site.

Appearance- this is where you can change the theme of your WordPress site; customize and add widgets.

Plugins - here, you can install new plugins and manage the existing ones.

Users- this is the section where you can add users to your site and their roles.

Tools-this is where you can install the tools needed in creating your site.

Settings- shows the general settings for your site.

If you are not comfortable with WordPress, you can build your site using Weebly, drag and drop site builder fit for novice and advanced users.

SiteGround App Installer

Applications are needed to improve your site's interface and optimal performance. Downloading an application using SiteGround is quick and easy.

In Site Tools, under the Devs tab, you can find the App Installer. You can select the app you want to install from the drop-down menu. Included apps you can choose from are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Zencart, and many more.

To install, you need to fill in the application setup and admin info.

SiteGround Customer Support

Excellent customer support from your web host is as important as the other features included in your plan. Knowing that a support team has your back 24/7 is not only convenient but also very comforting.

SiteGround support team is capable and well-prepared customer support representatives who undergo training and mentoring; friendly and helpful but intending to help resolve client's issues as fast and efficient as possible.

SiteGround's customer service is operated in multiple channels and ranks pretty high among other hosting websites providers. You can take matters into your own hands and get instant self-help or use available help through live chat, phone support, and helpdesk ticket.

SiteGround offers a comprehensive list of valuable resources you can check out when having issues or when you want to learn more about your hosting account. These include tutorials, ebooks, guides, podcasts, and a knowledge base with regularly updated blogs and articles.

You can also find a pinned Help Icon in your web hosting area that gives you links to the knowledge base related to your current tab. As you move, the knowledge base also changes.

You can also select a category of your concern from the help desk to get more technical help if it isn't resolved yet from the means mentioned above.

You can choose to go to live chat or post a ticket.

When posting a ticket, you need to select the website with the concern and write the details of the issue before you submit it.

All of your support histories can be instantly reviewed through the Support History tab.

Buyer's Guide and Pricing

Essential aspects of web hosting include performance, safety and security, uptime, and available customer support. As customers, we always wanted to look for a hosting provider that fits our needs and budget.

SiteGround, just like other top-rated web hosting companies, offers easy, fast, smooth, and user-friendly but features-packed hosting plans.

The next section of this review will discuss the SiteGround hosting plans and their inclusions.

Please note that the low starting prices offered for each plan are only for a limited time, and when you renew, you need to pay the original price.

Plans, Pricing, and Features

Our main deciding factor for choosing a hosting provider should be based on our needs and our budget.

SiteGround offers fast and secure web, WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting for your successful personal and business sites. These plans come in three different packages: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

All of SiteGround's shared hosting plans come with the following features:

Essential Features:

  • Unmetered data transfer- to attract more and more visitors
  • Free drag and drop Weebly site builder - to create a responsive website or online store.
  • Free CMS Install- to get started with a new website in minutes, includes WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Free email accounts- unlimited number of email accounts at your domain up to 10GB of account space, makes your site looks professional.
  • Unlimited MySQL DB- create unlimited databases on any of our shared plans
  • Unlimited sub and parked domains -a subdomain allow you to create a separate website under the main domain name
  • Friendly site tools are powerful to manage your site files, emails, databases, and many more.
  • 30 -day money-back guarantee- this 30-day-money-back guarantee is available on all shared hosting plans
  • 100% renewable energy match -partners with Google Cloud that matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy

Performance Features

  • Servers on four continents - data centers located in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region
  • SSD storage - files and databases stored on SSD (Solid State Drive), which can increase the input /output operations up to 1000x compared with regular drives, powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Customized server set up - a unique platform for shared hosting plans
  • Free Cloudflare CDN with each account - Cloudflare CDN makes a website load faster and protects your site by blocking malicious traffics.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers - this is the newest version of the HTTP protocol that makes browser load your site faster, thus optimizing loading times
  • SuperCacher - in-house caching to increase the number of hits a site can take and improve the loading speed

Security Features

  • Power Redundancy - customized servers to maximize shared server performance
  • Hardware Redundancy -available hardware replacements on-site to be used for emergency hardware issues
  • LXC-based stability -unique hosting platform based on Linux Containers(LXC), highly acclaimed by Linux Kernel Developers
  • Unique account isolation - accounts on all shared servers are separated from each other, thus not affecting one another.
  • Fastest server monitoring -checks server status every 0.5 seconds, detects issues, and fixes them instantly.
  • Anti-hack systems and help -web application firewall to protect apps like WordPress from potential attacks
  • Proactive updates and patches -multiple security patches to protect server software
  • Spam protection - free spam protection from SolarWinds spam experts
  • Automated daily backup - daily backups and easy restores of emails and files

Support Features:

  • 24/7 customer support - available customer support team 24/7 with fast response
  • Phone, chat, and tickets- support team can be reached via phone, chat, and through tickets to answer queries and help resolve issues.

E-commerce Features

  • Free shopping cart installs - free installation of your chosen shopping cart.
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates - free, automatic installation and renewal of your free SSL certificates

Features to Agencies and Designer

  • Ship site to the client - quickly transfer the site account to your client.
  • Collaborators can be added - add collaborators to your site easily.

Solutions for Developers

  • Managed PHP version 7.4 - default PHP version in use
  • Custom PHP versions 8.1,8.0,7.4, & 7.3 - easy PHP upgrade process
  • Free SSH and SFTP access - secure your account-restricted access
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL databases- unlimited number of databases that should not exceed 1000MB
  • FTP accounts - can create many FTP account that allows for easy upload and download restrictions
  • Technology supported - free image galleries, PHP libraries, and more

Web Hosting Plans

StartUp -starts at $3.99 per month and renews at $14.99

This shared hosting plan is ideal for 10 000 monthly visits only, like a personal blog and a small online store. Here are the additional features included when you purchase this plan:

  • 10 GB web space
  • One website hosted
  • Essential server resources

GrowBig - starts at $6.69 per month and renews at $24.99

This shared hosting plan is suitable for 25 000 monthly visits. Included in this plan are the following:

  • 20 GB web space
  • Unlimited websites hosted
  • Premium server resources
  • Advanced on-demand backup
  • Staging feature for WordPress websites

GoGeek - starts at $10.69 per month and renews at $39.99

This shared hosting plan is ideal for sites with 100 000 visits for a month. Included features are the following:

  • 40 GB web space
  • Unlimited websites hosted
  • Geeky server resources
  • Ultrafast PHP
  • Advanced on-demand backup
  • Advanced priority support
  • White-label hosting and client management
  • Staging feature for WordPress websites
  • Pre-installed Git

WordPress Hosting Plan

SiteGround's managed WordPress shared hosting plan gives an overall WordPress hosting solution for all types of sites. It offers tools that make web building and web managing easy.

SiteGround offers the same plans, pricing, and features from the web hosting plan mentioned above but added some tools that could optimize your managed WordPress hosting experience.

Here are the following additional features for all plans:

  • WordPress free installation
  • Free automated WordPress transfer
  • WordPress auto-update
  • WordPress advanced security
  • WordPress related support
  • WordPress CLI pre-installed
  • SiteGround Optimizer WordPress plugin
  • One-click WordPress staging for GrowBig and GoGeek plans only
  • SiteGround -Git WordPress repo creation for the GoGeek plan only

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

SiteGround's managed WooCommerce shared hosting plan is designed with you and your business in mind. Their goal is to make it easy to create and launch your store, increase your sales by ensuring that your website's performance is optimized, and secure your site to ensure safe transactions. It is a trusted WooCommerce hosting plan by many customers and experts in the field.

The SiteGround managed WooCommerce shared hosting plan offers the same plans, pricing, and features as their managed WordPress hosting plans.

Managed Cloud Hosting Plans

In SiteGround's managed cloud hosting, your sites will be hosted on a cloud platform. It comes with powerful dedicated resources that guarantee performance, speed, and security optimization. It is fully managed which means you don't have to worry about your resources cause it has been taken care of for you.

Here are the different managed cloud hosting plans that SiteGround offers:

Jump Star Plan - starts at $100/month

Business Plan - stars at $200 per month

Business Plus Plan -starts at $300 per month

Super Power Plan- starts at $400/month.

Can't find what you are looking for? You don't have to worry just yet!

One thing that makes SiteGround's cloud hosting unique compared to other web hosts is its scalability. Custom cloud hosting with SiteGround is easy and quick. To personalize your plan, drag the slider to your desired number of CPU, memory size, and SSD space. It will automatically display your custom cloud pricing and inclusions. You don't have to go through many customer support teams to get your custom plan, unlike most web hosts. Convenient, right?

All cloud web hosting services come with the following features:

  • Powerful dedicated resources
  • Fully managed service
  • Easy scaling as your business grows
  • Easy client management
  • SSH access to your cloud account
  • SFTP for safe file transfer and management
  • Your dedicated IP address
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backup and instant manual backups in just a few clicks
  • Add collaborators to your cloud account
  • Expert help available 24/7 with fast response and highly rated by its customers

Reseller Hosting Plans

This gives you access to tools that can allow you to manage multiple sites and resell hosting plans. All reseller plans come with all the core features of SiteGround web hosting

GrowBig - starts at $6.69 per month and renews at $24.99/month for 20 GB of web space

Inclusions are the following:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Free WordPress installation
  • WordPress autoupdates
  • Free SiteGround migrator plugin
  • Daily and on-demand backups
  • Free SSL's
  • Free CDN
  • Free email accounts
  • WordPress CLI and SSH
  • Out-of-the-box caching
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Easy Staging
  • Collaborators

GoGeek - starts at $10.69 per month and renews at $39.99 for 40 GB of webspace.

Inclusions are :

  • Everything from GrowBig plan
  • White-label clients -you can register your clients as users
  • Priority support - issues and concerns from the GoGeek plan gets top priority from SiteGround support teams

Cloud - starts at $100/month

In this reseller plan, you can choose from any managed cloud hosting plan to be your reseller account.

Inclusions are:

  • Everything from the GoGeek plan
  • Customize client access- able to customize users access to your site's Site Tools
  • Create custom packages based on your needs and as your client base grows.

Security and Backups

Security should be on the top of your priority list when choosing a web hosting provider. Whether you manage a personal blog site, a small business, or a huge enterprise, securing your and your client's data is a must.

As a business owner, you need to put the minds of your customers at ease by ensuring them that the data they share with your site is safe and secure.

The promise of safe and secure hosting will always be something that any web hosting company will use in marketing their hosting services.

Knowing the high level of importance of security to their customer's website, some other hosting providers do not offer this for free; instead, they offer separate plans for security on top of the hosting plans.

Thankfully, SiteGround thinks differently. Almost all of its essential security features are for free. Yes, you read it right! You only have to pay for the SG site scanner, which you can opt not to add to your plan.

Here are some of SiteGround's security features:

Smart Web Applications Firewalls

It prevents software exploits to protect servers and your site from threats. It protects applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

AI Anti-bot

SiteGround developed an artificial intelligence system that could prevent brute-force attacks from bots. It stops malicious traffic before it can affect your website and business.

24/7 Monitoring

Web servers are checked every 0.5 seconds, and the SiteGround tech support team is always on standby to fix issues instantly.

Distributed and Redundant Backups

Backups are put in different locations to ensure the maximum safety of your data.

WordPress Security Plugin

The Free WordPress plugin helps you tighten the security of your WordPress website.

Free SSL Certificates

Automatically install and renew SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt. SSL certificate adds validity to the depth of your site security.

Free Daily Backups

Your data and your file are backed up daily. You can also quickly restore your site with just a click.


In addition to the feature above, here are some of the advantages of using SiteGround as a web host:

  • 99.99 % uptime guarantee
  • Above-average site speed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Offers 30 -day money-back guarantee
  • Low introductory plan rates
  • Free daily backups and easy restores options
  • Scalable and custom plans to meet your hosting needs
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • It comes with free staging tools
  • Free website builder
  • Free email accounts
  • Lots of freebies
  • Green web hosting means they are committed to taking care of the environment.
  • Intuitive dashboard and control panel


Here are some disadvantages when using SiteGround's hosting service:

  • Renewal rates are higher
  • No free domain name included
  • No monthly billing options
  • No Windows server
  • Low storage for web hosting plans
  • No dedicated hosting and VPS hosting options
  • Quite an expensive cloud hosting plans
  • Hosting plans are not available in some countries

Final Thoughts

SiteGround hosting, in general, is an excellent web hosting company. Despite offering limited web hosting plans, no free domain, and fewer data centers than its competitors (concerning the number of users), it is undeniable that they are still doing very well in the industry.

SiteGround hosting has created a mark of excellent service that is not only tested by time but also with the loyalty of their customers. They have evolved with their users' needs and responded with great hosting solutions like changing their client's area and site tools to accommodate newbies and advanced users.

They have shown that they are more than capable of taking care of your website's performance, speed, and security. They have people on standby to assist you with your every need.

Do I recommend SiteGround as a web host? Definitely! You should check it out!

I hope this SiteGround review helped you in your web hosting journey!

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