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Apex Hosting Company Overview

Apex Hosting is an American-owned company established in 2013 to provide the best service to its Game server hosting clients.

Apex Hosting recognized that launching a game server was a novel concept for several individuals, so they designed a hosting platform and support team to assist you with every inch of the process.

8388 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 61 Sarasota FL 34238

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Apex Hosting Plans & Pricing

Minecraft Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features



Basic Servers

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & some modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & some modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & most modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & most modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & all modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & all modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database



Basic Servers & all modpacks

Unlimited Player Slots

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Subdomain

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP Available

Free MySQL Database

Apex Hosting Full Review

Apex Hosting is an American-owned company established in 2013 to provide the best service to various Game server hosting clients.

Apex Hosting recognized that launching a game server was a novel concept that wasn't previously seen, so they designed a hosting platform and formed a support team to assist you with every inch of the hosting process.

No matter if you're a beginner or a professional that's looking for Minecraft hosting platforms or other server types, Apex Hosting is an exceptional choice. For starters, they offer industry-leading support, very reasonable rates, as well as hosting for many other games.

Their Apex Minecraft servers are exceptional, with many useful features to provide the best experience for beginner and pro customers alike.

Apex Hosting uses a customized Multicraft control panel, allowing everyone to administer their server with no prior experience or knowledge. The modded Multicraft panel is simple and easy to use and if you ever encounter any issues, the customer support team will help you out.

With over 300,000 customers globally with data centers in Europe, North America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South America, they can provide excellent connectivity to many different regions. Now let's get into the nitty-gritty of it.

Getting Started With Apex Hosting

To get started, you'll need to go to the Apex Hosting website.

Apex Hosting homepage

Apex Hosting is predominantly known for their Minecraft Hosting solutions. So when you head to their website, you will be greeted with a Minecraft avatar, as shown above.

What exactly is a Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft host is essentially a business that hosts or stores your Minecraft game for you and other players. If you intend to run your own Minecraft server, Apex Hosting provides all the necessary ingredients to make the entire process smooth and simple.

By clicking the Get Started button, you will be redirected to the Pricing page, which can also be accessed on the top part of the homepage.

Apex Hosting Pricing plans

Apex Hosting offers three game servers, namely: Minecraft Server Hosting, Rust, and Valheim.

The first step for signing up for Apex Hosting would be to select the preferred hosting services. Before you confirm the selected hosting packages, you should take a look at the prices and make sure that what you need is in there.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft hosting prices

Rust Server Hosting

Rust hosting prices

Valheim Server Hosting

Valheim hosting prices

In order to make this Apex Hosting review, we've chosen the cheapest Minecraft server hosting. This plan gives us 2GB of RAM, basic servers, and a few mod packs priced at $7.49 a month. The plan renews at $9.99 a month.

After clicking the 'Order Now' button, you will be redirected to the shopping cart.

Apex Hosting shopping cart

You need to set up the preferred billing cycle, username, server version, and server location before you check out.

You can also include an optional subdomain and purchase a dedicated IP Address to enhance your Minecraft server. Once you're done, click continue.

After this, you will proceed to the checkout page, where you'll see a breakdown of your chosen Minecraft hosting service and discounts - if there are any, for you to review.

The last step for the sign-up process is the Billings page.

Apex Hosting billings page

Here, you can choose which way to sign up; you can do it manually or sign up using Facebook, Google, or Twitter to speed up the process.

As you scroll down, you can find the Billing details. You need to type in your billing address, passwords, and payment information here. You can opt to pay via Credit Card or through PayPal.

Once you complete the order, you should receive a New Product Information email. This means that your order has been verified, and it will contain all your login credentials and other relevant details related to your Apex Hosting account.

Using and Managing Your Website on Apex Hosting

You can access the login page by clicking the Panel tab located on the upper part of the navigation menu.

Here, you key in your username and password.

Apex Hosting homepage

This is what your account dashboard looks like.

Hosting a dedicated Minecraft server would become practically unimaginable without the need for an extensive user interface. If an interface is difficult to navigate, users will abandon it and look for other hosts that provide a more straightforward interface.

Fortunately, Apex Hosting takes care of all of that for you. Moreover, it is an efficient site, owing mainly to the customized version of their Multicraft tool feature.

Apex Hosting CPanel

Multicraft Control Panel

This control panel is comparable to other hosting companies' widely-used cPanel, with the key difference being that this one was mainly designed for gaming.

Across all of your servers, you can access the console, manage files, edit configurations, change server versions, and much more, right from your web browser or mobile phone.

Numerous other user-friendly components make it simple to configure a Minecraft server and even supervise its productivity with the responsive user interface.

The main dashboard displays a summary of your Minecraft server's data, such as the IP address details and specified port, which will differ for each created server.

This user-friendly control panel provides you with all of the customizing options you require without the need to memorize all of the game's commands. So, if you're about to create your first server and start playing online - you'll have an easy time doing it.

Domain Name

Each domain name provided by Apex Hosting will include an area code based on your region. The area code will be matched by the domain 'apexmc.co', making it extremely clear that the site is a Minecraft server.

Constructing a server (any of the numerous server types) requires selecting the wanted hosting service and determining a domain name. All users' access is determined by you, but the server itself is only recognizable through its domain name.


When building an Apex Minecraft hosting account, the actual capacity of the database is very much an important factor to consider.

This game's administration and hosting will necessitate a robust database, and Apex Minecraft Hosting is indeed an excellent supplier. You will be able to construct your Minecraft server without difficulty.

Because Apex Minecraft Hosting uses the MySQL database, you'll have access to the records. This authorized SQL database management system is often regarded as the most extensive and most popular open-source database.


Apex Hosting provides varying storage capacities depending on the user's demands and the price to be paid.

This means you may select a server space ranging from 1GB to 4GB, nearly equal to the databases.

It is critical to note that this decision will significantly impact the service, amount of players, and general capacity of the Minecraft server; thus, paying a larger price is advised.

Lastly, installing a mod loader without regard for server size may cause issues. Make sure you keep the server running by always being mindful of how much storage you have


Apex Hosting's infrastructures are extensively secured against both local and outside DDoS attacks, assuring player safety. This is well-taken care of, and security precautions such as SSL certificates are provided to obtain optimum data protection and privacy.

DDoS protection isn't just for the players themselves but for your server too. If it goes down, you might lose valuable data and information that is crucial to continuing the uninterrupted operation of the server.

Jar File

The jar file defines the version of Minecraft that will be used by your server. Apex Hosting's control panel offers features for Bukkit and Vanilla, as well as the right to establish your own jar.

This is accomplished by setting the dropdown to default and placing your jar file in the server's jar folder. To add or remove files from your server, you have two FTP choices: the built-in browser-accessible via the files tab in the control panel or a software FTP manager such as FileZilla.

After you've linked to your server's FTP, you can add and remove whatever files you want.


The control panel also has monitoring features.

The console displays the server command line and all actions occurring; this is useful for monitoring the server and attempting to identify any faults. You can also access the server with commands and chat, without launching the game by using the admin interface.

Memory determines how many players your server can accommodate and is checked in real-time on this page.

If your server begins to slow down and feel sluggish, evaluate the amount of RAM available and upgrade your plan if it isn't enough.

Bukkit Plugins

Unlike the usual Apps Installer of other hosting providers, Apex Hosting offers different software to install plugins.

Bukkit is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows third-party developers to add their own code to Minecraft using plugins. This has fundamentally altered the way Minecraft servers are maintained and has tremendously increased their capacities.

Plugins are similar to browser extensions. Third-party programmers use these to build new code and plug it into the server. However, because they do not affect the game core, as mods usually do, they are more restricted in what they can reach.

This, nevertheless, implies that they only have to be put on the server's side. Therefore, it is not essential to make any changes to your game files for them to work. On top of that, you can send a support ticket to Apex Hosting expert support team to learn more about plugins.

FTP Access

From the web interface within Multicraft, you can manage your server files here. The FTP Host IP address would be the same as your server's IP address.

Bear in mind that your FTP password is the same as your Multicraft password. The username for accessing FTP will be different for each server and will be your email address followed by a '.#' as an identification.

Server Management

You have direct access to your server's config files in this section.

You can modify server files through either the Config Files tab or straight through FTP. The Config Files tab lets you quickly change most of the server configuration files with a basic text editor, and that you can employ a sophisticated interface for some of the main configuration files, such as 'server.properties.'

Config Files are made up of whatever file from your server that the panel can still recognize as editable, allowing you to easily update files without having to access them over FTP.

Although most of the files you find are editable, others are not and can only be reached via FTP.

User Management

In this section, you'll be able to manage members & users and determine what they can and cannot do on your server.

Apex Hosting Customer Support

Customer support is a vital aspect of any web hosting platform. Apex Hosting provides 24/7 customer care, including a live chat function and a dedicated, skilled, and helpful support crew. You may contact the support team at any time, regardless of your location, and you will receive helpful answers to questions.

The downside is that you can't access the live chat support if you're not a registered user in Apex Hosting.

On a brighter note, Apex Minecraft Hosting offers a Knowledgebase where you can take an in-depth look at how to navigate and resolve specific issues within Minecraft servers through the articles and tutorials included there.

These educational materials are often enough to answer most questions asked by users.

Buyer’s Guide For Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting Pricing Plans for Minecraft Server Hosting

  • 2GB RAM - $7.49 - Basic Servers & some modpacks
  • 3GB RAM - $11.24 - Basic Servers & some modpacks
  • 4GB RAM - $14.49 - Basic Servers & most modpacks
  • 5GB RAM - $18.74 - Basic Servers & most modpacks
  • 6GB RAM - $22.49 - Basic Servers & all modpacks
  • 8GB RAM - $29.99 - Basic Servers & all modpacks
  • 10GB RAM - $37.49 - Basic Servers & all modpacks

Server Speed

In general, Apex Hosting's server speed is great with the addition of having a low probability of downtime.

This host's excellent feature is that you may choose from nine distinct geographical regions for server hosting. For example, to attain lag-free servers, you could host your server near to where your players reside.

There is just so much power you could get out of these Minecraft servers. Since this host does not have any dedicated servers or VPS, you might have to switch hosts if your server grows to a size that demands a more robust server version.

Security and Backups

Security is possibly the most important factor in all aspects of life, including the Internet. Opening a Minecraft server necessitates extra consideration for security and user privacy. There will be no significant issues with regards to this in Apex Hosting.

The SSL certificate is a globally recognized security standard. In simpler words, a technology that assures effective data encryption between the browser and the web service used. Of course, this is not technically necessary, but it is convenient.

As a result, it is best to go with the more costly hosting services. These will assure the best quality of service, making it much safer to build your server without worrying about breaches.

Because of the volatile nature of managing a Minecraft server, you're sure to come across a situation where you would like to restore your world to a prior state due to trolling, corruption, or simply wanting to reset the world.

You can use a backup generated by Apex Hosting's panel backup function to restore your world to a former condition.

The backup tool automatically creates a backup of your primary world and compresses it in a zip file with the world's title. Backups are taken regularly each day, but they can also be done manually with the tap of a button.

Features of Apex Hosting

  • Unlimited player slots
  • Automatic backups
  • Bedrock and Java Support
  • Plugin & ModPack Support
  • Custom control panel
  • Free MySQL database
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free server transfers
  • Free subdomain
  • Automated backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides a range of servers from modded to vanilla

Apex Hosting Pros

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Responsive customer support
  • Global server locations
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 Live Chat feature
  • Easy and Fast Setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Discounts on first invoices
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Specialization in Minecraft Servers
  • High-performance servers

Apex Hosting Cons

  • Limited FAQ
  • Live chat only available for registered customers
  • High prices for renewal plans
  • Lack of dedicated servers and VPS

Final Thoughts

If you're searching for a dependable Minecraft server provider at a reasonable price and with a wide range of tool functionality, then consider Apex Hosting. They also offer costs that are tailored to the specific demands of each user. As a result, Apex Hosting is an excellent choice if you need a server for a few or more users.

It has a simple but appealing user interface and plenty of storage for small to medium-sized servers. Apex also provides a dynamic database from which to host your Minecraft server, and it is incredibly easy to use. A thumbs up for that!

We hope this review helps you in choosing your Minecraft server hosting provider!

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