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Decktopus AI is a user-friendly AI-powered deck builder used to create professional and visually appealing presentations effortlessly. It is designed for businesses of all sizes, sales professionals, marketing managers, account executives, and founders to create stunning decks that reflect their brand. Decktopus AI has a variety of features, including instant deck generation, themes and fonts customization, quick image and icon generation, audio narration, and analytics. It makes creating professional decks simple, enabling users to save time and focus on closing deals and growing their sales funnel. With Decktopus AI, businesses can optimize the sales process, create customizable forms, live websites and videos that enhance presentations, and collect analytics to gain insights into their decks' performance.


Decktopus AI is a user-friendly AI-powered deck builder for businesses and individuals to create visually stunning presentations effortlessly. It offers features such as instant deck generation, customizable themes and fonts, fast image and icon generation, audio narration, and analytics. With Decktopus AI, businesses can optimize their sales process, create customizable forms, live websites and videos that enhance presentations, and collect analytics to gain insights into their decks' performance. Decktopus AI is offered at two primary plans: PRO Plan and Business Plan and has additional add-ons through PRO AI and BUSINESS AI plans. Decktopus AI offers a discount to students with code "SUPPORTEDUCATION" and provides a free trial for all plans.

Company Overview

Decktopus AI is an AI-powered deck builder that allows individuals and businesses to create visually stunning and professional presentations effortlessly. The tool is geared towards sales professionals, marketing managers, account executives, and founders, and can benefit agencies of any size.

Decktopus AI offers various features that make creating presentations seamless and straightforward. One of these features is instant deck generation. Users can give a topic, and the tool will provide them with a fully prepared presentation without the need for manual resizing or rearranging of elements. The tool also provides a wide variety of themes, fonts, and colors to customize presentations to fit any company brand.

Decktopus AI eliminates the need to spend hours browsing stock photo websites to find the perfect picture or icon. The tool generates image and icon suggestions instantly at the click of a button, reducing the time spent on finding the right photo for a presentation. Additionally, the tool provides tailored slide notes and more talking points to enrich presentations.

The forms feature allows users to collect feedback and information from their audience in real-time, while the voice recorder feature lets users add a personal touch to their decks with audio narration. Users can connect their custom domains to provide a personalized brand experience and automate actions with webhook integration. The tool also allows for the embedding of live websites and videos to enhance presentations.

Decktopus AI has garnered positive reviews across industries for its ease of use, quality of designs, and impressive results. Users have called it a game-changer for their businesses and highly recommend it to others.


Time-saving Templates

Auto-adjustment of Templates and Layouts

Decktopus AI offers pre-designed customizable templates and layouts to create visually stunning presentations, portfolios, microsites, proposals, and sales funnels. Users can save valuable time and effort by using auto-adjusted templates and layouts since they minimize the need for manual tweaking and streamlines the building process.

Premade Designs

Users can select from a vast range of pre-made designs that can be applied to all the slides on the presentation with one click instead of spending time designing every slide individually. This feature allows users to focus more on the presentation content instead of stressing over design elements.

Fast Deck Creation

Decktopus AI's unique template designs enable users to create decks in 10 minutes or less, freeing up more time to focus on closing deals, generating leads, and growing the sales funnel. The AI tool's easy-to-use design features empower anyone, regardless of their design experience, to create visually appealing presentations with ease.

Analytical Insights

Proposal Analytics

Decktopus AI's proposal analytics feature provides users with analytical data on their proposals' success rates, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that optimize the sales process. Users can understand which proposals generate the most interest and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Vocal Decks

Decktopus AI's Vocal Deck feature enables users to record their voices within the presentation framework. This feature allows users to record audio narrations and include them in presentation decks, portfolios, proposals, and microsites. The feature enables users to go through their sales pitch and offerings while they are away, which saves time compared to traditional sales methods.

Analytics for Sales Decks

Decktopus AI's Analytics for Sales Decks allows users to gain insight into the performance of their decks, including how many times each has been viewed, modified, and shared. Users can use this information to optimize their decks by understanding which parts of the content have engaged the user the most.

Multiple Sales Deck Options

One Pager Decks

Decktopus AI's One Pager Decks feature allows users to create encompassing one-pager decks that showcase everything about the business. These one-pager decks are perfect for convincing leads as they include an overview of the business, the business's unique value proposition, and its products or services.

Proposal Decks

The Proposal Decks feature of Decktopus AI helps businesses create compelling, tailor-made decks in minutes that impress prospects and showcase all the features of the business's products and services. The feature enables users to record their voices and share them within a few minutes to provide prospects with a more engaging pitch.

Sales Decks

The Sales Decks feature allows sales personnel to create visually stunning and highly customized sales decks that help close deals. The feature eliminates the need for using generic sales decks and presents customized and tailored-made sales decks that suit the business's needs.

Additional Add-Ons

Sales Funnel

Decktopus AI's Sales Funnel feature provides users with a comprehensive funnel system that enables them to easily organize their sales cycles. Users can track their leads through the funnel process and optimize their sales cycles to increase their conversion rates.

Mail Signature Link

The Mail Signature Link feature of Decktopus AI allows businesses to add a call-to-action signature link in their emails that lead to their customizable one-pager deck. The feature helps increase click-through rates and provides prospects with more detailed insights about the business offering.

Form Microsite

Decktopus AI's form microsite enables users to create customizable forms to collect lead and customer data that is linked directly to their sales funnel. Users can create forms that suit their business needs and criteria, creating leads and generating customer data that feeds directly into the sales funnel.


Decktopus AI offers two primary plans for their presentation tool: PRO Plan and Business Plan. Additionally, they have a PRO AI and a BUSINESS AI plan, which unlock the full potential of their AI features.

The PRO Plan is ideal for those who need to create a good-looking document quickly, catering to sales professionals, account executives, marketers, and customer support and success executives. This plan is priced at $7 per month per user with no contract or upfront fees, and users can cancel anytime. For those who wish to pay annually, the PRO Plan is priced at $48, which includes a 10% discount.

The Business Plan, on the other hand, is best for agencies, founders, and teams who frequently use presentation software for their business needs. This plan is priced at $20 per month per user with no upfront fees and can be terminated anytime. Apart from all the features available in the PRO Plan, the Business Plan also includes other features like custom domain connection, brand fonts and colors, footer notes and logos, and form response tracking.

Those who want to unlock the AI potential of Decktopus AI's presentation tool can opt for PRO AI and BUSINESS AI plan. The PRO AI plan costs $4.99 per month and includes 750 AI credits, analytics, folder creation, and the ability to remove the Decktopus logo from exports. The BUSINESS AI plan costs $29.99 per user per month and includes all the features from the PRO AI plan, along with custom domain connection, webhook, brand fonts and colors, tracking form responses, folder creation, and team creation.

Decktopus AI also offers a 50% discount code on all plans for students with the "SUPPORTEDUCATION" code during sign-up. Moreover, they provide a free trial for all their plans which users can grab by signing up.

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