235.86% in Organic Keywords

See how we grew this Men's Fashion Ecom Brand's organic keywords by 235.86% using only SEO.


  • Zachary Prell is a men’s fashion brand based out of New York, NY,
  • Zachary Prell came to us wanting to increase the sales from their e-commerce. They already had a great product and presence in some retail outlets, but no traction in the digital world.



Zachary Prell was hesitant to start a full SEO program because of the general skepticism of search engine optimization that is prevalnt in our industry today.

So, we decided to work with them on one Enterprise SEO service first, before we added on other services like Outreach Link Building to “test the waters”.


  • E-commerce On Page Optimization // We worked with the product team to optimize the URLs & product information for 120+ products. 
  • Content Strategy // In-depth research & analysis of competitors to identify how they bring in traffic using content marketing and reverse engineer it so we can outrank them and bring the traffic to our website instead of theirs
  • Content Creation // We worked hand-in-hand with their content team to help train & guide them on how to write the content we discovered in our Content Strategy so that it would index & show up for as many possible relevant search terms.


In just 1 year we achieved a 235.85% increase in Organic Keywords without any link building.