The Morrisville Dentist was a dental start-up practice located in North Carolina. When they opened they needed to bring in as many new patients as possible to grow quickly.


  • Although they wanted to grow as fast as possible, being a new practice we had to approach the campaign budget-conscious. Each dollar spent had to have a maximized ROI.
  • Our plan was to launch a Facebook Advertising campaign to generate awareness in their community and promote healthy smiles by offering new patients a couple of enticing first-time offers. We wanted to A/B test the two offers against each other to see which would bring a higher yield.
  • Target a demographic that has the highest probability of going to the dentist regularly and that has a family to bring to along (to maximize ROI). Mountain View Dental wanted to become more widely known in their area and grow their new patient base.
  • Overcome the obstacle of being located in a unique geographic area. We had to account for their office being completely surrounded by the other town. To account for this we took a radius approach to our targeting. We found that if we targeted those surrounding towns we could multiply our results.
Targeted Radius - 10 miles around the office
We couldn't just target their main city due to their location being on the outskirts of town


  • New Patient Offer Creation// We work with the client to compose two different offers that would be enticing for new patients and generate leads.
facebook ad examples from serp co
  • Facebook Ad Manager Set Up // We had to create an ad account from scratch. Set up their Facebook Pixel, Ads Manager, Campaign, Ad Set, and Ads.
  • Facebook Custom Audience // This is where our secret sauce comes in. We created an audience that was only served the ad if:
    • You fell into a certain demographic (ages, parental status, economic, education, etc.)
    • You met a certain interest (health, oral health, cosmetics, parenting, etc.)
    • You were within 10-15 miles of the location (based on data people don’t tend to travel much further to see a dentist. This does change with geography).
  • Geo-Targeting // We ran the ads to everyone within a 10-mile radius that hit our Custom Audience criteria.
  • Location Testing // We tested a 5-mile radius at first but weren't getting enough conversions. When we tried 20 miles radius the conversions were either:
    • 1. Poor Quality Leads (I mean who wants to drive 20 miles to see a dentist?).
    • 2. We blew out the budget too quickly with far too little conversions.
  • Split Testing // We split tested a variety of Ads to see which ones would get the best engagement. After a few weeks of testing 3 different ads, the one the yielded the most conversions was the "$25 New Patient Special".


  • As it began to pick up momentum the campaign started to generate 40-60 leads a month at around $12.42 on average. This campaign had an 80% cheaper cost per conversion than we were able to achieve on Google.
  • 80% Reduction in Cost Per Conversion
  • 3X the number of New Patients
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