50% Increase in Conv. + 55% Decrease in Cost.

Smiles That Rock

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  • Smiles That Rock is an experienced dental practice specializing in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, & implant dentistry looking to advertise more of their niche cosmetic services
  • When we started, we inherited an existing Google Ads account from a previous marketing agency


  • Take the existing PPC Ads campaign and reduce their lead conversion cost.
  • Reduce unnecessary ad spend.
  • Increase Conversions & Phone Calls


First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of Dr. Tabor’s current PPC campaign to examine the following

  • Audit current keywords in the campaign & what search terms these keywords displayed
  • Understand conversion & click-through rates for each ad in every campaign
  • Study the campaign history
  • Optimize Cost Per Click based on top of page rate
  • Optimize geographic targeting
  • Split A/B Test all ads and landing pages to optimize the best performing ad with the best performing landing page.
  • Create Call-Only Ads driving phone call traffic to the dental practice.
  • Provide Verification URL’s to all Call-Only Ads to increase quality score.


Our audit identified multiple issues, with recommendations for the following action items:

  • Broad Match Keywords were pulling up searches from visitors who were not qualified. (ei: “Free Dentist”)
  • Cost Per Conversion could be improved through Split A/B Testing ads
  • Geographic targeting was not set for certain suburban zip codes near the dental practice with high household income

After optimizing the PPC Campaign and managing the account, we were able to:

Lower the Cost 42%

Call Volume Up 50%

Reduce Cost Per Lead 55%

Based on the continued trajectory of this campaign, we expect continued improvement as we continue working on Smiles That Rock PPC Campaign.

The Results so far have been stellar!

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