• Scott & Smith were an established firm in the Washington region and received a small amount of traffic from branded searches. All new organic traffic came from “bottom of funnel” keywords (I.e. “personal injury attorney near me”).
  • They approached us in 2017 to help gain visibility and grow the firm in a very competitive online space.
  • The goal was to rank them on top of the SERPs for keywords like “personal injury lawyer” and “criminal defense lawyer + city”, competitive keywords with hundred+ monthly searches. They had 2 offices that both needed to grow the inflow on new cases. 


  • Find the right keywords that would drive traffic + map intent to pages. Then build out /location-service/ pages on the website to target main keywords.
  • Using “Legal Queries ” sites to grab more exposure. Ranking in the legal niche is tough. In today’s age you are no longer competing against other law firms websites but also against aggregator sites (Avvo, Yelp, etc) this leaves about 25% of traffic to organic results in a competitive market. Aside from just ranking their website, we wanted to deploy additional tactics to gain traffic. Instead of trying to fight aggregator sites, we took advantage of their algorithms. (Avvo, Justia, Super Lawyers)
  • Correct “on page” elements - I wrote a Blog Post on how we optimized Scott and Smiths on the page. See exactly how we did here.
  • Build, verify and optimize “Google My Business” pages for each Location.


  • Inner Pages Built Out // We built out a proper page silo so that we could rank for multiple locations and multiple services. Each page had optimized Alt tags, keyword placement, header tags and more. 
  • CRO // Conversion Rate Optimization - we deployed heat maps across the pages once they received traffic so we could see where people were clicking and converting. We found that we could increase our amount of leads by 12% just by adding another inline contact form. 
  • Content Marketing //“Local lawyer searches” keywords generally return “news” style posts on local authority sites – these articles present a perfect opportunity to gain additional organic exposure.
    It’s a simple outreach process to secure coverage in these articles: Using content on their blog drove more traffic from Google searches like "what to do in a car accident". This is a lethal way to become an authority in your local market. 
  • Link Outreach // Using the database of legal blogs and authority sites. We offered to write the high-quality content that they could post on their site in exchange for a link back. 


  • 310% Increase in Organic Traffic 
  • Hired 2 Additional Lawyers To Help with the caseload.
  • Rank on Page 1 for multiple cities that he takes cases from
  • Asked us to remove personal injury services page on their website because they had more cases than they could handle.

UPDATED WIN: We continued to grow the firms reach but targeting new cities and services. Check it out...

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