• Pure Path Essential Oils is a health & wellness company that promotes healthy living through natural remedies, specifically the use of essential oils.
  • Pure Path came to us wanting to sell more products - they already have a great product to sell and were experts in healing, but wanted more eyes on their brand. They had no website & had never done any online marketing.


  • The goal was to bring them more sales by:
    • 1. Rank highly for product keywords.
    • 2. Develop an in-depth content strategy aimed at bringing relevant traffic to the website consisting of consumers interested in improving their health & wellbeing.
  • We engaged in a 1 year campaign to bring them from "no website to product sales".


  • Website Development // We custom built an authority website with e-commerce functionality so they could bring in organic traffic & convert it into buyers
  • Content Strategy // In-depth research & analysis of competitors to identify how they bring in traffic and reverse engineer it so we can outrank them and bring the traffic to our website instead of theirs
  • Content Creation // We built a team of knowledgeable writers, created a content template with instructions and quality standards, and wrote over 200 pieces of content
  • Link Building // We did aggressive outreach link building to increase their domain strength & build the brand trust for Google
  • Email Marketing & List Building // We setup & deployed an email marketing strategy to build an email list


  • From Zero email subscribers to 5,496 email subscribers who actively downloaded a piece of content related to Essential Oils
  • On the final month of our SEO campaign (July) Pure Path was bringing in almost 150,000 visitors per month with almost 200,000 page views.
  • Through amazon alone the website sold 6,398 items totalling $147,609.73 in revenue that July.
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