33% Increase in New Patient Calls

By fixing technical SEO and Optimizing Google Map Listing


  • Emerald Coast Dentistry is a highly reviewed and sought after dental practice in Fort Walton Beach Florida.
  • They came to us after they had received a new website but noticed that no one could find their website online.
  • The goal was to rank them on top of the SERPs for keywords like “dentist Fort Walton” and “pediatric dentist fort Walton”, as well as dozens of other keywords that would generate new patients for their business.
  • One of their concerns about work with a new company was that the old company did not share any SEO reports or had any transparency about the work they were “doing”.

“We have benefited greatly by using this company. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge if your online presence is effective. Serp co has helped us pinpoint exactly where we are and what our goals should be. The regular communication and updates is outstanding. The majority of our new patient phone calls are due to finding us online. We would recommend The SEO Dentist to any dental office looking to enhance their practice.”



Office Manager at Emerald Coast Dentistry


  • Fix technical SEO issues that were found on the website that was holding her website back from its full potential. At the time of our initial engagement, there was a laundry list of errors inside of their Google Search Console as well as on their website. We needed to fix these things ASAP if they wanted a fighting chance at ranking.
  • Optimize their Google Map Listing. They had duplicate listings for their office that was confusing google on which one to show, as a result, they showed in the Map Pack very rarely. We needed to combine the duplicate listing and optimize it to show up for more search keywords.
  • Build a local SEO campaign to get Emerald Coast ranking higher on the SERPs for not only their main keywords but also some specialty ones they requested like “Sedation dentist”. We needed to take a more long term approach to how their website was structured. By doing so it allowed us to rank for numerous keywords, with less link building resulting in a much lower cost for the client.


  • Technical SEO // To get the process started, our SEO team conducted a Technical and Quality Audit to find out where the weaknesses were on the website. Oh boy, we found a lot 🙂
  • Analytics Set Up // We set up Custom Events with the use of Google Tags to track conversions as well as helped Emerald Coast calculate the Value Per Lead or VPL. This helped us understand how website visitors were interacting with the website. We could see where people were coming in, dropping off and or converting to a lead.
  • Map Pack Optimization // Supplement their organic SEO rankings with Google 03 Map pack optimization.
  • Outreach Link Building // Once the foundational links were in place it was time to start a more aggressive outreach link building campaign to build more authority in their market. Because of the new structure, it allowed us to powerup what we call “Hub Pages”, cutting link costs for the client dramatically.


  • Keyword Rankings // We were able to get the client onto page one for all of her most desired keywords.
  • Google Maps Engagement Increased 72% // After getting into the Map Pack, they were getting 72% more traffic to their Google Listing.
  • Phone Calls up 33% // With this spike of map views, came to a 33% increase in weekly phone calls from Google My Business alone.