• Teami Blends is an ecommerce store that sells healthy tea and other fitness and beauty products.
  • They approached us in 2016 to help gain visibility in a brutally competitive online space.
  • The goal was to rank them on top of the SERPs for keywords like “fitness tea” and “detox tea”, competitive keywords with 200k+ monthly searches.


  • The site had a blog on a separate domain that was rarely updated. We wanted to migrate this into the root domain and build out engaging pages to support the main keywords targeted by product pages.
  • Product pages (in comparison to competitors) were “thin” and near duplicates of each other. This was an industry that had a lot of questions and additional searches (i.e. reviews) tacked on to product searches – these pages needed to be improved in order to rank.
  • Teami was already spending a lot resources on influencers, but only securing placements on Instagram. There was a huge opportunity to expand into Pinterest, YouTube as well as using their blogs as a source of links.


  • Technical SEO // An improved website architecture and cross domain strategy to support international targeting (hreflang implementation, etc). In addition, the site was built on a custom CMS that did not support proper URL structures. Our development team had to customize the CMS and create site wide 301 redirects to clean up architecture and make it search friendly.
  • UX // Deep improvement of product and category pages (including a full redesign) to include reviews, influencer mentions, FAQs and custom icons to illustrate product usages and benefits (to help capture long tail searches like “detox tea benefits”, etc).
  • Content Marketing // Consistent creation of supporting content related to the “bottom of funnel” keywords targeted by product pages. For example, if a product page was targeting “detox tea”, we created a series of blog posts that supported that topic (“does detox tea work”, “12 ways to drink detox tea”, etc) and linked back to the product page to pass equity.
  • Link Outreach // Using the database of influencers provided by Teami, we went back through and asked past relationships to add links to product pages from their blogs. We also did a large product review outreach campaign to spread reach and include additional platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.


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