How to Combine/Merge Multiple CSV or Excel Files (for Mac & PC)

In SEO we are always dealing with CSVs - combining, cleaning, analyzing - you name it.

In this article (and video) I will show you how to quickly & easily combine and merge multiple CSV files into one CSV file for free on a Mac.

Follow along, and start combining!

Update: Back in the day I shot a video about how to do this manually on a mac, and it still works. But since then we've had a lot of people ask about doing it on a PC.

So we actually just made a tool that combines CSVs for you.

And it's way faster than the manual method.

And it's free.

Check it out here: SERP App CSV Merge Tool

If you have multiple CSV or Excel files that you need combined, follow this simple process to get them combined in a flash, using the built in "terminal" on your Mac.

Step 1 - Create a new folder

Create a new folder on your Desktop & put all of your CSV files into the folder.

I will call mine "combine".

It will look like this:

Caution: Everything in this folder will be combined.

Step 2 - Open Terminal

The program "Terminal" is located in your "Applications" folder under "Utilities"

Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Open Terminal.

It will look like this:

Step 3 - Print Working Directory

This is a fancy name. Don't worry about it, just follow the steps.

1. Type: "pwd"
2. Hit enter

It will look like this:

"PWD" means "Print Working Directory". It simply is showing you what "directory" (aka folder") the Terminal has selected. Don't worry about it. Just keep following along.

Step 4 - Choose the folder you created

Set your "directory" to the folder you created that has your CSV files in it.

1. Type: "cd /Users/devin/Desktop/combine"
2. Hit enter

Note: you will need to change your file path so it matches your username & folder name

Step 5 - Merge the files

Now you are ready to merge your files.

1. Type: "cat *.csv >combined.csv"
2. Hit enter

It will look like this:

Step 6 - Check your folder

If you followed along correctly, you are done!

Inside your folder there will be a file called "combined.csv"

It will look like this:

Final Thoughts

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