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Dry Erase White Boards

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Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Dry Erase Board For Your Needs

They're no longer simply for academics. Dry erase boards may be found practically anywhere, be it an office, a school, a business, or even a house.

It's understandable. Chalkboards are a lot more cumbersome to use than dry erase boards. There is less of a mess to clean up using dry erase markers than there is with chalk. It is possible to wipe these boards once a week instead of everyday. Charts and other data may be made clearer by using different colors of markers.

Dry erase boards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, much like the applications for which they can be used. To get the right size and weight, it's difficult enough to figure out the rest of the characteristics you'll need.

Dry erase boards may be damaged by poor construction, not inexpensive markers. To get a clearer sense of what you'll need, continue reading.

Important Dry Erase Board Features to Look Out For

It's time to look at some more options now that you've decided on the size of the dry erase board you'd like. Below are some of the factors to consider so that you can choose the best dry erase board for your home or office.



Melamine, a resin-coated pressboard, is used to make some dry erase boards. Because of their small weight and low price, melamine boards are often the least priced and most durable. However, a melamine dry erase board may need more scrubbing and cleaning than other materials because of the possibility of ghosting. If you need a dry-erase board but don't use it very often, melamine boards are a fantastic option.


A porcelain board is more resilient to dents, ghosting, and scratches in the surface since it has many layers. They are also easier to maintain. Even though porcelain boards are more costly and heavier, they're better suited to high-use locations.


The most costly and high-quality boards are constructed of this type of material. You can choose from the wide range of hues available, or a plain one completely colorless. A wide variety of drawing material may be used without leaving any ghost markings or streaks on them. Cleanup is also a breeze with glass. Adding a modern air to a workplace may be accomplished by mounting glass boards on a colored wall.


Featuring a high-pressure laminated surface, these dry erase boards offer great capabilities at a reasonable price point. The backing is a non-magnetic 1" MDF board with a textured finish. The laminate surface has outstanding wear resilience and will erase completely without leaving traces, preventing ghosting, which is a common problem in the printing industry.


Only a few dry erase boards can be magnetized. A magnetic backing must be used to make Melamine boards magnetic. Porcelain boards with a steel backing that have been baked onto them are magnets. Only after being coated with a particular backing can glass boards be made magnetic. While shopping, think about whether you'll need this function because it can't be readily changed after the purchase.

Special markings

Some people require dry erase boards featuring specialized markings, including musical staffs, dates of the week, calendars, grids, and other unique characteristics. Depending on your demands, you may choose from a wide range of materials for your board. Typically, those who are seeking for boards with customized markings want to use them on a regular basis for a specific purpose, thus it may be worth the expense to hunt for a ceramic board or a proprietary material instead of a melamine board.


The size and weight of a dry-erase board are two of the key elements to consider because most boards will be hung on a wall.

Because dry erase whiteboards are intended to be seen, choose one that is large enough. It's important to keep in mind that larger boards are far more expensive, so be careful to just buy what you need.


Dry-erase boards with dimensions of two feet x three feet or less are ideal for most home use. If you're going to install one on your fridge, make sure it's big enough to fit in the door area. You may even get tiny, portable dry erase boards for one-on-one use if that's what you need.


Boards that are 2 to 3 feet height and 3 to 5 feet broad are usually enough for most office environments. There are few workplace dry erase boards that need to be visible from a distance. Messages, notes, and schedule information are some of the most common uses.


It is not unusual to find large-sized dry erase boards in places like conference rooms and classrooms. Letters may be clearly seen from across a wide room because of this size.


Generally speaking, the larger the board, the heavier it is, even though there are certain exceptions. Consider the weight of the board, the mounting hardware, and how much assistance you'll need while installing the board to a wall during your selection of a dry erase board.

Some of the best dry erase boards feature a glass surface, which makes them heavy and difficult to move. Other boards fold up after you're done using them, making them lighter and easier to carry along. Think about the quality of the board you require and the frequency with which you want to utilize it before making a purchase.


Some dry-erase boards come with supporting stands in order to avoid any wall-mounting restrictions. No holes are needed in your wall to drill or weight limit calculations to make. In addition, a stand makes it easy to set your dry erase board wherever you want it to go. While a wall-mounted board takes up less space, a dry erase board on a platform takes up more room, but has a portability feature.

Dry Erase Board Market Price Range


Small dry-erase boards that are less than 2 feet long cost less than $25 for home use. Melamine or another type of coating applied on a magnetized backing is the most common material used to create them. It's reasonable to assume that a surface at this pricing point will be of poor quality and be prone to ghosting or marring.


Around three feet long, many of these mid-range boards cost $30 to $60. Porcelain or other proprietary materials are the most common construction materials for dry erase boards within this price range. The majority of them should be magnetized and have a marker tray as standard equipment. Additionally, coatings are an option for additional damage prevention.


An expensive dry erase board might set you back upwards of eighty dollars (USD). Glass, porcelain of the highest grade, or a proprietary substance are all used to create these boards. These should be magnetized unless they are constructed of unbacked glass and should be coated to prevent harm if they aren't. Large dry erase boards may cost a few hundred dollars depending on the material and personalization, so be sure you have a clear image of your requirements to avoid overspending.

Mounting Options for Dry Erase Boards

These boards come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and mounting choices. Wall-mounted marker boards are used in most schools and serve as the classroom focal point. Even yet, wall-mounted boards aren't the only choice. Consider the following choices before making a final decision:

Wall Mount

Wall-mounted dry-erase boards are a handy asset to any classroom that comes with mounting brackets or L-clips. Mounting a dry-erase board at your classroom may necessitate certain hardware and equipment. As long as its surface is in good condition after being attached to the wall, a wall-mounted board can survive for many years.


Certain dry erase boards can be attached to a preexisting chalkboard for instructors who require a less permanent option. Dry erase boards may readily be installed in place of chalkboards already mounted on a classroom wall. Removable boards can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional whiteboards in the classroom.


Mobile dry-erase boards are robust, lightweight, and generally have locking wheels for enhanced security, allowing for maximum versatility in the office, home, and classroom. Reversible boards on movable dry erase boards are common, allowing teachers to move between a blackboard or corkboard in a matter of minutes. When space is limited, transportable dry-erase boards may be utilized in classrooms, offices, and homes.

Bonus Tips

Most dry erase board markers have an unpleasant smell. Look for low-odor markers if you are allergic or sensitive to chemicals and scents.

  • Use appropriate markers: Wet erase markers, which employ a water-soluble paste, may perform better on glass than dry erase markers for porcelain and melamine boards. Wet erase marker can't be erased using an eraser, but sometimes a damp cloth is all that's needed to remove it.
  • Try magnetic markers: With a magnetic board, you may experiment with magnetic markers. Most dry erase markers include magnetic caps so that they may be mounted to a magnetic dry erase board readily.
  • Consider all the other important factors, not just the cost: A cheap board may end up costing you more than a more costly board since it requires more cleaning products and replacements.
  • Make sure the corners of the board are capped: Sharp edges can cause injuries, so you should avoid them.

Oily board conditioners help prevent the oily polymeric ink of a marker from seeping into the slightly porous surface of the board and creating ghost markings. The glossy sheen of dry erase boards might be visually appealing up close, but the glare can make it difficult to see the writing from a long distance.

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