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Wandering Jew Plants

Wandering Jew - 4'' from California Tropicals
  • All of our listings have very representative pictures of what you would receive.
  • This plant comes fully rooted in a 4" pot, ready to grow in and your beautiful home or your office.
  • Enhance Your Environment
  • California Tropicals
  • Perfect gift for any occassion!
Rooted Rare Pink Wandering Jew Plant - Tradescantia Nanouk | Live, Easy to...
  • Sunlight: Bright indirect light.
  • Water: Once a week when soil is nearly dry 2" down.
  • Not pet-friendly!
  • Great for beginners and building that green thumb. Also makes the perfect gift!
  • Pro-tip: Does best with fast-draining soil in a pot with a drainage hole.
  • Ships fast and directly from our greenhouse to your home. All Rooted plants are grown and certified...
  • This plant ships in a 4" wide grower's pot. Height of plant is approximately 7"-10" tall from the...
Wandering Jew Lilac - 2.5 inch Potted Plant - Tradescantia Fluminensis...
  • Tradescantia Fluminensis Plant - 2.5 inch potted plant
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Foliage Color: Light Green, Variegated, White, Purple
  • Mature Plant Height: 1-2 ft
  • Mature Plant Spread: 1-2 ft
  • Light Requirement: Indoor Medium Light
  • Water Requirement: Mid-Level Water
  • Soil Type: Normal, well-draining
5 Cuttings Purple Heart Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea Plant
  • 5 cuttings (stems) that you plant and become a new plant
  • Grow to approximately 1' in height and are great for ground cover or in pots.
  • Beautiful pink flowers!
Nearly Natural 23” Wandering Jew Hanging Artificial Plant (Set of 4),...
  • Inspires a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom
  • Dark green and purple variegated leaves
  • Crafted from the finest materials
  • A set of four are included
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • material type: Plastic
Rare Nanouk Pink Wandering Jew -Tradescantia - 2.5" Pot - Collector's...
  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Trim as needed, Water thoroughly when dry
  • Provide morning sun or very bright indirect or artificial light
  • Approximately 1-2" tall, 2-3 stems per pot.
  • Immediate shipping, starter plant growing in a 2.5" pot.
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