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Wall Calendars

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Buyer's Guide

Wall Calendar Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before Making A Purchase

Even while phones and computers display the dates, months, and seasons, they are not ideal for scanning and note-taking. Wall calendars are intended to assist you in scanning the full weekend at once and planning your schedule appropriately. Furthermore, they assist you in efficiently managing time by giving you writing areas to establish routines and timetables for various occasions. A wall calendar contains dates displayed in legible, eye-catching typefaces, which is why people look for one when taking notes. There are certain considerations to make while choosing a calendar, such as the paper quality, typeface, binding, and so on. It would be simpler to get a good wall calendar for the household that would survive the full year without being damaged.

What is a wall calendar?

A wall calendar is a type of calendar that displays dates and relevant information in a tabular style. It is also used to organize future activities and keep scheduled appointments, and therefore, a normal calendar will include the days of the week, week numbers, months, public holidays, and time changes.

Additionally, a wall calendar is a log that displays the academic year or present calendar and may be easily hung on a wall. Whenever you need a reminder, you may quickly look to a wall calendar. It is useful for planning monthly or yearly goals or deadlines, as well as capturing events or information throughout time. Moreover, it is a wonderful area to keep track of data that more than one user may require access to, making it excellent for communal places such as meeting rooms or offices. Some models even include grids for additional notes, giving you plenty of room to document all of your scheduled events.

Benefits of Buying a Wall Calendar

Assisting Us in Being Productive

Calendars play a significant function in our everyday jobs by assisting us in becoming more productive. Calendars may help us with this in a few different ways. For starters, having a calendar helps us create routines for our days. For example, most of us get out of bed at a set hour, do our daily grooming and breakfast rituals, and then go to work. When we get to work, we get into a rhythm as well. Many of us turn on our laptops, check our voice mail on our smartphones, and respond to emails for a few minutes.

It may be claimed that a calendar isn't required for us to fulfill such tasks. But it is for some. Some people find that using a calendar with time frames helps them to devote a portion of their day to these chores before moving on to less predictable pursuits. A calendar also helps us become effective in our everyday job by allowing us to cross tasks off our to-do lists. Indeed, some people use calendars to physically organize their to-do lists into their days.

This technique of working guarantees that key tasks are not overlooked and that everything that has to be done is completed. If not, any remaining chores might well be added to the to-do list for the following day's schedule.

Assisting Us in Prioritizing

Calendars also play an essential part in our everyday work by assisting us in prioritizing what has to be done first. We may rush around doing activities in no particular sequence if we do not prioritize what has to be accomplished each day. However, what might result from such a hectic workday is the need to redo things later since they were completed out of sequence. This, in turn, has an impact on productivity. If we have to redo some of our tasks, we do fewer of them that day.

Assisting Us in Staying on Track

Calendars play a vital part in our everyday work because they help us stay on track, be productive, and prioritize. We can minimize downtime and also get back on the right track by utilizing them to arrange our daily tasks.

Reminding Us of the Need for a Break

Calendars are useful for helping us arrange a time to relax now and then. According to studies, people need a break to increase productivity and get even more done.


However, some of us become so concentrated on our jobs that we forget to take breaks if we don't arrange them. That may appear ridiculous or too regimented, yet it may be important for efficiency and our well-being. Calendars have been used for a very long time. However, they haven't altered much in terms of the vital function they want to play in our everyday jobs.

Different Types of Wall Calendars

Paper Wall Calendars

This type of calendar has a lot of limitations. These sorts of planners are mostly used to keep track of the date, the month, and the calendar year. When it comes to family organizing, wall calendars are typically used for things like monitoring holidays, doctor's appointments, and scribbling down brief notes.

Decorative calendars such as these are usually found pinned to kitchen walls, and they frequently include images of beautiful animals, inspirational words, or, in some cases, humorous or novelty themes that might be appropriate for a gag gift. While they are nostalgic and entertaining to collect, they aren't the most effective tools for managing the more essential things in life, such as work and family. This seems to be particularly true if you are the sort of person who does have a constantly shifting schedule or who needs to make changes to their plans regularly.

Whiteboard Wall Calendars

Whiteboard wall calendars work similarly to paper wall calendars, except they often feature a bigger writing surface. This form of scheduling is handier than paper calendars because you can see your plan from a greater distance and there is more room to write.

Whiteboard calendars are simple to erase and update, but they take up more room and require more effort to keep up with. Whiteboard wall calendars are still a popular choice. This wall calendar may be an excellent alternative if you require a huge exhibition calendar that can be read at a glance by a group or a large number of pupils.

Digital Wall Calendars

Digital calendars are a strong organizing tool that may be the solution to frequent scheduling issues. This solution solves time-keeping and scheduling issues. Not only can you view your calendar information from any monitor in any room, but you can also customize your digital calendar presentation from your phone.

Using a digital calendar eliminates the need to stop what you're doing and physically check the calendar to make adjustments. Instead, you may use an application on your tablet or phone to accomplish it all.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Wall Calendar

Calendars are a quick and easy way to keep track of your activities and appointments. If you have a hectic schedule or are always on the move, it's easy to lose sight of time. Wall calendars are a useful and enjoyable tool for keeping track of all of the tasks that need to be completed during the day, month, and even year.

When shopping for a wall calendar, you should examine factors such as its dimensions, pricing, typefaces, and more. To make calendar purchasing a little easier, below are some of the most crucial things to keep in mind:

Daily vs. monthly vs. annual

Daily, monthly, and annual dates are the most frequent date possibilities for wall calendars. Daily calendars are ideal for organizing your meetings and appointments for the day ahead. Monthly choices are useful for planning out your time and appointments for the next several weeks. Yearly styles are generally used to observe everything that is going on during the year in a holistic manner.

Non-decorative vs. decorative

These items are available in a range of patterns and themes, so you'll always be able to find one that matches your taste. Customers may use decorative calendars as part of their décor as well as a utilitarian tool because they come in several styles. It may be a good idea to buy non-decorative wall calendars in bulk for an office or other professional atmosphere because they keep things simple and tidy.


Wall calendars are available in a variety of sizes, including mini-calendars as tiny as 6 by 6 inches, which are ideal for tight locations such as cupboards and lockers. Large calendars, which may measure up to 33 x 66 inches in size, are ideal for presenting a thorough picture in classrooms or workplaces. Wall calendars come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Consider its intended use in your home before purchasing a wall calendar, and you will make a fantastic purchase that may act as an outstanding organizational aid.


It is critical to examine the measurements of a wall calendar before purchasing it. It is useless if the measurements do not meet your wall needs. Make sure the calendar's size corresponds to the measurements of your wall so that you can readily see the marks from a distance. We recommend choosing a calendar that is anything from 12x12 to 15x15 inches in size, depending on your preferences.


It is best to set a budget before going shopping for calendars, even if they aren't pricey. They are typically priced between $5 and $10 and come in a variety of colors and sizes. There are high-end calendars out there that most people can't afford. So, it is advisable to settle on a cost first to prevent overspending on a fancy one when a beautiful one can be purchased for less than ten dollars.


When it comes to choosing a wall calendar, the binding is really important. A sturdy binding can keep all of the sheets in place and keep them from ripping as you flip the pages. The majority of wall calendars are bound with twin-wire binding, the same as spiral notebooks, and have a hanging hole to hold the sheets together. It is possible to get calendars that are bound with hard glue and have perforated pages that allow you to glimpse the following month by just tearing the paper. Without a solid binding, the sheets will grow loose and fall off the calendar.

The Standard of Paper

A calendar's paper quality should be great; otherwise, it may be destroyed owing to liquid spills, ink leakage, and other issues. Most calendars are printed on thick paper to ensure that ink doesn't seep through the pages of a calendar. When purchasing a calendar, consider the thickness of the paper. If it's not thick enough, any notes you write on it will tear and destroy the entire calendar.

Space Restrictions

Wall calendars provide designated areas beneath each date for jotting down notes and appointment dates. So that you may simply jot down brief notes, the blocks should measure 2x2 inches. To further enhance your note-taking abilities, you should also keep an eye out for regulations and blank blocks when out shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wall calendars still popular?

Despite the prevalence of mobile technology, 78 percent of people still use a calendar at work or at home, according to research. That's a lot of people utilizing pen and paper, proving that printed calendars are still a terrific way to advertise. Alternatively, select a calendar that includes stock photos and just put your logo into an existing design. A span-of-the-year calendar is also a terrific year-end present for those working in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial areas. For the best results, use your own photos for each month of the calendar to personalize them.

How do I hang a wall calendar?

Wall calendars are really simple to hang in a variety of ways, and you won't need any equipment to do it. Styles that may be hung on a wall, placed on a hook, or attached to magnetic surfaces are all available. This can be a great way to group related products. Next to your wall calendar, you may pin invites, sports schedules, or school information, and you can use pin strings to store writing tools. It just takes a little practice to learn how to use a wall calendar as an organized tool. Once you learn how to do it and educate other family members on how to use it, it gives a single spot for important information relevant to everyone's schedule and aids in time management. Thumbtacking your wall calendar is an option if you're hanging it in a dorm room, cubicle, or some other area where you want to cause the least amount of harm. Another safe solution that will cause almost no damage is tape and glue, or hanging strips and command hooks. It's also possible to hang your calendar on the wall with the help of a nail or hook.


Every household needs a calendar to keep track of the day's events. You may even use them while on calls to jot down brief notes and reminders so you don't forget them. Despite the wide variety of wall calendars on the market, it is crucial to select one that meets your family's demands. With any luck, the wall calendars that we have evaluated may assist you in your search for the ideal one for your house.

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