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Walkman Cassette Player

Arsvita Portable Cassette Player and Recorder, Tape to MP3 Format...

Arsvita Portable Cassette Player and Recorder, Tape to MP3 Format...

  • 【Vintage Sound】 If you are a cassette fan, then you must be willing to find a high-quality cassette player. If you like recording tapes, then it also needs to have recording capabilities. If you want it to have a variety of performance, then it can also be a AM / FM radio, a portable walkman with speaker and microphone.
  • 【3 Play Modes】This portable cassette player has 3 play modes to choose from. You can put your treasured cassette into the player to play, you can listen to your favorite radio station through AM/FM, or you can play music by inserting a micro SD card. It comes with convenient function keys such as play, fast forward, rewind, stop, and record, supports multiple mode selections, and you can switch to your preferred mode at will.(Notice:The memory of the SD card should be less than 32 GB.)
  • 【Recorder and Converter】 Its most distinctive function is that it can record and convert music formats. The product is equipped with a microphone, you can use the microphone to record any sound into a blank cassette or TF card. You can also convert the musics of a cassette to MP3 format by saving it to a TF Card.
  • 【Speaker and 3.5mm Audio Port】 If you need to share your favorite music in public, you can play it directly through the build-in speaker. If you want to achieve higher quality sound through headphone cords or other audio equipment, then the 3.5mm audio interface on the product can satisfy you.
  • 【Support AC and Battery】The product can be used with 5w power supply or 2 AA batteries. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can flexibly choose the right way to use it. The compact size design can meet the needs of portable. Whether it is listening to a book at home or taking a walk at night, it can accompany you. The package includes cassette player*1, manual*1, usb power cord*1.

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