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Romex Staple Gun

Staple guns are essential tools for every DIY enthusiast. They make life easier by allowing you to quickly and easily attach items such as electrical wires, plastic pipes, wood panels, and more without having to use nails or screws. This article will help you decide whether you should invest in a new staple gun or not.

Klein Tools 450-100 Heavy Duty Stapler for Voice, Data, Video and...
  • STAPLE INSULATED STAPLES for Voice, Data, Video, NM (Romex) nonmetallic sheathed cable
  • WORKS SOLELY WITH KLEIN TOOLS STAPLES including Cat. Nos. 450-001, 450-002, 450-003
  • WORKS WITH 1/4-, 5/16- and 11/32-INCH staple sizes
  • ADJUSTABLE CHANNEL ON MOUNTING FACE guides and protects cable
  • FORCE SETTING LEVER to adjust to force needed
  • TWO-LEVEL STAPLE GUIDE OPENING for small and large cable sizes
  • JAM RESISTANT with durable cast aluminum body
DEWALT 20V MAX Cable Stapler, Tool Only (DCN701B)
  • Proprietary Cable guide to line up shots
  • Center-mounted LED for workplace illumination
  • Extended trigger provides easy use in multiple orientations
  • Adjustable belt hook for left or right attachment depending on user preference
  • Compatible with DEWALT Drs18100 1" Insulated cable staples (sold separately)
  • Belt Clip, Manual, battery-powered
DEWALT 20V MAX XR Crown Stapler, Cordless Fencing Kit, 9GA (DCFS950P2)
  • The crown stapler is 100% battery powered. Eliminates the hassle of using gas, compressor, and hose
  • Rapid Cycle or Sequential firing modes for optimized control
  • Tool-free selectable trigger for sequential or Rapid Cycle actuation modes
  • Adjustable belt hook for left or right attachment depending on user preference
  • Variable power settings delivers a wide range of power for multiple staples lengths in various...
  • Tool-free depth adjustment for precise staple depth
  • Low staple lockout prevents dry firing and damage to wire
  • Multi-angle contact trip allows for fast accurate staple placement
  • Compatible with DEWALT DFS9150B1G, DFS9175B1G, and DFS9200B1G 9 GA galvanized fencing staples (sold...
  • Compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries
Arrow T72 Wire and Cable Staple Gun
  • Shoots large insulated staples
  • Professional grade quality
  • Features color coded, non slip grip
  • Wire guide included
  • For non-metallic sheathed cable 12/2-, 14/2-, and other wire up to 1/2-inch wide
  • Made in the USA
  • Works with 31/64-inch (12mm) insulated fastener and 19/31-inch insulated fastener
Milwaukee 2447-20 M12 3/8” Crown Stapler
  • COMPATIBILITY: It is designed to drive a range of 3/8” flat crown staples (1/4”-9/16”) through...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The crown stapler features 7.25” long and 3-pound weighted design that allows for...
  • CAPACITY: Featuring a slotted magazine design for easy staple viewing, this stapler allows up to...
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: The integrated sequential and contact actuation trigger design provides...
  • STAPLE LEG LOCATING ARROW: The stapler includes a staple leg locating arrow allows for accurate...
Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler
  • Easy to use depth control setting by turning adjustment knob
  • A convenient window on magazine shows the number of remaining staples
  • Spring-loaded driving mechanism allows for a more compact tool with less weight
  • Contact actuation is well-suited for production environment.Rugged machined aluminum magazine...
  • Utilizes Arrow T50 type flat crown staples
Gardner Bender MSG-501V Cable Boss Staple Gun
  • It Is Cable Boss Staple Gun Secures 120V & Low Volt Cable Romex Coaxial & Cat 5
  • From The Same Tool Comfort Grip Areas For 2 Handed Operation
  • Easy Trigger Force Ergonomic Handle Secures Round
  • Brand Name: Gardner Bender
DEWALT - GID-286785 DWHTTR350 Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad...
  • Dewalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad Nailer
  • Dewalt
  • DWHTTR350
  • item package weight: 1.7 pounds
Arrow T25 Low Voltage Wire Staple Gun, Fits up to 1/4-Inch Wires
  • Ideal For Wires Up To ¼” Diameter
  • Tapered Striking Edge Gets Into Close Corners
  • Great For Use In Telephone, Electrical, Electronics And Communications Fields
  • Grooved Driving Blade

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best romex staple gun

What is the Purpose Of A Romex Staple Gun?

The Romex staple gun is designed to be used with Romex wire staples. It has a built in safety mechanism which prevents accidental firing. It is available in two models; the standard model and the heavy duty model. Both models have a trigger guard and a removable barrel cover. The standard model has a plastic handle while the heavy duty model has a metal handle.

How To Use A Romex Staple Gun

To fire the staple gun, pull the trigger and release it. Pull the trigger again to reload the staple gun. Once the staple gun is empty, remove the cartridge and replace it with another full cartridge. Make sure to always store the cartridges upright.

Benefits Of Using A Romex Staple Gun

Using a Romex staple gun saves money and time. It is easy to operate and does not require batteries. It is safe to use around children and pets. It is lightweight and compact making it ideal for travel. It comes with a carrying case and storage bag.

Where Can You Find A Romex Staple Gun?

Romex staple guns are sold online and at most hardware stores. Most hardware stores sell both types of staple guns. Staples sells the standard model and Home Depot carries the heavy duty version.

Tips For Safe Operation

Always wear eye protection when using a staple gun. Never point the muzzle towards anything you don't intend to shoot. Always unload the staple gun immediately after use. Store the staple gun unloaded and away from small objects. Do not leave the staple gun unattended.

Safety Tips

Never aim the muzzle directly at anyone or anything. Always wear protective eyewear when operating a staple gun. Remove the magazine from the staple gun before loading it. Unload the staple gun immediately after use. Store the staple gun unloaded and away from small objects. Do not leave the staple gun unattended.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Romex Staple Gun

Romex staples are commonly used in construction jobs, electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, framing, sheetrock installation, drywall repair, and many other applications where fasteners are needed. There are several types of Romex staples available including straight, angled, and curved. Straight staples are most common and are typically found in electrician’s kits. Angled staples are useful for installing conduit and cable runs. Curved staples are designed for specific uses such as attaching metal flashing to concrete walls. All three styles of staples are available in different lengths, diameters, and materials. Some staples are coated while others are uncoated. Coating prevents corrosion and improves adhesion between the staple and substrate. Uncoated staples are generally cheaper than coated staples, however, coating adds additional manufacturing costs. Most manufacturers recommend using coated staples whenever possible. However, there are times when uncoated staples are necessary. For example, when stapling insulation into wall cavities, uncoated staples are required to ensure proper penetration. Another reason why uncoated staples are sometimes preferred is due to the fact that they are easier to remove once installed. To remove coated staples requires special tools which increases overall labor costs. Therefore, when selecting a staple gun, be sure to select one that has both coated and uncoated options.

How to Select a Good Staple Gun

There are two main factors to consider when selecting a good staple gun. First, you must determine whether you require a manual or automatic tool. Manual tools allow you to control the speed of the motor and adjust the amount of pressure applied during each firing cycle. Automatic tools automatically fire staples at preset speeds and pressures. Second, you must decide whether you require a corded or cordless tool. Corded tools operate via a power source connected to the tool via a heavy duty extension cord. Cordless tools run on rechargeable batteries. Both types of tools are suitable for most applications. However, cordless tools are ideal for those who frequently travel or work outside.

Tips for Using a Staples Gun

To avoid damaging your project, always follow manufacturer instructions regarding safety precautions. Always wear eye protection when operating a staple gun. Never point the muzzle towards anything except the intended target. Be careful when removing staples from the magazine. Do not pull too hard or else the staple could break free and injure someone. After firing, immediately replace the magazine cap to prevent accidental discharge. Make sure the trigger guard is securely locked in position. Finally, store the staple gun away from children and pets.

Features To Look For When Buying A Romex Staple Gun

The most common type of electric stapler is the hand held staple gun. Handheld staples guns are very easy to operate and are commonly found in offices and homes. However, there are many different types of handheld staple guns available today. Some of these include;

Romex staple gun - This is the most popular type of staple gun. It has been around since the 1950's and was originally designed for use in construction. Today, Romex staple guns are still widely used in construction and manufacturing industries.

Staples - Staples are the metal fasteners that hold paper together. There are two main types of staples; round and flat. Round staples are generally used for binding documents while flat staples are used for general purposes.

Wire staples - Wire staples are stronger than regular staples and are ideal for heavy duty applications.

Binder clips - Binder clips are small plastic devices which attach pages together.

Cordless staplers - Cordless staplers allow users to run multiple jobs simultaneously.

Laser stapling machines - Laser staplers are extremely accurate and produce high quality results.

Electric staplers - Electric staplers are powered by electricity and require no batteries.

Pneumatic staplers - Pneumatic staplers are powered by air pressure.

Air driven staplers - Air driven staplers are powered by compressed air.

Powerful staplers - Powerful staplers are capable of driving large amounts of staples into material.

Heavy duty staplers - Heavy duty staplers are built to withstand extreme conditions.

Tapered staplers - Tapered staplers are designed to drive staples into materials without damaging the edges of the material.

Hand operated staplers - Hand operated staplers are easier to control than power tools.

Portable staplers - Portable staplers are compact and lightweight making them perfect for travel.

Self contained staplers - Self contained staplers contain everything needed to perform a task including staples,

Types of Romex Staples

There are many different types of staples available for use with Romex wire. Some staples are designed specifically for Romex wire while others are meant for general use. Here we’ll discuss three common types of staples found in most homes today.

Romex Wire Staples

These staples are commonly referred to as “wire staples” because they are designed to be used with Romex wire. Most wire staples are sold in packages containing 50 staples per package. Each package contains two rows of 25 staples each. There are several brands of wire staples available including those manufactured by Stanley Tools, Jostens, and Black & Decker. All of these staples are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

General Use Staples

Most homeowners who use Romex wire will eventually run into problems installing the wire due to improper installation techniques. To avoid frustration, it’s recommended that you invest in a few sets of general use staples. General use staples are typically sold in packs of 100 staples. These staples are ideal for general household uses such as hanging pictures, attaching hooks, and securing shelves. Many of these staples are also useful for hanging light fixtures and electrical outlets.

Wire Clips

Wire clips are another type of staple that is frequently used with Romex wire. Like wire staples, wire clips are sold in packages containing 50 staples per package. However, unlike wire staples, wire clips are designed to hold wires together rather than secure individual strands of wire. Wire clips are generally easier to install than wire staples since there is no need to cut the wire prior to insertion. Wire clips are also very versatile and can be used to attach almost anything to Romex wire.

How to Install Romex Wire

Installing Romex wire is relatively simple. First, remove the old wiring using a pair of pliers. Next, measure the length of the cable you wish to replace. Cut the cable to size using either a hacks

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