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Rolling White Board

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Buyer's Guide

Choosing a Rolling Whiteboard: Buyers Guide

The whiteboard is your best buddy when it comes to problem solving, creativity, and communication. It can be used to work with pupils, communicate with others, or map your most innovative ideas.

A whiteboard may make it easier to communicate messages. They can also assist individuals and groups in capturing ideas and communicating action plans.

Whiteboards can be used for a long time and become a permanent landmark. You may ensure that this occurs by selecting the appropriate board. Here are some pointers to help you select the best board.

How do you pick the best version of this necessary tool? Here are some things to think about when acquiring a tool.


Combination Board

Combination boards are tackable boards with vinyl surfaces and writing boards combined. The writing board can be dry erase or blackboard depending on the design.

A combination board will have at least two components that provide different types of support within the confines of a single wallboard. A chalkboard in the lower part of the board, for example, and a bulletin board with vinyl at the top. You can select from a variety of alternatives to match your requirements.

Locking Markerboard

Locks are used to secure the doors of many dry erase marker boards that feature enclosed cabinets, such as conference cabinets or presentation wallboards.

Low-Glare Markerboard

Low-glare markerboards decrease reflections from classroom illumination, increasing visual comfort and contrast with dry erase markers.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Magnetic dry-erase boards are manufactured by applying a porcelain coating to a steel sheet. This results in the magnetic property. This writing surface accepts conventional dry-erase markers. A dry eraser can also be used to clean it.

On occasion, a spray cleanser and a cloth can be used to clean the writing surface.

Mobile Combination Board

Mobile combination boards can be used for a variety of functions, including as dry-erase markerboards, bulletin boards with tackable surfaces, or both. These boards can be put together with the help of moveable frames that provide access from both sides.

The board rotates on pivot-style hinges in the frame, which lock into position for safe writing or use. Alternatively, the board can be secured within the frame and entirely rotated around to access the opposite side.

Mobile Markerboard

Mobile markerboards can be one-sided or two-sided framed dry erase boards on casters. The lower frame can be used to store dry erase markers and erasers. To fit a variety of budgets and demands, mobile markerboards can be magnetic or nonmagnetic.

Reversible Board

Reversible boards typically have two-sided moveable boards with matched dry erase marker boards on either side, or a combination of both dry erase marker boards and a tackable board on the opposite side.

You can lock the frame in place by rotating it within the movable stand, or you can fasten the frame within the stand so that the entire stand can be flipped around to reach the other side.

Standing Markerboard

Standing marker boards are dry erase boards mounted on a portable platform. They can be used as a stand-up display or for standing. Some standing marker boards include foldable frames for use on a tabletop, while others can be used on the floor. Others have mobile frames with wheels that allow for easy mobility in busy and changing surroundings.



A chemical-resistance label is frequently found on wallboards. This means they may be cleaned with common household cleaners without causing damage, fading, or discoloration. There are board-specific cleansers that can be used to prevent discoloration and ghosting caused by repeated use of markerboards.

Green Features

"Green Features" relate to ecologically responsible manufacturing practices such as the use of recycled components and environmentally acceptable coatings.


Ghosting is visual evidence that ink residue has collected over time on some marker boards.


Almost all wallboards are resistant to dampness. Backer sheets minimize moisture buildup on the backsides of the boards. Moisture resistance should not be mistaken for waterproofing, as most display cases are.

Mounting Hardware 

Almost all dry-erase chalkboards and chalkboards come with mounting hardware. Mounting hardware is supplied, so you can set it up and start using it right away.


Stain-resistant wallboards withstand damage from the environment, cleaning chemicals, and normal use. The chalkboards and marker boards may be readily wiped with wipe-clean erasers to avoid stains or ghosting.

Stand-Off Mounting

The floating effect is created via standing mounting. Glass markerboards are attached with edge-grips to keep the back of the wall off the board while still securing it for safe use.

Surface Type

Consider the surface of the whiteboard before making your decision. Distinct situations necessitate different characteristics. While all whiteboards appear to be the same color, their performance varies. The table below demonstrates how different surfaces behave when it comes to ink removal and discoloration.

Glass Whiteboards

High-quality glass whiteboards are the best in terms of durability, ghost resistance, and ease of cleaning. These whiteboards are long-lasting and have the distinct qualities of glass, making them the greatest whiteboard surface.

Glass whiteboards are useful for expanding explanations and sharing ideas. They can be found in classrooms, academic institutes, corporate studios, workplaces, and other educational environments.

Vitreous Enamel Steel Whiteboards

A vitreous enamel stainless (VES) whiteboard is frequently a suitable choice for schools and corporate meeting rooms that utilize their boards frequently. An enamel coating is applied to a flat, magnetic steel core to create this. These boards are great for everyday usage and are easily cleaned.

Ultra Smooth Steel Whiteboards

Ultra Smooth boards have a strong steel foundation and a distinctive white covering. They create a durable, easy-to-clean board. Magnetic characteristics are present in these whiteboards. Ink particles cannot adhere to the board or pass through the outer layer.

Standard Whiteboards

If you don't need the capacity to utilize magnets or won't be using it as frequently, a basic non-magnetic whiteboard is a wonderful alternative.

Although they may need to be replaced sooner than other types of whiteboard surfaces, ghosting might be an issue if not properly maintained. These boards, on the other hand, are a fantastic option for occasional use.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Rolling Whiteboards

If you want your whiteboard to stay white, you must clean it on a regular basis. Poor care can result in a drab, grey-colored board.

The surface and use of your whiteboard will influence how much cleaning is required. The best surface for your whiteboard will last longer and require less maintenance.

Proper erasers are less likely to damage whiteboards than stains, saving you both time and money.

The warranties on dry-erase boards range from one to fifty years. To extend the life of your board, it is critical to implement excellent cleaning and maintenance methods. These are some pointers for keeping your dry-erase board in good condition.

  • Make certain that you utilize the appropriate marks. Dry erase boards are only intended for use with permanent markers. Permanent markers and washable markers will not produce the same results. To avoid ghosting and discoloration, use dry erase markers. Low-odor markers should not be used for heavy use because they are often more difficult to clean up.
  • Examine your board's cleaning instructions. Depending on the surface of your board, cleaning requirements will differ. Some boards necessitate the use of special cleaning solutions, although others may be cleaned with water and a cloth. Most porcelain steel surfaces are easily cleaned, however melamine and laminate boards should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid ghosting.
  • Wipe away any writing on a daily basis. Wiping your dry erase board on a daily basis is an excellent habit to develop. Each class should have one student assigned to clean the bulletin boards before they are removed.

Your dry erase board will continue to operate admirably for many years.

What Size Should My Whiteboard Be?

After you've decided on a whiteboard surface and learned how to care for it, you can consider how big or tiny your whiteboard should be. Red17 offers a variety of whiteboard sizes ranging from A4 to 2000 x 1200mm.

Handheld Whiteboards 

The A3/A4 handheld whiteboard functions similarly to a full-sized whiteboard but is smaller, as the name suggests.

Large Whiteboards

A large or enormous whiteboard will be used in many shared workstations and open spaces. Large boards, which can be up to 1.2m by 2m in size, can be utilized as a collaborative space in groups.

If you need to build and envisage new processes and solutions for your firm, a large whiteboard is the right option.

Small Whiteboards

Many members keep reminders, phone numbers, and to-do list items on these smaller boards. Because they don't take up much space, these boards are ideal for message boards.

These boards are particularly excellent for educational reasons, as they allow pupils to form breakaway groups when working on separate assignments. These little boards are lightweight and simple to use.

Final Thoughts

Dry erase rolling white boards can be utilized in kindergarten and college classes. Whiteboards are commonplace in today's classrooms and businesses. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to your teaching style.

A whiteboard can help you organize your thoughts and keep track of them as you work on a project. This vital technology is used in classrooms, businesses, and staff rooms all around the country.

It takes effort and money to find the ideal whiteboard. However, the gains to productivity and happiness will outweigh the costs.

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