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Buyer's Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Pens

If you're looking for a unique way to mark a birthday or anniversary, look no further. This article will walk you through the things you need to know when buying pens.

It might be difficult to pick a pen from such a wide range of options and a variety of price ranges, especially when you’re getting one for a loved one. We will assist you in making a selection and finding a pen that you or your beloved will cherish for a long time.

Different Types of Pen

Here's a quick introduction to the many types of pens so you know what to look for and how to decide which one is best for you.


For their simplicity and ease of use, ballpoint pens are among the most popular writing implements. The fast-drying properties of these pens allow you to write away without worrying about smearing your paper. Single or multipacks are available so that you'll always have a supply of writing supplies on hand.

Refills for ballpoint pens can be purchased with fine, medium, or wide points, which affect the thickness and darkness of the line they leave on the paper. Refills for ballpoint pens last the longest of any pen type – around two-thirds longer than rollerball refills. Ballpoint pens are handy and reliable.

Most ballpoint pen manufacturers provide their pens in both blue and black ink, with a medium-grade tip. Black and blue ballpoint refills are the most popular. Both red and blue are frequently used as stand-ins.

Ballpoint Pen Mechanism

The ball bearings at the end of the tip are rolled onto the paper to create writing with a ballpoint pen. A ball bearing's tight-fitting housing causes friction as it rolls, which causes the ink to spill out and smear the paper.

The Secret to Using a Ballpoint Pen Smoothly

All of us write and hold our pens in different ways. Your ballpoint may pick up and gather microscopic paper fibers from your page when you hold the pen at such an acute angle, near to the top of the page.

Scratching your hand against these fibers might result in ink smearing and blobs dripping from the pen's tip onto your paper. In the event that this occurs, consider holding your pen at an oblique angle to keep the ball chamber's edges away from your paper.

Fountain Pen

If you're looking for a certain brand or model of fountain pen, you may choose from a selection of nib types. A variety of materials may be used to make nibs, including gold and steel. There are usually push-on or screw-on caps to keep the ink within the fountain pen from drying out.


Gel pens offer a unique experience because of their water-based gel, which produces consistent and clear printing on the paper. Many gel pens are even erasable, allowing you to correct mistakes as you go along. Printing on dark surfaces is clear and seamless with these inks.


Fineliner pens are commonly used in the arts, but they may also be excellent for calligraphy and handwriting. A fineliner pen's tip makes it great for drawing and drawing since it allows the user to concentrate on tiny details.


Rollerball pens and ballpoint pens have a ball-bearing tip, which makes them similar in various categories. A rollerball pen is the only pen that doesn't use an oil-based ink. Writing with a rollerball is characterized by a smooth, colorful, and dynamic experience. As a result of their water or gel-based design, these pens are more susceptible to smearing since the ink doesn't really dry instantly on the page.

Any rollerball pen refill with a damaged writing tip should be thrown away, according to our advice. Oil-based ballpoint ink leaks happen slowly, but the stains they leave behind can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove and can damage goods.

Unlike ballpoint pens, rollerballs use rolling ball tips and, like ballpoint pens, most rollerballs feature an airtight cover that prevents their liquid ink from drying up like a fountain pen's top does.

When a rollerball pen's rolling ball tip comes into contact with the paper, ink begins to flow. By allowing air to enter the refill, ink is able to flow more freely. Because rollerball pens employ water-based inks instead of oil-based inks, they have a distinct advantage over ballpoint pens. As a result, their ink might smear for a time before it dries, just like fountain pens.

Due to their two-line thickness options, fine and moderate, rollerballs have become an increasingly popular and handy alternative to fountain pens. Ink refills for rollerballs come in either black or blue. If you want to write with a variety of colors, you may want to look into purchasing from a different company.

Luxury and Premium Pens

Premium and Luxury pen selections often serve as a fashion statement rather than a functional writing pen. Sheaffer, Lamy, Waterman, Parker, Cross, and Faber-Castell are only some of the biggest pen manufacturers in the world. They all have high-quality finishes in stainless, brushed metals, and gold.

How a Good Fountain Pen Nib Affects Your Handwriting

Rather than being interchangeable between models, each fountain pen manufacturer will set the alternative nibs they make available for their particular pens.

Other options for fountain pen nibs that are popular include:

  • Nibs of the finest quality
  • Nibs with a wide range of nib widths
  • For those with tiny handwriting, nibs
  • Different Types of Fountain Pen Nibs

Different Types of Fountain Pen Nibs


When using a fountain pen with a medium nib, those with tiny handwriting may have difficulty writing with the pen since the nib is just too wide. This means that they will seem identical as they make each letter, except that each letter's circle will be filled with ink when it is formed.


With a fine grade nib, they will be able to write with definition and flair that can only be achieved with a superb fountain pen instead of their current medium nib.


Italicized nibs for those who write in a strong, spidery style. With a wider nib, those who have spidery or scratchy handwriting while writing with such a fountain pen would be able to form the letters and write more smoothly and with flair.

Steel Nibs

Steel is a more forgiving material than gold and can be reshaped more readily. For fountain pens, steel nibs are more likely to retain their form, no matter how often they're written with. As a result, the previous work experience you get with a brand-new nib will be permanent.

Gold Nibs

For fountain pen nibs, solid gold is a better choice than steel since it is less likely to return to its former shape. With practice, a gold nib will begin to adapt to your writing style as you use it, allowing you to write with more ease and precision.

You should use your gold-nibbed quill pen daily for at least 2 - 3 weeks after purchasing it. Your nib will continue to write in this manner for the remainder of its useful life if you utilize it to this extent.

Fountain Pen Nibs With Specialized Features:

  • Nibs of the ultra-fine kind
  • Nibs with a wide range of nib widths
  • Nibs with two broad nibs
  • Nibs with three broad nibs
  • nibs of medium italic quality
  • Nibs of the oblique grade
  • Nibs with wide nibs

How to Take Care of Your Nibs

It's a good idea to thoroughly clean your steel-nibbed quill pen if it's not likely to be used for a while. This will extend the life of your nib to its full potential. A pen's ink bleed occurs when it seeps through the paper's surface and spreads, leaving the lines looking smudged and muddy.

This is the case for the following two interrelated reasons:

If the ink doesn't dry before sinking into the page, then it's most likely water-based or another type of slow-drying ink. To achieve the greatest results on paper, use water-based inks, but be careful not to let them penetrate too far into the paper. A problem with the paper is that it is overly soft.

Two Types of Inks


Note that most cartridge pens utilize cartridges that are exclusive to the pen's manufacturer. Cartridge pens are made by a variety of companies, such as Montblanc, Parker, Lamy, and Sheaffer, however, their cartridges cannot be interchanged.

Inks in Bottles

Inks in the bottled form are becoming more and more difficult to come by. As a first-time fountain-pen buyer, we hope you'll be pleased with our selection of current inks. A large variety of colorful colors are available in modern inks, which have a low chalk content to give the paper a brighter, more vivid appearance.

The ink used by rollerball and ballpoint pens is a major distinction between the two types of pens. Its oil-based ink in ballpoint pens dries faster than the water-based ink in rollerballs. Because of this, oil-based inks are harder to smear, but ballpoint ink spills and spills may be nearly impossible to clean up afterward.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Pen for Your Specific Needs

Purchasing a pen for yourself is the most straightforward option. To get what you want, just follow a lot of what we've previously spoken about here and line it up with what you instinctively sense you desire. Make sure the firm you want to buy your new fancy-schmancy pen from is available by going through the checklist.

Pen as a Gift

To help you out, I'm going to break down the process of buying a pen for somebody into manageable chunks. When shopping for someone else, these are four things to ask yourself:

  • What kind of relationship do they have with you?
  • Do you have a specific reason for purchasing this item?
  • What would they use it for?
  • Is there a connection between you and them? 
  • Are they related to you? 
  • Is this a mutual acquaintance? 
  • How about a love interest? 
  • Is this a colleague?

To begin, think about who you're buying for. As a rule of thumb, don't overspend on a pen if you're purchasing it for someone else. For example, Your father would prefer a topped with black sharpie pen with gold accents, but a buddy would be content with a chrome rollerball pen.

If you know the person's personality, you can typically predict a decent pen.

Second, evaluate why you're making the purchase in the first place. Has anyone noticed that it's a holiday? Alternatively, is it a gratuitous gift?

Getting something for nothing is the greatest! As if you were saying, "I don't know what the occasion is, but I simply want to celebrate with you!" When it comes to giving gifts, we’re huge advocates.


In any case, make sure you use the finest pen you can afford. The fact that they've been promoted implies that you ought to furnish them with office supplies that reflect their new status. A gift for someone's birthday might be symbolic, practical, or even both.

If they don't use it, what's the point? Using a gift pen to convey your message is a fantastic way to do it in a way that is both useful and luxurious.


Keep in mind why you've been giving the gift in the first place. It's possible to write a significant gift letter to go along with the present, such as "To make your list and double-check it" (in this scenario, the receiver is Santa Clause) or "For when someone asks you for a signature" (for someone special in your life whose totally fame-bound).

Final Thoughts

The mind, hands, and imagination employ pens to replicate and physically convert lifeless ink into manifestations of our thoughts and feelings. In order to express ourselves, we need a pen. One of the most crucial aspects of our lives has become the use of a pen. Buying a pen is not really a stressful experience. When it comes to buying a pen, there are many aspects to keep in mind, but ultimately what matters most is which one you like and like writing with. Go out and choose a pen that reflects your unique writing style and how often you plan to use it.

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