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Office Putting Sets

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Wood Golf Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return System Mini Golf Game...

Wood Golf Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return System...

  • ⛳【Wood Auto Ball Return System】Our golf putting mat green with Auto Ball Return System, when the ball into the hole, the ball will automatically rolls back, no more bending or chasing your ball, you can get more putts with less effort, ultimately improving your short game, save your time.
  • ⛳【Portable and Compact & Practice Anywhere】Our golf putting set is easy to fold and storage and is a great gift for all beginners or golf lovers at any level. You can play it at home, office, backyard, lawn, park, travel or anywhere you want. Simply open the indoor putting mat & you have a fully functional golfing area!
  • ⛳【High Quality Putting Mat & Two Size Holes】Our golf practice putting mats are desgined with a unique Crystal Velvet material, allowing the golf ball to roll identical to a perfect green, it is super flat with no folds when hit ball. The base of the putter trainer is made by solid wood, more beautiful, more generous, more durable. Two size holes(one is 3.5inch, another is 2.5inch), exercise for different level.
  • ⛳【Easy to Use Play & Magnetic Suction Installation】it is a very fun golf gifts set for men, women or kids, squaring and alignment guides at 2, 4, 6 and 8 feet help promote consistency in every aspect of putting motion. Our golf practice putting mats use magnetic suction installation, no nails are needed, simple and fast, no damage.
  • ⛳【Warm Tips】Package include: 1 x Golf Putting Mat, 1 x Wood Base and Ball Return System. If you have any problems with your golf puting mat set, please do not hesitate to contact us, professional team is always on line, we will try our best to solve your problems.

Buyer's Guide

Office Putting Set Buyers Guide

If you are in the market for a new putter, this guide will help you find one that is right for your game.

The first thing to consider when buying an office putting set is the weight. There is a wide range of putters with different weights, and everyone has their preference on which type they like to use. Generally, heavier clubs will help you get more power behind the ball, but you should also consider the club's size to make sure it will not be too heavy for your grip. If you are considering a smaller sized putter, then its weight may affect your swing speed and accuracy.

Secondly, you should think about what head shape best suits your game. There are many different shapes to choose from including blades, mallets and cavity backs. Blades are designed for accuracy while mallets are designed for distance. Blades will provide a straighter flight path which may be better suited to those who have an off-center strike. Mallet style putters can help you get more distance on your shots.

If you're a beginner, then it's best to play with a mallet style putter. It will give the ball better stability and momentum around the green while also giving you more control.

Finally, you should consider the weight. Heavier putters will give more momentum to your swing and consequently get more distance on your shots. However, if you already have lots of power in your swing, then it's best to use a lighter putter.

What to know before you buy an office putting set

Before you buy an office putting set, it is important to understand the different types of sets. There are two main categories for sets: metal and wooden. Metal sets have heavier frames than their wooden counterparts. Metal sets are more expensive and have a sturdier feel to them, but they also can be quite heavy. Wooden sets tend to cost less than their metal counterparts and usually weigh less.

  • A simple and affordable option.
  • Rolled up for easy storage when not in use
  • Easy to set up in seconds, and won't break the bank
  • Disassembles for convenient transport

What to look for in a quality office putting set

Gravity-based ball return so you can putt without having to go retrieve balls

A gravity-based ball return mechanism is one of the most important features you should look for in a quality office putting set. Why? It allows you to putt without having to go retrieve balls.

Indoor and outdoor use

An office putting set can be used indoors or outdoors. For indoor play, a carpeted floor with no obstacles is required. If the surface has too many obstructions such as furniture or landscaping, it can be dangerous.

An office putting set is a great way to improve an employee's morale and boost their confidence by providing them with opportunities for fun on the job or at work.

Includes everything you need to start putting

The materials of the putting mat are also important. A quality putter will have a rubber or synthetic surface that can be used on any hard or soft surface with no damage to either one.

A quality office putting set will include everything you need to start putting. This includes the putter, two balls, and a flagstick.

The most important features of an office putting set are the quality of the materials that it is made from and how accurate the putter head can be.

Ball return

One of the most important features of a good office putting set is ball return. The best sets have a rubber bumper that bounces balls back towards the golfer, saving them from having to walk back to collect their ball every time they miss the hole.


Slope is measured in degrees and determines the degree of incline or decline that a putt will have. The slope can be either positive (up) or negative (down). Positive slopes are used for shorter putts and negative slopes are used for longer, more difficult putts.

Negative slope greens have a lower degree of incline or decline than positive slope courses. This is because a negative slope green is meant for longer putts, which require more time to get the ball up and down from.

Storage case

A storage case is a must if you want to keep your office putting set in mint condition. A quality storage case will have plenty of room for all the pieces and can be customized with dividers to keep the clubs organized.

A high-quality storage case will have a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized persons from entering and damaging any of your equipment. Storage cases can range in size, so you will need to make sure you purchase one that is large enough for your needs.

Office putting set FAQ

Is it better to buy the putter and mat separately?

No, it is not better to buy the putter and mat separately. The reason for this is that you will be able to find a set with a good quality putter and mat that will be cheaper than buying them separately.

The problem with putting set mats is that they can sometimes become worn out and not provide the right amount of friction to achieve a good putt. If you purchase a set, you will be able to replace the mat when it starts wearing out.

Can I use my putting mat outdoors?

The answer is no. Putting mats are designed to be used indoors on the carpeting floor, not outdoors on dirt or grass. The mat would slide all over and be very difficult for your golfer to get a good swing.

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