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Office Arm Chairs

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Buyer's Guide

Office Arm Chair Buying Guide: How to choose the best office armchair that's right for you

What Is an Office Arm Chair?

An office chair is a common example of this. In most cases, it is equipped with a padded chair back, lumbar support, and a cushioned seat. It's also equipped with casters, which allow it to roll and swivel as needed for mobility. Because they can be adjusted in height, they are commonly referred to as a desk chair, computer chair, or computer chair.

What is the Use of an Office Arm Chair?

In an office or professional environment, office chairs are used, as the name suggests, to sit in. This does not imply, however, that they may only be found in corporate environments. Because computers are so widely used, practically everyone has either an office chair or a computer chair in their home. It's a perfectly logical conclusion. There is no other chair that is as comfortable as this one for computer work. A good office chair will not only relieve back strain but will also provide numerous other benefits. A supportive, comfortable office chair will alleviate the discomfort and fatigue that can result from sitting in the same chair for extended periods of time. According to studies, more productive employees are more productive and contribute to a better work environment. A comfortable chair in the office can reduce the number of breaks that employees must take due to discomfort.

Forearm supports, shoulder and wrist relief, and a place to relax for you and your coworkers are all possible benefits of using office chair armrests in your work environment. It is the function of armrests that is even more important. It is necessary to adjust your chair if you find yourself typing or working with your elbows or forearms being constrained on the armrests. Using armrests to support your arms while you're working is not recommended. They are there to offer you a comfortable location to rest your head.

What are the Different Types of Office Arm Chairs?

Ergonomic Chairs

Working long hours in an office requires a neutral posture, which is why ergonomic chairs are designed to help you maintain that posture. Despite the fact that they are more expensive than normal office chairs, ergonomic office chairs can help you save money in the long term because they are designed to avoid ailments such as cervical spondylosis, inadequate blood circulation, and poor posture.

Drafting Chairs

Artists and architects are frequently required to stand while performing their duties. It can have the same negative health consequences as sitting for an extended period of time. For some people, standing for long periods of time is detrimental to their health. Drafting chairs come in handy in situations like this. The drafting chair was designed to be used in conjunction with standing desks or drafting tables, respectively. It provides an opportunity for people who work standing up to relax and take a break from their day. Its height makes it easier to move from a seated to a standing position. It can provide support for your back, upper and lower limbs, as well as your weight. This type of office chair is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for traveling. It could have a back or it could not. It can also be used with regular desks if the height is reduced. Most of them are equipped with a foot ring, which allows you to adjust the position of your feet.

Executive Office Chairs

This type of office chair is frequently considered to be the most opulent type of office chair available. Executive office chairs, as the name implies, are frequently used by high-ranking executives in their daily activities. Chairs with a high back and ample cushioning in the seat or back are often made of high-quality materials such as fine wood or genuine leather, and they are intended to be imposing pieces of furniture. The distinction between ergonomic and non-ergonomic office chairs has become increasingly difficult to discern in recent years. Be prepared to sit in overstuffed chairs with thickly padded armrests, as well as executive chairs upholstered in genuine leather or polyurethane (PU). Some chairs are even equipped with a massage or recline feature.

Leather Office Chairs

Leather office chairs, which are essentially any chair with leather upholstery, are the most common type of office chair. However, they are more expensive than chairs made of vinyl, mesh, or fabric because they are more elegant and command respect.

There are different kinds of leather:

  • Polyurethane (PU) Leather - Faux leather (also known as polyurethane leather) is a type of leather that does not contain any leather components. Despite this, it has an appearance and feels that are very similar to the real thing. These are the most affordable of the three types of office chairs available on the market. They are usually waterproof, fade-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Bonded Leather - Polyurethane is used to glue leather products together, which results in bonded leather. It is often referred to as reconstituted leather or reconstituted leather hide. Bonded leather is less expensive than genuine leather and, if it is well-made, can be distinguished from real leather in appearance and feel. Bonded leather is not as durable as genuine leather due to the fact that it tears more quickly. When exposed to direct sunshine, it will dry up and fade, therefore keeping it out of direct sunlight.
  • Genuine Leather - The leather office chair in this collection is the most expensive of the leather alternatives available. Despite the fact that this chair is unequaled in terms of breathability, comfort, durability, and aesthetics, it is also the most difficult to keep in excellent shape. Genuine leather seats, as well as bonded leather chairs, should be kept out of direct sunlight in order to prevent fading from occurring.

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are good for persons who tend to perspire a great deal. This net-like fabric is lined on the backrest and combined with padded seat cushions to provide maximum comfort. In addition, the ergonomics of high-quality mesh office chairs are taken into consideration. They have a waterfall edge that helps to improve blood circulation while also providing lumbar support, which helps to alleviate lower back pain.

Big and Tall Chairs

Tall and huge office chairs, as the name implies, are designed to accommodate people who are either extremely tall or extremely large. They are distinguished by their high weight capacities, which range from 300 to more than 1,000 pounds in this category of seats. This indicates that the chair has been designed to withstand the significant weight. There is a taller backrest on this chair, as well as a larger range of seat height adjustment, thicker padding, and strengthened frames, bases, and armrests.

Petite and Small Chairs

There are seats that are specifically made for those who are enormous and tall. It is only logical that there are chairs created expressly for those who are short or diminutive in stature. Little people can rest their legs on the ground since Petite chairs are smaller in both seat and base, as well as have a lower gas lift than regular chairs. Even the ergonomic characteristics of the chair have been tweaked to better suit the demands and requirements of those with small bodies. It is possible that smaller office workers will have problems correctly aligning their arms with regular office chairs because of the higher armrests. A small chair with a lower armrest is designed to alleviate this problem. The seat depth, headrest, and lumbar support are all the same as they were on the previous model.

24-Hour Chairs

The 24-hour office chair, also known as the intensive use chair, is meant to be used for long periods of time in a single location. They stand apart from other office chairs because of the extensive testing they have undergone. Before they can be designated as intensive-use chairs, they must first meet a number of conditions. Among the tests are the back tilt, backload, vertical armload, seat and base loading tests, and swivel bearing weary test, which is all performed on the chair. These chairs have a significantly longer lifespan than other models. To ensure that the chair is durable and long-lasting, it is common for intensive-use chairs to incorporate basic ergonomic features like height and armrest adjustments, as well as robust motors and sturdy bases.

Conference Office Chairs

Your team gathers in the conference room to brainstorm, make crucial decisions, and entertain guests. Conference chairs with low or mid-backrests can be constructed to create an open area and prevent objects from obstructing people's fields of sight. Many conference chairs encourage attendees to have a forward-leaning position. This is done in order to stimulate participation and make the gathering more enjoyable.

Reception Area Arm Chairs

Reception area chairs, also known as guest chairs, are single-person stationary chairs that can be found in waiting rooms and reception areas of businesses and organizations. Most of the time, these chairs are not intended to be used for extended periods of time, and they do not have many ergonomic characteristics. This chair is available with a four-legged, cantilever, or sled base, depending on your preference.

Tablet Arm Chairs

This chair is distinguished by the tablet, which can be fixed or swivel. There are a number of different sizes available. Some tablets can only be used as a writing surface, whilst others can accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches in size. Armchairs used in long training sessions and lecture rooms are generally constructed of wood or plastic, with the seat and tablet being made of leather. Upholstered chairs are more typically found in lounges and lobbies than in other areas of the building. This type of chair is cushioned on the backrest, seat, and armrests, and it is available in either fabric or leather. These are comfy, but they are devoid of any ergonomic elements that would make them acceptable for prolonged periods of time spent seated.

Features to Consider Before Buying Office Arm Chairs

In any workplace setting, the office chair is a necessary part of the overall design. Many individuals want to appear their best without having to be concerned about how it may influence their health in the long term. The ergonomics and overall design of the chair should be considered first and foremost.

Lumbar Support

An office chair should give support for the lower back and lumbar region. Office chairs with adjustable lumbar support will provide customers with the ability to customize the chair to their specific lower back needs. The prevention of back strain from escalating to sciatica is crucial.


The majority of office chairs can be adjusted for height and arm length. While these are important considerations to make when purchasing an office chair, they are not the only ones. The best office chairs will have at least five different adjustment options, and some will have as many as fourteen different options. The lumbar support, arm width, and height, as well as the width, height, and angle of the seat, are the most important features to adjust. The vast majority of supports are dial-controlled, but some can also be operated with a hand-held bulb pump, which works in a similar way to a blood pressure gauge cuff pump, if necessary.

Swivel Base

It is essential that all office chairs have the ability to swivel in order to provide easy access to different portions of the desk. Arm fatigue might occur when the chair does not allow for free swiveling. As a result of the fact that you must stretch your arms in order to reach various items, this is the case.


After hours of sitting on a chair, it is critical that the fabric is breathable to prevent the chair from getting too hot or uncomfortable. The chair should also include enough cushion to give adequate support for the person sitting in it without enabling the cushion to contact the chair's bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Arm Chairs

What are the Different Styles of Armrests?

  • T-Arm: The T-arm is attached beneath the seat of the chair and is supported by a post that runs perpendicular to the arm. The armrest is positioned on top of this pillar and is designed in the shape of a T, as shown below. The height of this armrest can be modified to match your individual requirements as well as those of your workspace.
  • Loop Arm: The armrest loops come together to make a complete circle. These armrests have the option of being movable or fastened. It is possible to utilize them to provide support for your arm when sitting on a chair. Some people prefer the appearance of a loop design, while others simply prefer it.
  • Fixed Armrests: If you don't spend a lot of time on your chair at work, you could find that a model with fixed armrests is more suitable for your needs. Keep in mind that the model you choose will not be able to be adjusted. Before making a purchase, you should experiment with a variety of possibilities. Fixed armrests are typically featured on leather chairs that are either inexpensive or executive-style in design.

How High Should My Armrests Go?

Your elbow joint should be at the same height as your armrests, so that you may comfortably rest your arms on them. Finding the optimum armrest height and weight can be challenging to figure out. It is important to examine a wide range of variables such as your height, the height of the desk, arm length, and so forth. Selecting a chair with flexible armrests is a wise decision. It can be programmed to alter the height to be 2 inches higher or lower than the height of your desk, depending on your preferences.

How to Tell if Your Armrests are at the Wrong Height?

If your wrists are resting on the keyboard, it's possible that your armrests are too low for your comfort. This could be an indicator that the armrests are too low as well if your arms rest on the armrests. Armrests should be used exclusively for the purpose of convenience and comfort, not for support. You might also experience discomfort in your back, wrist, or shoulder.

If the armrests of your chair are too high, it is possible to develop inflammation of the inner elbow. Golfer's Elbow is a frequent ailment that can be excruciating to suffer from. The right height for your armrests will allow your shoulders to remain relaxed and comfortable in their sockets when you are typing on your computer. During employment, your muscles and joints should not feel strained or tight at any time.

Do Armrests Should Be Put Under Desk?

It is acceptable to incorporate armrests beneath desks; however, they should not be placed at a height that requires your shoulders to be straight when you lay your arms on them. You may choose the height of your armrest based on the height of your desk, or you may choose the height based on your own personal height and stature. Ideally, your armrest should be able to be moved behind the desk and completely hidden.

Does Office Chairs with Armrests is Better?

Armrests give comfort to the muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, and other upper-body areas, as well as aiding in the prevention of static strains on the arms and other upper-body areas. In situations where the arms are extended forward or taken in a sideways position, the use of these grips is particularly beneficial.


The selection of a chair that is both pleasant and prevents strain and injury is crucial for ensuring happy and healthy sitting that does not result in back issues. Employees should experiment with different types of office chairs before making a purchase. This will verify that the chairs are contributing to an increase in overall production. Whatever you intend to use it for, whether for gaming or for business, you will require a chair that is comfortable and promotes appropriate spinal alignment. Investigating many options for the best office chair is a necessary part of the procedure. By following the advice and suggestions in this article, you will be able to locate the chair that is most appropriate for your requirements.

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