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Modern Conference Table

Conference tables have become increasingly important as more businesses are moving towards open plan offices. They allow employees to work comfortably while still being able to collaborate with each other. However, they come in various shapes and sizes, making choosing the right one tricky. This guide aims to help you understand what makes a good conference table, and how to pick the right one for your office space.

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Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best modern conference table

What is the Purpose Of A Modern Conference Table?

The conference tables are designed to be placed between two chairs. They are generally rectangular shaped and are available in different designs and materials. There are many types of conference tables including round, square, oval, rectangle, and others. Some of these tables are made of glass while others are made of metal. Others are made of plastic or wood. All of these tables are meant to hold meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.

Why Do We Need A Conference Table?

We need a conference table because we need a place where we can meet our colleagues, friends, family members, clients, customers, etc. We need a place where we can discuss business matters, plan events, host parties, etc. Without a conference table, we cannot conduct any meeting or event. Therefore, we must have a conference table to facilitate these activities.

How To Select The Right One For Your Office Space?

There are many factors which determine whether a particular type of conference table is suitable for your needs. First, you need to decide whether you want a round, square, oval, rectangle, or another shape. Next, you need to select the material of the table. Then, you need to think about the size of the table. Finally, you need to take into consideration the number of participants who will attend the meeting.

Types Of Conference Tables Available

Round conference tables are very popular among small businesses. Round tables are easy to set up and maintain. They are also versatile and can accommodate large groups. However, round tables are not recommended for larger gatherings due to limited seating capacity.

Square conference tables are ideal for medium sized groups. Square tables are sturdy and stable. They are also perfect for smaller spaces. However, square tables are not recommended for larger groups since there isn't enough room for everyone to sit comfortably around the table.

Oval conference tables are good for holding smaller groups. Oval tables are flexible and can be configured in several ways. They are also portable and can be moved from one location to another. However, oval tables are not recommended for larger groups.

Rectangle conference tables are most commonly found in schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Rectangular tables are durable and strong. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble. However, rectangular tables are not recommended for larger groups.

Other types of conference tables include L-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, and others. Each has its

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Modern Conference Table

Modern conference tables are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate different types of meetings and events. Whether you’re planning a board meeting, training session, or team building event, these versatile pieces of furniture can serve many purposes. With a variety of styles available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a modern conference table today.

Benefits of Using a Modern Conference Table

Convenience – Modern conference tables allow users to set up multiple configurations depending on the type of meeting being held. For example, a roundtable design allows participants to sit around a circular table while a rectangular table offers plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

Versatility – Many modern conference tables include features that make them easy to reconfigure. Some models include movable panels that can be moved into position to create additional seating areas. Others include adjustable height legs that allow users to adjust the tabletop to suit their needs.

Ease of Use – Most modern conference tables are equipped with wheels that make transporting them between locations easier. Additionally, most models are lightweight and portable which makes them ideal for travel.

Types of Modern Conference Tables Available Today

Roundtable – Roundtable designs are perfect for small groups who wish to gather together for a casual discussion. Typically, roundtable tables measure approximately 24 inches across and seat four individuals comfortably.

Rectangular – Rectangular tables are typically larger than roundtable models and are generally reserved for large group settings. Measuring 36 inches wide and 48 inches long, rectangular tables are commonly found in offices and classrooms.

L-Shaped – L-shaped tables are popular among businesses due to their ability to maximize floor space. Designed to resemble an “L” shape, l-shaped tables are typically longer than they are tall and can accommodate anywhere from six to ten people.

Upright – Upright tables are typically taller than they are wide and are frequently used in homes and schools. Commonly referred to as “banquet tables,” upright tables are perfect for hosting formal gatherings.

How To Select A Modern Conference Table

Consider Space – Before selecting a modern conference table, think carefully about where you plan to put it. Will it be placed near a window or in direct sunlight? How close will it be to electrical outlets? Do you plan to store

Features To Look For When Buying A Modern Conference Table

Conference tables are essential pieces of furniture in many offices today. Whether you’re using a traditional round table or a rectangular table, there are several features to look for when purchasing a conference table. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for a conference table.


The size of your conference room determines which type of conference table you need. Round tables are typically smaller than rectangular ones. Rectangular tables are generally larger and easier to accommodate multiple users.


Round tables are ideal for small spaces where seating arrangements aren’t critical. However, square and rectangle tables are more versatile and can be arranged in different ways depending on the layout of your office. Square tables are perfect for large meeting rooms while rectangles are good choices for medium sized rooms.


Wooden conference tables are classic and timeless. But, if you’d rather go green, plastic conference tables are available in a variety of colors and styles. Some manufacturers even offer eco-friendly options that are free of harmful chemicals and toxins.


There are two types of finishes commonly found on conference tables – natural and polished. Natural finish tables are unfinished and require finishing services. Polished finish tables are pre-finished and ready to install right away. Both options are durable and easy to maintain.


Modern conference tables are designed specifically for business meetings and conferences. Many models include built-in lighting, power outlets, and storage areas. Other designs incorporate ergonomic features like adjustable height seats and swivel chairs.


Most conference tables include drawers and shelves for storing files, supplies, and equipment. Some models allow you to customize these storage compartments according to your needs. For example, you could store pens and pencils in one compartment and binders and folders in another.


Some conference tables include accessories like lamps, speakers, and microphones. Others include optional extras like LED lights, task lighting, and wireless technology.


Prices vary widely based on brand, design, material, and quality. Most companies offer financing options and warranties to ensure long term value. Shop around to find the best deal for your budget.

ConsiderationsDifferent Types Of Modern Conference Table

Types of Modern Conference Tables

There are many different kinds of conference tables available today. Some are designed specifically for meetings while others are meant for general business purposes. Here we’ll discuss the most common ones.

Round Conference Table

This type of table has round edges which give it a circular shape. Round tables are perfect for small meeting rooms where there isn’t enough room for a rectangular table. However, these tables aren’t very practical for larger spaces since they take up too much floor space.

Rectangular Conference Table

These tables are square shaped and therefore require more space than round tables. Rectangular tables are ideal for large meeting areas. They are also useful for offices where there is limited space. Most companies prefer rectangular tables due to their versatility.

L Shaped Conference Table

The L shaped conference table is another popular choice among businesses. Unlike the rectangle, the L shaped table takes up less space than its counterpart. It is also easier to maneuver around especially if you have a smaller office. Since it requires less space, it is suitable for both small and medium sized meeting rooms.

U Shape Conference Table

The U shaped conference table is another option for those who want to maximize their space. Like the L shaped table, the U shaped table takes up less space than its rectangular counterpart. It is also easy to set up and break down making it convenient for quick meetings.

Tee Shaped Conference Table

Like the U shaped table, the Tee shaped conference table is compact and versatile. It is ideal for small meeting rooms and offices. It is also easy to transport and store.

Square Conference Table

Unlike the previous options, the square conference table is the largest of the bunch. Square tables are generally reserved for large meeting rooms. They are also quite heavy and difficult to move around. Therefore, they are mostly found

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