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Key Box Holder

Have you ever wanted to organize your keys into their own individual compartment? Well now you can! These key boxes are the perfect solution for keeping your keys organized while also being functional. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose which one works best for your home.

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Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best key box holder

Key boxes are small containers that hold keys. They're typically found next to doorways or inside cupboards. They're useful because they allow you to store your house keys safely while still being able to access them quickly. There are many different types of key holders available including magnetic ones which attach directly to metal doors; plastic ones which clip onto walls; and leather-bound versions which fit into a slot on a wall.

People who live alone sometimes find themselves locked out of their homes. In these situations they can be forced to break into someone else's property. However there are ways around this problem. For example you could ask a neighbour to let you in or you could call the police. But if you've lost your keys you'll probably need to get a key box.

How To Choose One

The type of keybox you choose depends on where you plan to put it. Magnetic keyboxes are ideal for attaching to metal doors whereas plastic ones are best suited to attaching to walls. Leather-bound keyboxes are designed to sit in a specific hole in a wall. Some keyboxes have slots for hanging them on hooks whilst others have holes for inserting screws.

Where To Put Them

There are two main places to hang a keybox - either near the front door or in a kitchen drawer. Both locations provide easy access to your keys but each has its own advantages. For instance placing a keybox near the front door makes it easier to grab your keys when you leave the house. Placing it in a kitchen drawer ensures that you always have quick access to your keys.

Make Sure It Works With Your Door

Before purchasing a keybox check whether it works with your particular door. Most modern locksets include a built-in mechanism called a deadbolt lock. Deadbolts are especially useful for locking your home securely since they require both a key and a code to open them.

Consider Buying An Extra Keybox

Some homeowners find that they lose track of their spare keys. If this happens to you could invest in an additional keybox. Alternatively you could opt for a multi-keyed version which stores several sets of keys.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Key Box Holder

Key boxes are essential tools for anyone who works with keys. Whether you're a locksmith carpenter electrician plumber handyman mechanic or someone else who needs to store keys safely there's no reason why you shouldn't own a key box. However many people struggle to find a good key box because they aren't aware of the benefits of owning one. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality key box.

1) Keep Keys Safe From Theft

Keys are valuable possessions. Thieves target homes where valuables are kept in plain sight. Therefore it makes sense that thieves would be interested in stealing your house keys. So if you leave your house keys lying around you could end up losing thousands of dollars' worth of property.

2) Protect Your Home From Burglary

Burglaries happen all too frequently these days. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) approximately 1 in 5 households experience a burglary during the course of a year. Most of these break-ins occur while homeowners are away from their houses. As a result most victims lose nothing except for the inconvenience of being burglarized. But if you've ever been robbed you know that the loss goes far beyond the monetary value of stolen goods.

3) Make Locks Safer

Locking your doors and windows is important but locking your keys inside your house isn't always enough. There are several ways that criminals can get into your house undetected. For example they can cut holes in walls pry open window frames or force entry through unlocked doorways. Once inside they can search your belongings take whatever they want and lock themselves back outside.

4) Save Money

Buying a quality key box is cheaper than hiring professional locksmith services. Not only does it provide peace of mind knowing that your keys are safe but it saves money in the long run. Even worse if you hire a locksmith to replace your broken keybox he or she may charge hundreds of dollars to fix it.

5) Improve Your House Appearance

Your house looks nicer when it has a nice key box.

Features To Look For When Buying A Key Box Holder

Key boxes are small containers which hold keys. They're commonly found in homes offices shops garages sheds etc. The main function of these boxes is to store keys safely while providing easy access to them. There are many different types of key holders available today. Some are designed specifically for car keys others for house keys and still others for business keys. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a keybox.


The most common size of keyboxes is around 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. However there are smaller versions available too. Smaller keyboxes are ideal for storing spare keys garage door openers and remote controls. Larger ones are good for holding multiple sets of keys. Choose a keybox based on the number of keys you plan to store inside it. Also check whether the keybox is big enough to fit your entire set of keys. Most keyboxes are sold individually but some manufacturers sell them together in kits.


There are two materials commonly used for making keyboxes - plastic and metal. Plastic keyboxes are cheaper and lighter weight compared to metal ones. Metal keyboxes are stronger and last longer. Both plastics and metals can be painted or coated with protective finishes to resist wear and tear. Check the finish carefully before purchasing. Many cheap products are only lacquered meaning they are merely sprayed onto the product. Lacquer does not provide adequate protection against corrosion or rust. So always opt for a finished product.


Check the design of the keybox. Does it match the style of your home or office? Is it attractive and eye-catching? Do you like the color? Are the colors coordinated? How sturdy is the material? All these questions must be answered before deciding on a particular keybox. Make sure the keybox matches the rest of your decor. Otherwise it could end up being a major distraction.


Look for a durable keybox. Durable means long lasting. It should be able to withstand heavy usage. Check the manufacturer's warranty period. Ask for details regarding the quality assurance process. Always read reviews online and ask friends who've bought the same product. Don't forget to compare prices between brands. Shop around and get the best deal possible.

Different Types of Key Box Holders

Key boxes are small containers which hold keys. The most common type of key holder is the ring-shaped key chain. However there are many different styles available. Some key chains are designed specifically for car keys while others are intended for house keys. There are also key rings key hooks and key clips. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some examples of these different types of key holders.

Ring-Shaped Key Chains - Ring shaped keychains are very popular because they allow you to carry several keys at once. They're easy to store and convenient to access. But they aren't always practical for carrying around large objects. For example if you're going camping you'd probably be better off using a backpack rather than a ring-shaped keychain.

Car Keys - Car keys are typically attached to a metal ring. This makes them easier to hang onto than a plastic key chain. Because they're attached to a metal ring car keys are generally heavier than plastic key chains. So if you plan to take your car keys along with you might want to opt for a heavy duty metal keyring. Metal keyrings are also good for storing smaller items like coins change and business cards. Plastic keychains are lighter weight and therefore easier to transport.

House Keys - House keys are usually attached to a hook or clip. This makes them ideal for hanging on walls or doors. They're also handy for storing spare keys. Most house keys are made of steel or brass. Steel keys are stronger and last longer than brass ones. Brass keys are softer and more pliable. Both types of keys are durable and long lasting. Plastic keychains are lightweight and inexpensive. They're also easy to replace if broken.

How To Choose The Right Key Holder

Choosing the right key holder depends on where you intend to use it. Do you plan to travel frequently? Are you planning to leave your keys inside your vehicle? Will you be taking your keys with you into your home? How big are your keys? Is your key ring too bulky? All of these questions must be considered when choosing the best key holder for your needs.

Types of Key Holders

Metal Rings - Metal rings are the traditional way to store keys. They're strong and sturdy. But they're also heavy and cumbersome. Metal rings are perfect for storing multiple keys. They're also useful for storing smaller items like change coins and business cards.

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