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Hog Ring Stapler

Stapling documents has never been easier than it is today thanks to modern technology. However, despite its convenience, staplers have always had their drawbacks. One such drawback is that they often jam, making it impossible to staple anything properly. If you're having trouble getting your staples to stay in place, then you may want to try using a hog ring stapler instead. This article explains what makes hog rings different from other staplers, and shows you how to use them effectively.

DEWALT Hog Ring Pliers Kit (P7DW)
  • Hog ring pliers use 11/16-inch hog ring fasteners #DWR16G1M
  • DEWALT pliers with spring-loaded magazine feed
  • Case hardened steel components for extreme durability
  • Easy one-hand operation with rubber grips
  • Automatic feed system for easy of use and productivity
  • Includes: Pliers and 1000-ring pack
Kamsin K-SC7E 15 Gauge Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun 3/4-Inch Crown Long Nose Air...
  • ◀ Superior Quality ▶ Quenching-processed high-strength tungsten steel muzzle, Durable aluminum...
  • ◀ Optimal Performance ▶ Extended Slim Nose for easy aiming allows access to hard-to-reach areas...
  • ◀ Well-engineered Structure ▶ Strengthened upper & lower jaws inside the body with ergonomic and...
  • ◀ Meet Your Needs ▶ Ideal tool for wire cages, car seat, spring mattress, sofa, crab traps,...
  • ◀ Specifics & Fasteners ▶ ① Specifics: 15 Gauge 3/4”(19mm) Crown, 7.0-8.0mm Closure Dia. ②...
Kamsin K-SC760 16 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun Kit 1/2-Inch Crown Air Power...
  • ◀ Build to Last ▶ Quenching-processed high-strength tungsten steel muzzle, Durable aluminum...
  • ◀ Optimal Performance ▶ Standard Nose & Long Magazine meet most of your needs and offer longer...
  • ◀ Well-engineered Structure ▶ Strengthened upper & lower jaws inside the body with ergonomic and...
  • ◀ Satisfy Your Needs ▶ Ideal tool for wire cages, car seat, spring mattress, sofa, crab traps,...
  • ◀ Specifics & Fasteners ▶ ① Specifics: 16 Gauge 1/2”(12.5mm) Crown, 3.0-4.8mm Closure Dia....
SC760C 16 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown Pneumatic C Ring Staple Gun Kit Air Power...
  • Build to Last: Quenching-processed high-strength tungsten steel muzzle, Durable aluminum alloy...
  • Well-design Structure: Strengthened upper & lower jaws inside the body with ergonomic and...
  • Improved Performance: Standard Nose & Long Magazine meet most of your needs and offer longer daily...
  • Suit Your Needs: Ideal tool for wire cages, car seat, spring mattress, sofa, crab traps, fencing,...
  • Specifics & Fasteners: 16 Gauge 1/2'' (12.5mm) Crown, 3.0-4.8mm Closure Dia. Ú Fasteners: Fits 16...
Mophorn Hog Ring Stapler SC760B, Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier 12.5mm, C Ring...
  • 【EFFICIENT STRAPPING】- The pneumatic hog ring gun needs connecting to an air compressor. Through...
  • 【DURABLE & STANDARD NOSE】- The pneumatic hog ring tool is durable and well-constructed with...
  • 【12.5MM FASTENER & STEEL MAGAZINE】- The Pneumatic hog ring pliers.C Ring Staples Wire diameter:...
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】- This hog ring gun is designed with a comfortable grip with rubberized cover...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Pneumatic hog ring pliers are perfect for strapping for car seats, spring...
Bostitch P7 Hog Ring Plier Stapler
  • Makes any job fast and easy
  • Hog ring pliers stapler
  • Great for attaching burlap to wire baskets
  • Both metal handles pivot on center bolt to push staple in place and crimp it
  • Length: Handles 6 1/4inches., middle area 7inches
Malco HRP2 Hog Ring Chain Link Fencing Stapler with Magazine
  • Works fast to install Malco HR2 3/4-inch (20mm) Hog Ring Staples
  • Magazine holds 50 Hog Ring Staples
  • Stop guide ensures proper feed of hog ring staple when manually pressing strip against the guide
  • Durable and lightweight with easy spring actuated handles
  • 2 built-in wire cutters with 11-gauge (3 mm) capacity
Kamsin K-SC7C 15 Gauge Pneumatic C Ring Gun Kit 3/4-Inch Crown Air Power...
  • ◀ Premium Quality ▶ Quenching-processed high-strength tungsten steel muzzle, Durable aluminum...
  • ◀ Optimal Performance ▶ Standard Nose & Extended Magazine meet most of your needs and offer...
  • ◀ Well-engineered Structure ▶ Strengthened upper & lower jaws inside the body with ergonomic and...
  • ◀ Suit Your Needs ▶ Ideal tool for wire cages, car seat, spring mattress, sofa, crab traps,...
  • ◀ Specifics & Fasteners ▶ ① Specifics: 15 Gauge 3/4”(19mm) Crown, 3.0-4.8mm Closure Dia. ②...
Proster Spring Loaded C7 Hog Ring Gun, with 2500pcs Galvanized Steel Hog...
  • 【Spring-loaded Hog Ring Plier】Hog Ring Plier for C ring of 8mm-10mm closure dia, ideal for...
  • 【2500pcs Hog Rings】C ring crown: 20mm, C ring closure dia: 8mm-10mm, made of high quality steel,...
  • 【Auto Feeding Nailing】Automatic feeding system & 50pcs capacity allow a continuous quick work,...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】The hog ring plier gun is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, with TPR...
  • 【Note】Hog Rings are fixed with tape required by the US. Each time you press, a hog ring nailer...
RANK #10
11/16" Hog Ring Staples for P7 Pliers Stapler or Similar
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Blunt Point
  • 2500 per box

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best hog ring stapler

What is the Purpose Of A Hog Ring Stapler?

The hog ring staple gun was invented in 1892 by John H. Deere & Company. The original design consisted of two metal rings which held the staples together. The rings could be pulled apart to release the staples. The invention was patented in 1893.

How Does A Staple Gun Work?

Staples are small pieces of metal that hold paper together. Staples are typically sold in packages containing 50 or 100 individual staples. Each package contains enough staples to fasten approximately 1/2 inch (1 cm) of material. To fasten the material, you insert the end of the staple into the material and pull the ends of the rings apart. As the rings are pulled apart, the staples are released and driven into the material. Once the staples are fully inserted into the material, the rings are closed again to secure the material.

Advantages of Using A Staple Gun

There are several advantages to using a staple gun. First, it saves time. Instead of hand sewing each hole individually, you can use a machine to create holes in the fabric. Second, it reduces errors. With a machine, there is no chance of misplacing the needle or forgetting where you put the thread. Third, it eliminates the risk of damaging the material. Since the staples are already embedded in the material, there is little risk of tearing the material while stitching. Fourth, it prevents fraying. Frayed edges are unattractive and can ruin the appearance of clothing. Finally, it is easier to control the amount of pressure applied to the material.

Disadvantages of Using A Staple Gun

While there are many benefits to using a staple gun, there are disadvantages too. For example, it takes longer to sew with a machine. Additionally, since the machine creates the holes, it cannot be used to repair torn seams. Another disadvantage is that the machine requires electricity. Lastly, it is difficult to remove staples once they are installed.

There are three types of staple guns available today. The most common type is the manual staple gun. Manual staple guns require you to manually push the trigger to drive the staples into the material. The second type is the electric staple gun. Electric staple guns operate similarly to manual staple guns except that they contain batteries that power the motor. The third type is the battery powered staple gun. Battery powered staple guns operate very differently than either manual or electric staple guns. Rather

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Hog Ring Stapler

Hog rings are staples which are commonly used to hold paper together. However, there are many different types of hog rings available today. Some hog rings are designed specifically for holding documents while others are meant to be used for general purposes. There are several factors that determine whether a particular type of hog ring is suitable for its intended purpose. For example, hog rings that are too large could tear apart the document being held together. Similarly, hog rings that are too small could leave unsightly holes in the document.

Types of Hog Rings

There are two main types of hog rings - those that are flat and those that are round. Flat hog rings are generally used to staple documents together while round hog rings are typically used to secure loose pieces of paper together. Round hog rings are sometimes referred to as "hog rings" while flat hog rings are called "staple rings".

Flat Hog Rings vs Round Hog Rings

Round hog rings are generally preferred over flat hog rings due to their ability to securely hold larger amounts of material. While flat hog rings are easier to handle, round hog rings allow for greater flexibility. Therefore, round hog rings are ideal for securing materials that require frequent movement. For instance, round hog rings are frequently used to fasten posters to walls.

Advantages of Using Round Hog Rings

One advantage of using round hog rings is that they are easy to remove once they've been secured. Unlike flat hog rings, round hog rings cannot be removed unless the entire piece of paper has been torn away. As a result, round hog rings are useful for securing documents that must remain intact.

Disadvantages of Using Round Hog Rings

While round hog rings are convenient, they are also prone to tearing. Because round hog rings are unable to withstand excessive force, they are unsuitable for securing heavy objects. Furthermore, round hog rings are difficult to manipulate. Consequently, round hog rings are not recommended for use with heavier materials.

How To Use Hog Rings

To use a hog ring, start by placing the end of the hog ring into the hole in the middle of the object you wish to attach. Then, push the ends of the hog ring towards each other until they meet. Finally, pull the ends of the hog ring apart slightly to ensure that the ends of the hog ring are firmly attached to the object.

Tips for Choosing a Good Hog Ring Staple

Features To Look For When Buying A Hog Ring Stapler

The most common type of staple gun is called a hog ring stapler. It has two parts - a spring loaded hammer and a hinged jaw. There are several different types of staples available, including staples which are designed to be driven into hard materials (such as cardboard) and staples which are designed to drive into paper.

Types of Staples Available

There are many different types of staples available. Some staples are designed to penetrate material while others are designed to hold objects together. Staples are generally classified according to whether they are flat or round. Flat staples are typically used for binding documents and holding together loose pages. Round staples are commonly used for fastening boxes and packaging.

Staples Are Made From Different Materials

Some staples are made from metal, plastic, or nylon. Metal staples are strong and durable, however, they are heavy and difficult to handle. Plastic staples are light weight and easy to handle. Nylon staples are very flexible and bendable. However, they are prone to breaking.

How Staple Guns Work

Most hog ring staplers consist of two main components - a spring loaded hammer and a hinge mechanism. The spring loaded hammer strikes the head of the staple and drives it into the object being stapled. The hinge mechanism holds the jaws closed during firing. Once the staple is fired, the hinge opens and releases the staple.

Advantages of Using a Hog Ring Stapler

Hog ring staplers are versatile tools. They allow users to create professional quality stapling jobs. Because they are lightweight and compact, they are ideal for creating small packages. They are also inexpensive and easy to store.

Disadvantages of using a Hog Ring Stapler

Because they are relatively cheap, they are susceptible to jamming. Users must take care when loading staples into the machine. Loading too few staples results in poor performance. Too many staples result in jams.

Hog rings are staples that hold paper together. There are many different kinds of hog rings available. Some hog rings are designed specifically for certain applications while others are general purpose staples. Here we will discuss three common types of hog rings.

Standard Staples

These staples are commonly found in offices and schools. Standard staples are inexpensive and easy to replace. However, these staples are not very strong and can break easily. Because of this, standard staples are not recommended for heavy duty uses.

Heavy Duty Staple

This staple has a thicker head and longer legs. Heavy duty staples are stronger than standard staples and are suitable for heavier jobs. However, they are more difficult to remove than standard staples.

Wire Staples

Wire staples are ideal for fastening wire mesh or plastic sheeting. Wire staples are generally used for temporary purposes. They are cheap and easy to install. However, they are not very durable and cannot be reused.


The most common way to use hog rings is to attach them to sheets of paper. Once attached, the pages can be folded into whatever shape you desire. For example, you could fold a page into thirds to create a tri-fold brochure. Alternatively, you could cut the pages into strips and bind them together using a binder clip.

Where Can I Find More Information About HOG RING STAPLERS?

There are several websites where you can learn more about hog rings. One website is . Another site is , which contains information about staples in general. Finally, there is another website called that offers a wide variety of products including hog rings.

In conclusion, hog rings are useful tools for binding documents and creating presentations. They

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