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Headphones With Microphone

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Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best Headphones With Microphone

What are Headphones With Microphone?

This audio equipment has been developed specifically for use while driving.

1. Driving Safety Features

Microphones can pick up sounds at great distances. For example, they can detect noise such as engine vibrations, wind blowing against windows, road noises, and other things happening outside of the car.

2. Driver Alertness

Some headphones come equipped with features designed to reduce driver distraction, such as voice alerts, automatic volume control, auto power off after 30 minutes, and even motion sensors that turn them off if someone gets out of the vehicle.

3. Noise Reduction

When drivers wear headphones with microphones, they don’t have to worry about distracting conversations. Instead, they can listen to music, talk on the phone, read books, watch movies, or do anything else without worrying about being overheard.

The Importance of A Purchasing a Quality Headphones With Microphone

If you are planning to buy a pair of headphones, there are several things that you must consider before making the purchase. First, do you want them to be wireless? Next, how comfortable they are? And finally, how good they sound? These three factors determine whether you would prefer buying a wired headphone or wireless model.

Wireless Model

A wireless headphone allows users to move freely while listening to music without being tied down to a fixed spot. There are two types of models available; Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). Both of these options offer different advantages and disadvantages.


Bluetooth is a standard for connecting devices over short distances. For example, if you connect your smartphone to your laptop via Bluetooth, you could use the data connection to send files back and forth between both devices. When paired together, you can play songs or listen to audiobooks using only one device at a time.

However, Bluetooth has its limitations. Some people find it difficult to keep track of all connected devices. Another issue is battery drain. Since the headset needs to transmit information constantly, it uses up power very quickly.


With Near Field Communication, a user connects his mobile device directly to the headphone. Because of this direct connection, the battery life lasts longer than other forms of connectivity. Additionally, the audio quality is better because there is less interference.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important because it determines how long you'll be able to use your headphones without having to recharge them. If battery life isn't adequate, you won't be able to listen to your favorite songs or podcasts all day long.


Design matters, especially if you plan on wearing your headphones often. A comfortable design means less stress on your ears and neck, so you don't feel tired after using them for extended periods of time.

Sound Quality

Some headphones offer superior sound quality compared to others. For example, higher end models tend to provide better bass response and clearer highs. Some even include built-in speakers.


It doesn't matter whether you spend $50 or $500 on headphones with microphones, but price is still a factor to consider. The best option is to buy headphones that suit your budget and needs.

Popular Headphones With Microphonebrands

Headphones brands such as Beats By Dre, Skullcandy, Monster, and Sennheiser make great choices if you're looking for headphones with built-in microphones.

Beats By Dre Studio

With its iconic design and comfortable fit, the Beats By Dre Studio offers excellent sound quality at a reasonable price point.

Skullcandy Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The earbuds offer great sound quality, but they don't come with a mic. However, you can use them with your smartphone's audio input jack.

Monster Cable On-Ear Over-the-Ear Headphones

These over-ear headphones feature a microphone so you can talk hands-free without disturbing other people nearby.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

If you want the best noise cancellation available, look no further than the Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Headphones With Microphone

What do headphones with microphones look like? What's the difference between headphones without mics and those with them? How can I tell if my headphones' microphone works? And how can I make sure they're safe for my ears? We answer all your headphone questions!

Q: What Do They Look Like?

A: The best thing about headphones with built-in mics is that they don't look very different than regular headphones. They may even fit into your ear better because there's less metal to get stuck in your ear canal. However, they'll also come with a cable attached to the back so you can plug them directly into your device.

Q: What's the Difference Between Headphones Without Mics and Those With Them?

A: When you buy headphones without mics, you're basically buying two pieces of equipment at once. One piece has a mic, while the other doesn't. So, why would anyone want headphones without mics? Well, if you already own headphones with mics, you might find yourself wishing you had bought them separately instead of getting a pair of brand new headphones with built-in mics.

Q: How Can I Tell If My Headphones' Mic Works?

A: To check whether your headphones' mic works, simply try calling someone out loud using it. Your call should go through and sound clear.

Q: Should I Be Worried That My New Headphones Will Make Me Hear Things Differently Than Before?

A: There's always a chance that your new headphones could cause you to hear things differently. But if you're careful, you shouldn't notice anything unusual. You should still wear your old headphones for a few days before making the switch though, just to ensure everything stays normal.

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