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Glass White Boards

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Glass Whiteboard: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you have a classroom, meeting room or workplace, getting an enormous blank canvas would be a great addition to your room. Storyboarding, brainstorming and writing up practical strategies are all encouraged on the whiteboard. Why settle for anything less than the finest when it comes to the board you will write on every day? Glass boards are a stylish and functional solution that make it simple to write on and erase.

Glass whiteboards may be the reason why they've become so popular in the workplace. With their non-porous surfaces, you may easily slide dry erase, wet erase, or fluid markers over the board. Glass whiteboards may be cleaned using dry erasers, damp wipes, or glass cleaner, and the process is straightforward.

glass whiteboard

Modernity and simplicity may be added to a room's environment by using glass whiteboards. If you want a glass whiteboard with a frame, you can anticipate a simple, attractive metal trim to accompany it. With regards to glass whiteboards, there are several options. With a glass whiteboard, you'll be able to draw, write, and draw on the inviting blank slate without worrying about scratching or staining your surface.

Consider a colorful glass whiteboard for your blackboard specials menu if you're a restaurant or café owner. You may use it to add a dash of color and style to your institution, which is more contemporary.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying

Glass vs. Regular Whiteboards

Even though they do the same thing, whiteboards made of glass and those made of conventional whiteboard material do it in different ways. Due to the porous nature of the surface, you can frequently still see the faint traces of prior markings even after you've erased them. "Ghosting" is a common term for this phenomenon. In contrast, the non-porous surface of glass whiteboards makes them ideal for writing. Because of this, they are fully clean when used. No matter how hard you try, the ink will not stick to your skin.

Types of Markers and Their Upkeep

For this reason, glass whiteboards may be used with a variety of different markers, whereas ordinary whiteboards are often limited to dry erase ones. Furthermore, a glass whiteboard is more durable than a laminate whiteboard, which often lasts just a few months. Glass whiteboards are more expensive than standard whiteboards at first, but they are long-lasting investments that pay for themselves over time.

Glass whiteboards may be used with typical whiteboard markers and erasers, much like traditional dry erase boards. Writing on such boards may be done using wet-erase markers that simply require a moist towel to clean. Glass cleaners or paper towels make it simple to remove liquid chalk from glass whiteboards.


small white glass whiteboard

Whiteboards made of glass are available in a variety of sizes. In terms of size, they may be as little as a piece of paper, up to 8 x 4. Because glass whiteboards aren't available in conventional sizes, you'll observe a lot of variance in their sizes. Glass whiteboards aren't all square though, since some come in rectangular shapes as well.


To install a mounted glass whiteboard, you'll need to plan ahead. Planning and measurement are necessary, as well as the right instruments.. With larger boards, it's likely that you'll need the assistance of a second person. Glass whiteboards have been criticized by some customers for having ambiguous installation instructions. Hire a professional if you don't want to deal with the hassle of installation and don't want to make extra scratches or flaws in your wall.


The safety of tempered glass is well-known in the glass industry. The usage of tempered glass has become commonplace in everything from vehicles to building facades to food service equipment. Tempered glass, often known as toughened glass, splits into smaller pieces with fewer sharp edges when it is broken. In order to achieve this, the glass is cooled very slowly throughout the annealing process, resulting in a considerably stronger, and more impact and scratch resistant glass.

Different Styles of a Glass Whiteboard

pink glass whiteboard


Glass whiteboards come in a variety of hues, but the most common are white or clear. Pink, green, orange, blue, and light gray are all available options. These hues, however, restrict your selection of marker colors because not all of them are sufficiently contrasted. Additionally, black glass boards have become a popular choice in companies that embrace modern design trends. Using vivid marker colors such as lime green, white, or yellow on a black whiteboard against a white backdrop will help draw attention to the board.


There are frosted boards available if you're not sold on a colorful board but tempered glass is too clear for your taste. They offer a little contrast to the wall's hue, but they don't stand out too much. It is more costly to buy a frosted board than a colorful or clear one.


Whiteboards with a frameless design are a popular option because of their slim, sleek appearance. One inch of scribbling area is added around the sides of your whiteboard without a frame. In addition, frameless boards allow you to expand your writing area by connecting many boards together.

Mounting style

Wall Mounted

Glass whiteboards that are wall-mounted are normally installed in one of 2 ways: either from the ceiling or from the wall. Metal fasteners and metal inserted through the board are used in the first method. Metal studs can be seen on all four corners of the frameless design. Glass whiteboards are mounted with heavy-duty hardware identical to that used to hang framed photos for the second installation method.


A wheeled whiteboard stand is used to carry some glass whiteboards instead of a wall mount. Whiteboards with movable heights are common in this type of design. It is possible to switch between landscape and upright layouts on some models.

Convenience Features

Additionally, glass whiteboards can be equipped with convenience features including an accessory rack for markers and erasers. Because the rack is usually a stand-alone element, you won't have a hard time getting rid of it when you put in a new whiteboard.

Teachers and others who use magnetic symbols and numbers might benefit from the use of glass whiteboards that are magnetized. If you want to put a flier or remarks straight on the board, this is a great tool. In addition, certain markers are magnetic, which makes it simple to attach them to the whiteboard while they're not in use.

Price Range

Whiteboards made out of glass can cost anywhere from $25 up to $400. Some of these smaller models are ideal for use at home or in a small workplace, with prices ranging from $25 to $75. In some cheap whiteboards, an accessory rack is a common feature, although it isn't the norm.

Glass whiteboards in the $75 to $200 range are considered mid-range. Most mid-sized models, such as those used in lecture halls and big conference rooms, may be found here. In this pricing range, there are a variety of colors as well as some magnetized types. Between $200 to $400, you'll discover the largest boards featuring the most options and capabilities. They typically take up a lot of wall surface and are made of the best glass available.

large glass whiteboard


  • Purchase both markers and erasers together. To ensure that your glass board is prepared to use straight out of the box, ensure that you have the appropriate markers & erasers readily available.
  • Consider the room's size. The size of your room has an effect on the size of your glass whiteboard. Having said that, certain spaces may be dominated by a huge board, particularly if it is underutilized. It's critical to strike a balance between the space in your room and the size of your board.
  • Take care with rings and jewelry. Jewelry with sharp edges, particularly diamond rings, can damage glass. To preserve both in excellent condition, prevent direct contact with your diamonds and your glass whiteboard.
  • Consider purchasing one for your home office. Get a glass whiteboard for a modern feature to your home office. It's perfect for brainstorming meetings, taking notes, and creating storyboards.
  • Never lean on a whiteboard made of glass. Your weight can place excessive stress on the board, which might result in it cracking or shattering.

The Longevity of a Glass Whiteboard

You can use permanent markers, dry erase markers, grease pens, and even paint on a glass whiteboard; it's one of the most inventive devices on the market today. It is common for glass whiteboards to be made of tempered glass, which in itself is 10 times stronger than plain glass.

Despite the fact that the glass is toughened, people still ask if their glass whiteboards will break on a regular basis. When purchasing a glass whiteboard, the majority of people are concerned about safeguarding their investment. We've heard since we were children that glass is delicate and that if you're too aggressive with it, it would almost certainly break. Although it appears to be a common sense inquiry, it is better to think of numerous types of glass in quite different ways when thinking about glass in general. A variety of reinforced, toughened, and safety glass combinations are available, including tempered glass, laminated glass, as well as a variety of other materials.

It was discovered that these boards are extremely sturdy. It is not only the boards themselves that are extremely durable, but also the standoffs that hold the boards in place that are quite durable. A company even had their staff perform push ups on the glass boards to demonstrate its strength, but it didn't crack one bit. While most whiteboards only survive about 5 or 10 years before they get too discolored and "ghosted" to be useful, glass whiteboards could outlast them by several decades. To be precise, because they never discolor or smear, glass whiteboards may last a lifetime.

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