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Fixed Wing Drone

Parrot Disco FPV – Easy to fly fixed wing drone, up to 45 minutes of...
  • Fixed-wing drone that reaches speeds up to 50 mph
  • Ultra-precise piloting and extended flight range of up to 1.2 mile with Parrot Skycontroller 2
  • Immersive flight experience with Parrot Cockpitglasses (FPV goggles)
  • Shoot full HD 1080P videos and 14Mpx photos with the built-in wide-angle camera. Footage can be...
  • High capacity 2700mAh battery with up to 45 min battery life
  • Easy to fly with automatic take-off and landing, assisted piloting controls, anti-stall system, and...
  • Compatible Smartphone screen size for the Cockpitglasses: 4.7 - 5.2" / 12 - 13 cm
Parrot DISCO-PRO AG Without Sequoia
  • The fixed-wing drone solution has a powerful motor and a high capacity battery which covers up to...
  • Parrot Skycontroller 2 ensures an optimized and secure Wi-Fi connection, and live video streaming on...
GoolRC F949S Cessna 182 Remote Control 3CH Fixed Wing Drone Plane RC Toys...
  • Elegant Outlook: The airplane with 500mm wingspan is produced in proportion to the real machine of...
  • EPP Foam Material: Environmental EPP material performs well in resistance to strong shock and its...
  • Built-in Gyroscope: The gyroscope makes the flight more stable. Its stability is better than you...
  • Powerful: 3 coreless motor and 25c large rate battery make the flight more powerful. The battery...
  • Easy to Fly: The airplane is easy to fly even you have never flown a model before with strong...
Parrot Disco FPV Easy to fly fixed wing drone, up to 45 minutes of flight...
  • Fixed-wing drone that reaches speeds up to 50 mph FOR USE ONLY IN RURAL AND LARGE OPEN AREAS
  • Ultra-precise piloting and extended flight range of up to 1.2 mile with Parrot Skycontroller 2...
  • Shoot full HD 1080P videos and 14Mpx photos with the built-in wide-angle camera. Footage can be...
  • Easy to fly with automatic take-off and landing, assisted piloting controls, anti-stall system, and...
  • Comes in original retail box. Item is however fully tested, cleaned, repacked and is manufacture...
WLtoys F959 Sky King 2.4G 3CH RC Aircraft Fixed-wing Radio Control...
  • Three-channel backward pusher glider, the whole set is made from EPO, strong impact resistance.
  • Folding propeller can be putted away when gliding, smaller resistance
  • Easy to control, steady flight, suit for beginner.
  • Coming with high discharge rate.
  • Function: UP/Down/Forward/Turn left/Turn right/360°Turn
TOOYFUL SU-27 RC Fixed Wing Plane Remote Control Drone Flying Toys Model...
  • Land and air amphibious, resistant to pressure and fall .
  • EPP material design, more anti-collision, light weight, more comfortable , environmental protection.
  • frequency, several aircraft take off at the same time, do not get disturbances.
  • Streamlined design; night cool lights bring you a wonderful experience.
  • Anti-collision silicone head design, the perfect protection of the aircraft.
Mini RC Fixed Wings Model Toy Glider Drone 3-Axis Gyro Delta Flying Wings...
  • Great for Beginners Kids---2.4G 2CH remote control, it can achieve up, down, advancing, turn left...
  • Specification---Wingspan: 235mm/9.35inch, Length:250mm/9.84inch, Height: 37mm/1.45inch ,2.4Ghz...
  • Built-in Gyro System---This rc plane with build-in 3-Axis gyro system, provide stable flight for...
  • EPP Foam Material: Safety and durability, aircraft fuselage for EPP environmental protection...
  • Parent-child Interaction: You could accompany your kids to fly this rc plane at home or in your...
Parrot PF070249 Genuine Disco - Left & Right Wings, Black
  • Clip the wings easily onto your drone and take off again!
  • Reinforced with carbon tubes
  • Lightweight and shock resistant
RANK #10
LoveinDIY 1510 2200KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane Fixed-Wing Race Drone
  • Kv: 2200
  • Material : Metal
  • A1510 2200KV brushless outrunner motor.
  • For RC Mini Airplane Drone Multicopter Quadcopter Accessories.
  • Resistance: 0.52

Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Fixed-Wing Drone Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need To Know

It’s a buyer’s market out there. If you’re in the market for a fixed-wing drone, it can be hard to know where to start. When narrowing down your selection, it's important to keep in mind what you plan on using your drone for.

Do you want a quadcopter or a racing drone? Do you want something with an HD camera or one that is simply functional? There are many factors that go into buying a fixed-wing drone, and we will cover all of them here. This guide will help you make the right decision and find the perfect fixed-wing drone for you and your needs.

What are Fixed-Wing Drones?

Fixed-wing drones are lightweight, have high-performance engines, and are designed to fly for extended periods of time. They are typically made of carbon fiber or other lightweight material that is durable. Fixed-wing drones are best for aerial photography, racing, and surveillance. They operate differently than quadcopters because they don't have propellers that spin—hence the name "fixed wing."

The Benefits of Fixed-Wing Drones

There are several benefits to fixed-wing drones. There are plenty of options available on the market, but the fixed-wing drone brings some factors and benefits that allow it to stand out from the rest.

Here are some of the most notable points and benefits you should take into consideration.

Flight Time

Fixed-wing drones tend to have longer flight times than other common drones. Fixed-wing drone wings are more efficient in providing lift, and they can fly at a higher speed without being affected by the wind because of their design. This is also why fixed-wing aircraft generally cost less than rotary-winged ones, which need an engine for propulsion. That means it costs more power to propel them through the air.

Greater Altitude

Fixed-wing drones can go to higher altitudes than most types of drones. Fixed-wing aircraft are also more stable in flight, and they can fly at a slower speed while maintaining their height over the ground. This is because fixed wings provide lift with every motion made by the plane's propeller or jet engine to stay airborne without having to turn into wind currents like a helicopter does. The larger size of these planes allows for an increased payload, which makes them better suited for long-distance travel as well as aerial photography and surveillance missions.


Fixed-wing drones also have better payload capabilities. This type of drone is the most common, and it can carry a variety of different payloads, such as cameras, weapons, or surveillance equipment. They are easily transportable by airplanes and helicopters because they don't require landing gear to be set up on their wings like other types of drones do.


Fixed-wing drones aren't affected much by strong winds and other weather conditions. This is because, unlike helicopters, which are more susceptible to the wind's effects due to their rotors spinning, fixed-wing aircraft have a single wing that can be tilted upwards or downwards in order for them to maintain flight. Additionally, this type of drone doesn't require as much energy from its engine compared with helicopter models, so it has a lower chance of losing control over power during high gusty winds. 


Resources aren't really a problem when maintaining a fixed-wing drone since it is relatively easy to maintain. Fixed-wing drones are generally easier and cheaper to build than multirotor or quadcopter drones because they require less material, have fewer moving parts, and don't need the complex flight control systems that other types of aircraft do. This simplicity makes them more reliable as well in terms of maintenance costs, which include replacing any broken components with ease.

The Drawbacks of Fixed-Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones are the best option for racing because they offer a better flying experience. That said, quadcopters are more versatile. Fixed-wing drones are also more expensive to buy and maintain, which is something to keep in mind before you make your purchase.

Fixed-wing drones are also not as easy to fly as their quadcopter counterparts. Fixed-wing drones, which have four or more propellers and a fixed wing in contrast to the three rotors on a quadcopter drone, require much less skill to control because they don't need any agility when compared to these types of aircraft. This is why many people prefer them for aerial photography purposes, since it's easier for them than flying helicopters or airplanes.

The learning curve is higher, which means it will take longer for you to perfect your skills. For beginner pilots, this can be discouraging and lead to crashing the drone. Quadcopters are easier for beginners to learn how to fly—and less expensive if you happen to crash one or two along the way!

Fixed-wing drones do have their benefits, though: they're much faster than quadcopters and can go up high enough that you can see some spectacular views of the world from up there!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fixed-Wing Drone

There are certain factors you need to consider before getting a fixed-wing drone. These factors will ultimately give you a better feel of whether you should buy it or maybe consider a different type of drone.


Fixed-wing drones are usually more expensive than quadcopters and racing drones. Fixed-wing drones can also be more challenging to fly since they have a fixed flight path, but some people like the challenge of flying them because it is much different from flying with other types of aircraft. Fixed-wing drones come in all shapes and sizes, and the majority of them do not come with cameras or other features.


Some fixed-wing drones are intended for specific applications such as aerial photography or agriculture.The most common use of a drone is to capture video footage from the sky and distribute it through social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Drones have also been used in humanitarian missions to deliver supplies to remote areas where there is no infrastructure. Before you start shopping, think about what you want your fixed-wing drone to do.

Usage Field

Always take into consideration where you will be flying your fixed-wing drone. Depending on the location, regulations may vary for recreational or commercial use of drones. In some cases, certain airspace restrictions apply to UAVs that are flown without permission from air traffic control authorities, such as operating in an area designated "no fly zone."


Maintenance should be considered as well, since you need to invest in fixed-wing drones. Drones may require more maintenance than other types of aircraft because they are made up of a lot more moving parts and components that can break down, so it is important for drone owners to maintain their equipment regularly and keep spare parts on hand at all times. It is also necessary to have an understanding of the different systems within your particular model, such as its battery or camera system.

Battery Life

A fixed-wing drone's battery life is also another factor to consider before making the purchase. Drones are typically powered by lithium polymer batteries, which can last for about 15 minutes when fully charged and up to 45 minutes if not in use, meaning that you will need a charging station or an outlet nearby at all times. However, there are some drones available with built-in chargers, so you don't have to worry about running out of power mid-flight!


The user's expertise in flying the fixed-wing drone should be considered as well. With a little practice, pilots can easily fly drones and have fun doing so with their friends or family members. It is important to note that some drones are more difficult than others to control due to their weight, size, and speed of flight, which may require additional training for novice users.

How to Maintain Your Fixed-Wing Drone

There are many parts that make up your fixed-wing drone, and it is important to make sure they stay in good working order.

First, you should ensure you are not flying the drone in areas with no-fly zones or restricted areas. If you happen to do so, you may cause interference with aircraft or people on the ground. This could result in your drone getting confiscated, which is why it's important to be aware of where you're flying your device at all times.

Next, you will want to inspect your propellers for any damage or wear and tear after each flight. You should also inspect the landing gear of the fixed-wing drone before each flight as well.

Lastly, if you don't fly often enough, it is advisable to store your fixed-wing drone in a dry place so it doesn't rust or corrode. If you don't fly often enough, then it's best to store the machine dry so that it does not rust or corrode over time.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when buying a fixed-wing drone, but don't let that scare you away. With the buyer’s guide we’ve just shared with you, getting that fixed-wing drone won’t be much of a tough task now. Go ahead and get one for yourself now!

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