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Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils

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What is the Purpose Of A Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils?

Faber Castell is a German company which has been manufacturing quality products since 1884. Their range includes pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, knives, watches, clocks, jewellery, luggage, stationery, toys, games, art supplies, and many others.

The History of Faber Castell

In 1884, Carl Faber started his own business making fountain pen nibs. He was soon joined by his brother Maximilian who became the head of the family firm. Together they developed a line of fountain pens, including the famous "Biro" (German for "pen"). In 1911, the brothers decided to start producing mechanical pencils. At first, these pencils were sold only in Germany, but later they expanded into Europe and North America. Today, Faber Castell produces around 40 different types of pencils, ranging from standard pencils to highlighters, markers, crayons, and ballpoint pens.

How Do Mechanical Pencils Work?

Mechanical pencils consist of two parts - the barrel and the cap. The barrel contains the graphite core, while the cap holds the mechanism that turns the pencil. There are three main types of mechanisms: spring return, clutch release, and click action. Spring return pencils rely on gravity to push the lead back into the barrel. Clutch release pencils require pressure to turn the pencil; once released, the lead falls back into the barrel. Click action pencils contain a button inside the cap that clicks when pressed. Once again, the lead drops back into the barrel.

Benefits of Using Mechanical Pencils

There are several benefits associated with using mechanical pencils. First, they allow you to take notes quickly and easily. Second, they are ideal for sketching and drawing. Third, they are easy to sharpen. Fourth, they are durable and last longer than traditional pencils. Fifth, they are environmentally friendly. Finally, they are very portable and convenient.

Types of Mechanisms Used For Mechanical Pencils

As mentioned above, there are three main types of mechanisms used for mechanical pencils: spring return, clutch release, and click action. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss each of the three mechanisms in detail.

Spring Return Mechanism

This mechanism relies on gravity to push the lead back into the barrel. To

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils

Faber Castell has been around since 1884 and is still going strong today. Their products are known worldwide for being high quality, reliable, durable, and affordable. With over 100 years of experience, they've perfected the art of making pencils. Today, there are many different types of pencils available, including mechanical pencils, gel pens, and fountain pens. Each type offers its own unique benefits and uses. Here we’ll discuss the differences between these three popular types of pencils.

Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are probably the most common form of pencils sold today. They consist of two parts; the barrel (the part where the lead goes) and the grip section (where the user holds the pencil). Most mechanical pencils contain graphite leads which allow users to draw lines and create designs. Some models include features such as clip points, retractable tips, and replaceable leads. There are several advantages to using mechanical pencils. First, they are inexpensive compared to other forms of pencils. Second, they are easy to carry around due to their small size. Third, they are very convenient because they can be sharpened and reused multiple times. However, mechanical pencils aren’t perfect. For example, they require constant maintenance and care. Because of this, they are prone to breaking and wearing out faster than other types of pencils. Additionally, mechanical pencils cannot be used to write cursive handwriting. Lastly, mechanical pencils are not recommended for children because they lack the proper grip strength required to hold the pencil correctly.

Gel Pens

Gel pens are another popular choice among students and professionals alike. Gel pens are generally smaller than mechanical pencils and are easier to carry around. Unlike mechanical pencils, gel pens can be used to write cursive handwriting. Gel pens are also refillable and reusable. Like mechanical pencils, gel pens require regular maintenance and care. To extend the lifespan of your pen, avoid storing it upside down. Also, store it away from extreme temperatures. Finally, gel pens are not recommended for young children because they lack the necessary grip strength needed to hold the pen correctly.

Fountain pens are considered luxury items. They are typically larger than both mechanical and gel pens. Fountain pens are ideal for creating detailed drawings and paintings. They are also extremely versatile and can be used for everything from sketching to calligraphy. Although fountain pens are quite pricey, they last longer than mechanical and gel pens. They also require

Mechanical pencils are ideal tools for students who require precision and accuracy while drawing and sketching. Their compact size makes them easy to carry around and convenient to store. However, there are many features to be aware of when purchasing these pencils.

Size Matters

The most obvious thing to look for when selecting a mechanical pencil is its length. Most manufacturers recommend using a mechanical pencil whose barrel measures between 5mm and 6mm. This ensures that the tip of the pencil remains sharp throughout the entire lifetime of the product. Longer barrels allow users to draw longer lines and curves. Shorter lengths limit the amount of detail that can be drawn.

Ergonomics Matter

Another factor to take into consideration when purchasing a mechanical pencil is ergonomics. Ergonomic design aims to create products that are comfortable to hold and operate. Manufacturers strive to ensure that the grip feels secure and natural. Some models include special grips that are designed specifically for lefties and righties. Others incorporate knurling patterns that improve control and reduce fatigue during long periods of usage.

Materials Matter

There are several materials available for mechanical pencils. Each material has different properties and characteristics. For example, plastic pencils are durable and lightweight, whereas metal pencils are strong and sturdy. Wood pencils are generally considered to be the most eco-friendly option. They are biodegradable and recyclable. Other options include graphite and ceramic.

Colors Matter

Some mechanical pencils come in bright colors. Others are black or grey. There are no hard rules regarding which color is preferable. Many artists enjoy experimenting with different hues and shades. Experimentation is encouraged when purchasing a mechanical pencil. Try out different brands and see which ones suit your needs.

Features To Look Out For

Here are some additional factors to consider when shopping for a mechanical pencil.


Faber Castell has been producing quality mechanical pencils since 1884. Today, we continue to produce high quality products using the same methods and materials as our founding fathers did. We believe that our pencils are among the most durable and reliable tools available today. Our pencils are designed to last a lifetime and perform flawlessly throughout its entire service life.

Types of Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils

The classic mechanical pencil - ideal for students and professionals alike. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around and store away. With a range of different features including a retractable barrel, a removable cap, and a replaceable nib, there’s no end to the number of ways you can customize your pencil.

The precision mechanical pencil - perfect for artists who require absolute control over their line width. Featuring a fine point tip, these pencils allow you to create precise lines and curves. Precision mechanical pencils are also known as technical pencils.

The ballpoint pen - perfect for those who enjoy drawing and sketching. Ballpoint pens are very popular amongst artists due to their ease of use and ability to be carried anywhere. Unlike traditional fountain pens which require ink cartridges, ballpoint pens rely on a small reservoir of ink inside the body of the pen itself.

The gel refill - ideal for those who enjoy creating intricate designs. Gel refills are extremely versatile and can be filled with almost anything. From watercolors to oil paints, gel refills can be used to create stunning artwork.

The rollerball pen - perfect for writers and illustrators. Rollerballs are incredibly convenient and portable. Simply twist the top of the pen to release the ink cartridge and start rolling. Once finished, simply push the top back into place to lock the ink cartridge back into position.

The felt tip marker - ideal for children and beginners. Felt tips are inexpensive and easy to use. Just dip the tip into the inkwell and draw directly onto paper. No mess, no fuss.

The mechanical pencil sharpener - ideal for anyone who enjoys sharpening pencils. Sharpening pencils is simple and quick. Simply insert the pencil into the sharpener and turn the handle clockwise to sharpen the pencil.

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