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Dry Erase Markers

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Advertising in the foodservice sector relies heavily upon the text and images we create. It can be difficult to choose the right writing instrument for the job, with so many choices.

Wet Erase vs. Dry Erase Marker

Markers allow you to communicate messages in your restaurant. These markers produce bold, dark prints that are difficult to read with pencils, pens or chalk on most surfaces.

What is a wet erase marker?

  • Water-soluble dyes cannot be removed by dampening a cloth
  • Markings made with paste-based ink are semi-permanent
  • Heat Resistant - Will not fade or bubble when used with projector lamps or illuminated boards

What is a Dry Erase Marker?

  • Use a dry eraser to remove marks on the right surfaces
  • Markings can be easily removed with alcohol-based ink
  • Easy to wipe clean during office meetings or classroom lectures

When is Dry Erase Better than Wet Erase? Wet Erase Markers

What surfaces can dry erase markers be used on? Are you wondering if wet erase markers can be used on dry erase boards? Both types of markers are compatible with non-porous surfaces such as whiteboards and glass.

Semi-permanent ink is used by wet erase markers to create long-lasting markings. Dry erase markers can be used for temporary, quick-changing markings. Wet erase markers are only allowed to be used on black marker boards. They also resist heat.

Make sure your whiteboards look brand new!

Different types of wet erase markers

Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid chalk markers are a special type of wet erase marker that comes in a range of vibrant colors. They can be used for food service and other industries.

These markers are made to be used on chalkboards and will dry chalky-like. These markers are also great for glass, mirrors and plastics as well as metal.

Not all wet erase markers can be used with liquid chalk markers. Before using, make sure you check the packaging.

Rainproof markers

Rainproof markers can be used on outdoor advertising, such as signs placed in front of your establishment or tabletop signs at an outdoor restaurant. These markers will ensure that your messages don't run in the rain. These markers can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Marker Tip Styles

There are many different tip styles available for a wide range of applications. The tip style you choose will determine the appearance of your text, whether you are adding fine details or writing large letters.

Wide Tip Markers

It is easy to use large letters on display boards and signs with wide tip markers. The tip is 2 inches wide and covers a large surface area.

Chisel Tip Markers

The ultimate in versatility, chisel tip markers offer the best in versatility. You can achieve fine, medium and broad lines with one marker. Because they have two tips, chisel tips can be great! You can draw thicker lines with the fatter side, and a thinner line with the thinner side. If you choose one side of your writing and stick to it, you will get a cleaner look. This makes your letters more consistent.

Bullet Tip Markers

Bullet tip markers guarantee a consistent line width each time you write. These markers are able to add fine details and make large strokes. Bullet tips have a single line width so you don't have to be concerned about where you are holding it. These are not as common for dry erase markers but they provide an even line so it is worth having a few! Bullet tips are generally better for outlining or writing than coloring, due to the wider tip.

Fine Point Markers

Fine point markers have a consistent stroke width which is ideal for filling in small details or writing. These markers are perfect for adding small details to drawings and quick notes.

Medium Point Markers

Medium point allows you to write on small surfaces and add details to whiteboards. These are great for drawing both broad and precise lines.

Size of the Marker Tip

There are many tip sizes available for both wet and dry erase markers, including small, medium, large and jumbo. The tip size determines how detailed your work will be. However, the larger the tip, the greater the area covered by each stroke.

Tips and tricks for whiteboards: Dry erase drawings

The majority of people use dry erase markers for a few lines on a whiteboard. The whiteboard is an integral part of Ink Factory's day-to-day operations. We have more than 500 square feet of whiteboards that we can cover with dry erase markers!


To begin, make sure your markers aren't dried out. Markers that are dried out can become difficult to use and make it harder to see the ink. It is a good idea to keep a large number of new markers on hand. Black is the most commonly used color, so double or triple your black marker stock. Refillable dry-erase markers are another way to cut down on waste.

Dry erase marker ink can be removed

Dry-erase markers have the greatest feature: they can be erased! The ink is very easy to wipe off once dry. This can be used to your advantage. A pencil eraser, a microfiber cloth, and your finger are all great tools for erasing. After the ink has dried on the drawing surface you can use these tools to straighten lines, clean up edges, or write on top of solid colors. Be sure to allow the ink to dry completely. Wet ink can smudge if it is not dried properly. Blowing air on the ink will help it dry quickly.

The ink can also be easily wiped off accidentally. Your hard work may be erased if someone is seated on the board or your hand rests on a drawn image. You can avoid this by using your pinky to stabilize your hand when drawing on the board, instead of your entire hand. This will reduce the amount of paper you have to touch while drawing and prevent any smudging.

Some of the most popular Dry Erase Marker brands


  • Pros: Great colour, excellent tip quality, ergonomics, low cost, readily available in most European countries. Limited reliability.
  • Cons: Some people may find black and red colors a bit stale.


Pilot has moderate flexibility in the tip. It is very pleasant to control the line's width. This is a great tool for guys who love drawing intricate pictures.

  • Pros: Great tip quality, excellent colour and ink flow. Refillable.
  • Cons: The ergonomics are not the best and may be too obnoxious for some people.


  • Pros: cheap, great colour, great ink flow, nice felt tips.
  • Cons: Only available in the USA, may have some ergonomics problems, could be too obnoxious for some people, and is not refillable.


  • Pros: Very affordable, good colour and ink flow. Also, felt tips. Limited availability in Europe.
  • Cons: It might not be refillable and might cause a sneeze. Colour may also be unstable if it is left on the board for too long.


Pentel is a confident tip. Its flexibility is a confident medium. It is very easy to draw with. It seems to be very prone to deformation and lasts a long time.

  • Pros: Great colours, ink flow, fancy pump-up action and easy availability.
  • Cons: Pricey, smelly, not refillable, some ergonomics problems.


Neuland's tip is moderately soft. It is still possible to create reasonable fine lines. Although I lack the stiffness necessary to create fine detail, it is not a major problem.

  • The pros: It is very odorless, has great ergonomics, is refillable, and there are grey colours available.
  • Cons: Re-fills may not be readily available in certain countries.


Artline's tip is not sharp enough to provide high levels of detail. This tip is great for those who love brush-like tips. It is of decent quality and should last for a long time.

  • The pros: It is nearly non-smelly, has great ergonomics, excellent ink coverage, and flows well.
  • Cons: Not refillable, the most costly among all markers, not widely accessible.


Staedtler's soft tip prevents you from taking detailed photos. For the line width, you will need to keep it at 1.5-2 mm. It does not appear to be sustainable.

  • The pros: Excellent plastic sets boxes, readily available in most European countries. They also have nice ergonomics and limited reliability.
  • Cons: Quality of the tip, pale colors (black is not very impressive), that can fade over time. If you are worried, this is the most smelly.


  • Pros: Great colours and relatively inexpensive.
  • Cons: One of the most odourless, poor quality tips, limited colour options, not readily available, not refillable and sometimes colour is unstable (especially the black).

Other brands

There are many other types and brands, but they are less well-known and more specific to each region, so I did not include them in the review.

If you can't find the marker brand you want, or have a detailed overview of a marker not covered in this article, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below.

Expo, Pilot Pentel, Pentel, and Edding are the best choices for basic set colours. These are the ones Sharpie and Neuland want to pursue because of their bizarre behavior around pale colors. You can find more information in each section.

Neuland is the only manufacturer that I know of that makes whiteboard markers in grey. It is a little too fine, but it is the only one! Neuland was the only grey I found. This alone is reason enough to mention it. Their yellow is truly amazing!

Expo and Neuland offer the largest range of colours. These brands are the best if you enjoy using many colours. These brands also provide good coverage and opacity, so they are visible in photographs.

Is dry erase marker the same as whiteboard marker

You're not alone in wondering "Is a whiteboard the exact same thing as a dry erase board?" This is one of the most common questions we get. It's a simple truth that whiteboard and dry erase boards are almost identical.

There are more similarities than differences when it comes to whiteboards vs. dry erase boards. A whiteboard and a dry erase board share a lot of similarities. They are made with a non-porous material. The non-porous material is easy to write on and can be wiped clean with no moisture or spray. Whiteboards and dry erase boards are far more practical than traditional chalkboards because they can be quickly removed from text.

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry erase board?

Whiteboard and dry erase boards are basically the same thing. They are typically made from glass, porcelain, and melamine.

Melamine whiteboards

Melamine is the most common type of whiteboard that you will see in schools and offices. Melamine is a laminate that is basically plastic backed by a board. This is the most common method for whiteboards. This is the most cost-effective type of whiteboard, as it's made from an inexpensive laminate.

Melamine whiteboards tend to wear down quicker than other types. Because the surface is more porous, they can hold more marker residue than other materials. They can also warp before their shelf lives are up.

Porcelain Whiteboards

Porcelain whiteboards can be very durable and not porous. This makes it difficult for markers or pen residues to seep into the surface. Porcelain whiteboards are non-porous, which makes them easy to clean and lasts longer. The only problem with porcelain whiteboards is their heavy weight. Moving a porcelain whiteboard might require group effort.

Glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are the most popular choice for whiteboards. Glass whiteboards are deemed the best option due to their durability, ease-of-use, and resilience.

What surfaces are dry erase markers effective on?

Dry erase markers can be used on many surfaces. You can erase ink on any surface. Dry erase markers are great for mirrors and other glass surfaces. They can be used on any smooth, non-porous surface.


Did you write on a foggy glass mirror as a child? Perhaps you would write a message on the mirror after taking a bath. The fog would eventually clear up and the message would disappear.

Your message will stay in place until it is seen by your family with a dry erase marker. You can leave a sweet message to your partner by using a dry erase marker.

Leave a message on your mirror to show your pride in your children. You can write whatever message you want on the mirror using dry erase markers.


A dry erase marker is a great way to ensure that glasses are not mixed up at a party. You can use a marker to write on the glasses and then wash them off at the end.

You know that you will be bringing a dish for the potluck, but it is not possible to write your name on it. It feels awkward to bake at home with your name on it. You can use a dry erase marker for this purpose.

How can you show your support for your community? Use dry erase markers to write on your windows. There are many ways to write on glass.


Similar to a baking pan, dry erase markers can be used on tupperware. It may be difficult to remember what is inside if you have colored your tupperware. You can also reuse other containers, such as butter and sour cream containers, to save on leftovers.

No matter what tupperware container, you can write on the container's outside what the leftovers were. You can write not only what the leftover is but also the date it was placed in the refrigerator.

This will prevent you from opening moldy leftovers later. Throw it out if the date is too long ago.

Which dry erase marker is the most durable?

EXPO Dry Erase Markers. Expo dry erase markers have been a gold standard. They offer consistent, reliable ink in stunning saturated colors. This 12-pack contains chisel tips that are both great for drawing and writing.


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