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Drone Landing Pad

KINBON Drone Landing Pads, Waterproof 30'' Universal Landing Pad Fast-fold...

KINBON Drone Landing Pads, Waterproof 30'' Universal Landing Pad Fast-fold...

  • 【Waterproof Premium Material】Made of high quality waterproof Nylon material with lightweight, Open Size: 30''/75cm, Fold Size: 11''/28cm. Double sided high-precision printing, and sun protection, not easy to fade. Very waterproof and durable for use, easy to fold and fast-fold.
  • 【Universal Drone Landing Pad】The 30" universal drone landing pad with double sided, which is perfectly fit for RC Drones Helicopter, PVB Drones, DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 2/3/4/ Pro, DJI Inspire 2/1, 3DR Solo drone, Gopro Kama, Antel Robotic X-star, Parrot drone, and more.
  • 【8 Reflective Straps & 3 Land Nails】 With rich accessories:1* landing pad + 1*carring bag + 8*Reflective strips + 3*landing nails. 8 reflective strips are used for night flying, pasting them to the outer of the printing circle.They will provide clear location for drone in darkness. 3 land nails fixed to the landing pad on the ground firmly, helping the landing pad work perfectly in windy environments.
  • 【Fast-Fold & Portable】Fast-fold and portable landing pad for mavic pro . With elastic material of one side, easy to carry and store it into the bag with zipper. Double sided and double color with blue and orange 2 colors, are applied for different occasions. And also highlight the clear location of the landing place. ( Note: Specific folding ways, please see the last picture. )
  • 【Compatible for wide range of Drones】Suitable for all drone models.NOTE: Please Un-fold in an Open Space and Keep Away From Your Face

Buyer's Guide

Drone Landing Pad Buyer's Guide: What To Consider & How To Make The Best Purchase

You are looking to buy a drone landing pad and want to get the best value for your money. You have had a look at different options, but do not know which one is right for you. Read on to find out what you should look out for when buying a drone landing pad.

The Advantages of Using a Drone Landing Pad

The Drone Landing Pad is the latest innovation in aviation technology. This safe landing and takeoff platform has been designed to provide a safer alternative for drones. The best part about it is that it can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It can be used by people who own drones as well as people who want to take drone flying as a hobby.

This platform allows you to land your drone without any risk of damaging the blades or other important parts of the drone. If you are worried about your new investment, then this landing pad will prove to be extremely useful for you. This platform is very easy to use, and all you need to do is place it down in an open area where there are no obstructions or trees around it and start flying your drone over it.

The most amazing thing about this landing pad is that, regardless of how hard the landing might be, the blades of your drone will remain perfectly intact, which means that you will not have to replace them in any way. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are planning on using your drone for commercial purposes.

The landing pad has been designed with high-quality material and is extremely durable. It weighs about two pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around. The dimensions of this landing pad are 5X5X1 inches, which means that it can be easily carried in your backpack and taken along with you wherever you want to fly your drone.

Types of Drone Landing Pads

There are two main types of drone landing pad, which include:

Fixed landing pads

The fixed type of drone landing pad is one that can be permanently installed on a flat surface like the ground or a rooftop. It is usually made out of plastic or similar material and is not portable. However, it can also be made from other materials such as steel, which makes it more durable and cost-effective.

Portable Landing Pads

The portable type of drone landing pad can be easily carried around with you in a carrying case or bag. It is easy to store and does not take up much space when not in use. It is also lightweight, so you can carry it around without any strain on your body or arms.

Features You Need to Consider When Buying a Drone Landing Pad

If you are thinking of buying a drone landing pad, there are certain features you need to consider. These include:

The Size of the Landing Pad

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the landing pad that you are going to buy. The size of your drone will dictate how big your landing pad should be. If you have larger drones, then go for bigger pads. Smaller drones do not need large pads, so smaller pads will do just fine. If you are buying a drone landing pad as a gift, then consider the size of the person’s drone and get them one that will be useful in the future as well.

The durability of the pad

Another important factor that you need to consider is the durability of the pad. This is because you will be using it quite a bit and the drone might land on it quite a few times. If the pad does not have the proper durability, then it will wear out very quickly. The good news is that there are several options available on the market, so check them out to see which one is going to last longer than the others.


The material should be impact-resistant and durable enough to withstand the force of the quadcopter when it lands. The best material for making drones is nylon since it has high resistance to wear and tear as well as other harsh conditions such as rain, heat, and cold weather. This is because nylon is waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to shrinkage.


Landing pads come in different densities. The density determines how strong and durable the pad will be when used outdoors or indoors. If you intend on using your drone outdoors, where there are many elements that may damage it, then make sure that your choice has an adequate density for outdoor use. Some pads have an additional layer that makes them more durable and strong, but this comes at an extra cost as well.


The price is another thing you need to consider, although this may not be the main thing you should look at because some landing pads can be quite expensive depending on the features they come with. Nevertheless, there are some affordable choices available for those who want to buy one but do not have enough money.

Safety Features

: Landing pads also come with safety features. Some of the safety features include a non-slip surface and edges that are raised to prevent any damage to your drone when it lands. The non-slip surface should have some sort of non-slip quality so that your drone won't slide around and cause any damage.

Tips on Choosing the Best Quality Landing Pads for Your Drone

It is very easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the right landing pad for your drone. There are so many options available on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality landing pad, here are some factors that you need to keep in mind.

The first thing that you need to look at when buying a landing pad is its size. You have to choose one that is big enough and that can accommodate your drone easily. If you have multiple drones, then you might want to get a bigger landing pad so that both of your drones can land on it at once. The size of the drone should also be taken into consideration, especially if you have a micro quadcopter or nano-drone. These types of quadcopters are very small and can be easily damaged if they bump into an object while landing on a small surface such as the floor. So make sure that the size is appropriate for your drone size and type.

Another thing that you need to consider when choosing a landing pad is its weight. The weight of the landing pad should be light enough so that it can easily be carried around. If you are going to bring your drone on an outdoor trip, then a lightweight and portable landing pad will come in handy. It should also be strong and durable because there is a chance that it will get damaged if it falls off from your drone or if it accidentally bumps into something.

The next thing that you need to look at when buying a landing pad for your drone is its material. You have to make sure that the material is durable and sturdy enough to withstand the force of impact from the drone when it lands on it. It should also be flexible so that it can absorb all of the shocks from the fall without having any effect on your drone’s motors or propellers. Landing pads made out of rubber are very popular because they can absorb shock very well, and they are also very cheap.

The design of the landing pad will also determine whether or not it is a good choice. If you are a beginner drone pilot, then you might want to choose a landing pad with a circular design because it will be easier for you to land your drone on it. The landing pad should also have a non-slip surface so that your drone won’t slide off of it while you are trying to land on it. It should be able to absorb the shock from the fall without having any effect on the motors and propellers of your drone.

If you want to buy a good-quality landing pad for your drone, then you need to make sure that it is made out of high-quality materials. There are some brands that offer cheap products, but they don’t last long because they break easily when they fall down on the ground or when they get damaged in some way.

Final Thoughts

The drone landing pad is a perfect way to protect your drone from damage. It is a critical accessory for you if you want to keep your drone in good condition. There are lots of landing pads on the market, but not all of them are as good as this one, which can be placed on the ground for your convenience. You will not regret having any of these items in your collection.


What is a Drone Landing Pad?

A drone landing pad is a tool that can be used to help control the landing of your drone. It's basically a platform on which you can land your drone easily and safely. The idea behind the landing pad is that it's usually a flat and smooth surface. You can land on the platform of this pad and then take off again without any trouble.

You don't have to worry about having this landing pad anymore, as there are some great ones out there that can help you control your drone's landing and takeoff process so much better than before!

How does a drone landing pad work?

A drone landing pad works by offering a flat surface area on which to land your drone once it has taken off. The platform is often constructed of high-impact-resistant materials in order to endure the force of the quadcopter's landing when it comes to rest on it.

What is the most effective method of landing a drone safely?

When flying, it is preferable to gradually slow the speed of your drone's descent so that it drops at a consistent rate. As soon as the drone comes to a complete halt, just lower the control all the way to the ground and hold it there until the motors are totally turned off.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Drone Landing Pad?

The following are some of the advantages: It keeps your drones safe from physical damage such as dents and scratches and keeps them looking and functioning as they did when they were first purchased. This feature assists in keeping you safe by keeping you away from the quadcopter's rotors while it's being safely landed. Landing your quadcopter with greater precision allows for safer landings than just dropping it out of the sky or attempting to touch down on uneven ground or grass, for example. It may be used to assist you in learning how to land your quadcopter on a flat surface.

What is the size of the landing pad?

With non-slip cushioning, the landing pad is 12 x 12 inches square and 2 inches thick, and it is designed to prevent your drone from being damaged or scratched when it lands.

How to use the landing pad?

The drone landing pad is simple to use and can be assembled in a matter of seconds. Simply unfold it and lay it flat on a level surface, then fold the legs of the pad inside and secure them using the Velcro straps that come with the product.

Can I use it outdoors?

Yes, you can use the landing pad outdoors as well as indoors, but we recommend using it indoors so that you can protect your drone from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, etc. You don't want your expensive drone to get damaged due to water or moisture getting stuck inside the motors or other parts of your drone, do you?

Can I fly to the landing pad?

Yes, you can fly to the landing pad. It was designed for that purpose. There is no limit on how high you can be or how far you can be from the landing pad. You can also use it as a takeoff location as well as a landing site.

How high can I fly my drone?

There are no limitations on how high you can fly your drone. However, there are rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to stay compliant with the law and avoid fines or penalties from your local authorities. Please check with your local authorities before operating your drone at higher altitudes than recommended by the manufacturer of your UAV/drone/quadcopter/multicopter equipment.

Is it possible to fly my drone at night?

Because it is not illuminated, the landing pad will not be of use to you if you are flying your drone at night. In low-light settings, you can utilize lights on the UAV/drone/quadcopter/multicopter to assist you in seeing the landing pad from the air.

Is it possible to fly my drone over water?

To be safe, you should avoid flying your UAV, drone, quadcopter, or multicopter over water unless there is no wind or strong air currents in the area where you intend to fly it. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations ahead of time in order to avoid falling foul of the law and incurring fines or penalties from your local authorities.

How many drones can I use this landing pad for at a time?

Because of its unique design and folding mechanism, you can use multiple drones on this landing pad at the same time, which is a significant advantage over other similar products available on the market. However, keep in mind that the size of your drone should not exceed the size of the landing pad, which measures 70cm x 70cm x 3cm.

What are the uses of drone landing pads?

There are several advantages to using a drone landing pad, including:

  • It allows for safe and secure landings, which helps to protect your UAV from damage. It also reduces the risk of collisions with other objects like trees or buildings.
  • It helps you to keep your UAV in good condition for a long time as it allows you to maintain it properly.
  • It helps you to save money on repairs and maintenance because your drones will not get damaged very often due to bad landings.
  • It provides a platform on which you can easily carry out repairs and maintenance work.
  • It helps you to save time as you do not have to look for an open field or landing space every time your UAV needs to be landed.

What is the best material to make a drone landing pad?

The best material for making a drone landing pad is industrial-strength self-adhesive vinyl. This type of material provides the perfect combination of durability and cushioning. 

What is the best way to clean your drone landing pad?

If you want to clean your drone landing pad, you may use warm water. You may also clean it with a light detergent if you like. It is best not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaning fluids in your home.

Is the landing pad for the drone non-slip?

Yes, it has a non-slip surface. The anti-slip substance was utilized to construct the landing pad. Some of the drone landing pads are additionally coated with a skid-resistant coating, which makes them non-slip when wet. However, you should use caution when maneuvering your drone in order to avoid injury.

Can I use my drone landing pad in all weather conditions?

Yes, you may utilize your drone landing pad regardless of the weather conditions that are present. However, if you intend to use it outside, be certain that it is situated in a location that will provide some protection from rain or snowfall. Using this method, you can avoid your drone landing pad becoming damaged due to moisture or direct sunlight.

What size should I make my drone landing pad?

Standard sizes for a drone landing pad are 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm), 18" x 18" (45cm x 45cm), 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm), and 36" x 36" (90cm x 90cm).

Is this compatible with any type of drone?

Yes, this landing pad is compatible with all types of drones and quadcopters, including DJI Phantom, DJI Mavic Pro, and other drones.

How long will the landing pad last?

This landing pad can last for years, depending on your use.

Are drone landing pads safe for the drone?

Yes, drone landing pads are safe for your drone. They are made of non-conductive material and can absorb the impact of landing. They also have an anti-slip surface that prevents your drone from skidding and sliding.

How do I know if my drone is compatible with the pad?

Most pads are designed to accommodate a wide range of drones. However, you should check if your drone is compatible with the pad before purchasing it. There are some pads that require you to purchase an adapter to use with specific drones, so make sure to check before buying a pad.

Is this product waterproof?

Yes, this product is waterproof, but you should be careful about putting it in water as too much moisture may damage the drone and its components.

Is it worth purchasing?

If you are a drone user, then you need to have one of these. It is an essential accessory for your drone. This is a question we constantly get asked. A drone landing pad is not really a necessity for most people, but it does make your life easier. The landing pad makes it easier to land your drone. It also gives you a place to store your drone when you’re not flying it.

Some people prefer to fly their drones everywhere, but flying is not always the best option. You could get into trouble with the law if you fly your drone too close to an airport. Some areas also have rules about flying drones at all.

The landing pad is a great alternative to flying your drone everywhere. It gives you a place to land your drone and store it while you’re not flying it. It’s also nice if you have multiple drones because it gives you a place to keep them all stored until you need them again.

The landing pad is also useful if you are teaching someone else how to fly a drone or learning how to fly yourself. It’s much safer and easier to learn on the ground than in the air, especially with beginner drones that don’t have collision avoidance technology yet. You can also use this for practice runs before taking off for real flights around the house or outside in your backyard. The question is not whether you should buy one or which one you should choose.

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