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Drone Goggles

BETAFPV 2021 Latest Cetus Pro FPV Drone Kit for Brushed Racing Drone...

BETAFPV 2021 Latest Cetus Pro FPV Drone Kit for Brushed Racing Drone...

  • 【Turtle Mode】Cetus Pro brushless quadcopter comes with turtle mode which is the world's leading technology. When Cetus Pro brushless quadcopter falls to the ground upside-down, simply activate turtle mode with your transmitter to turn it over. No walking through the fields for this
  • 【From ZERO to Super Pilot】BETAFPV Cetus Pro FPV Kit is a brushless whoop drone designed from the ground up for FPV beginners. Auxiliary flight function is available for novices, greatly reducing the threshold of operating. Cetus Pro brushless quadcopter is robust and powerful, allowing you to fly faster, race, and even do freestyle flying. Taking you from ZERO to Super Pilot in one kit
  • 【N/S/M 3 Flight Modes】Normal/ Sport/ Manual are available, which can satisfy the different needs of pilots and adapt to various flight environments. Meanwhile, these 3 modes all support 3 different speeds in SLOW/MID/FAST
  • 【Altitude Hold Function】Altitude hold function enables Cetus Pro brushless quadcopter to Auto-Hover. The quadcopter can stay at a current height when pilots' hands are off the transmitter. The barometer/laser achieves accurate and stable positioning, which makes the quad hovering indoors very stable. (The altitude hold function is only available in N mode)
  • 【Self-protection Function】The Cetus quadcopter has an excellent self-protection function. Which can make an emergency landing when it loses control or in low battery. It will also automatically disarm and drop on ground once it has a strong collision with the object. No more worry about loss and crash
Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone with FPV Goggles 5.8G 40CH 1000TVL Camera...

Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone with FPV Goggles 5.8G 40CH 1000TVL Camera...

  • FPV Goggles: As the first set of drone equipment for beginners, micro drone is specially equipped with FPV goggles. FPV goggles paired with 1000TVL M7 lens 120° FOV H170° Wide angle HD camera, take you to fly with the first angle of view, allowing you to closely experience eye to eye with bird on high place
  • Special shape: FPV drone body adopt the shape of blue shark, which is our original design. Shark drone is your unique unmanned drone device. If you still considering what gifts to buy for your friend and family member on Christmas/birthday ? FPV shark drone is definitely a gift that wins screams
  • Fun function: As a racing drone can easily complete a 360° flip flight, and complete active of the drilling circle indoors, and show your wonderful drone performances at family gatherings, which can get admiration and applause. Racing drone has three speeds to bring you different happy
  • Easy to control: Novices will creat many accidents when use drone firstly. In order to simplify the operation, drones with cameras have a preset headless mode/one-key start/landing/return safety mechanism. Children and beginners can use it easily. Altitude Hold can keep FPV drone camera at a certain height, which makes the camera drone easy to control and take photos or videos
  • Safe and durable :360° All-round collision ring both reduce the damage caused by the impact of the flight and moreover also prevent the rapid rotation of the propeller scrastch hand. Provide strong safety support for indoor

Buyer's Guide

The Complete Beginners' Guide to Buying Drone Goggles

With the prevalence of drones and drone racing, it might be time to invest in a pair of googles. You don't want to miss out on the fun, but after hours of searching for the best goggles for your budget and needs, you're still not sure what to do. We've put together this handy guide to help you find the perfect pair of drone goggles. It includes our list of top picks and a buyer's guide so that you can make an informed decision without all the hassle.

Here are some ways to choose the right pair of drone goggles for you.

What are drone goggles?

Drone goggles are a type of electronic eyewear that allows you to see what the drone sees as it flies. When you put them on, the world as seen through the drone's camera appears in high definition right before your eyes.

Why Would You Buy Drone Goggles?

There are two main reasons for buying drone goggles:

You're a professional drone pilot and want to use them for your work. This is the case for most people who buy drone goggles.

Or, maybe you're just an enthusiast and enjoy flying drones as a hobby.

If you're looking for the best drone goggles, they'll have many of the same features. But if you're using them for work, there are some additional criteria that they'll need to meet that someone who's simply buying them as a toy won't care about.

Types Of Drone Goggles

Box-style Goggles

Box-style goggles are a great choice for beginners who don't have a lot of experience with drone racing. They're a good idea if you're just looking to casually drone race or if you want an affordable option. You can find them at most big-box retailers, and they usually cost less than $30.

This type does not have head-tracking, so they'll be more stationary, but they offer a full field of view and the price is right.

Binocular-Style Goggles

Binocular style goggles are the most popular and offer a more immersive experience than other styles. These goggles can be used with any type of drone and often come with a detachable sun visor.

Low Profile "Slimline" Goggles

If you're looking for a low-profile pair of goggles, slimline goggles are a great option. These are perfect for those who want to be able to wear them comfortably while wearing a helmet or hat. They might not be as large as other Googles, but they will still provide the same great features and protection.

The Advantages of Having Drone Goggles

Drones are a lot of fun, but there's no denying that they can present a danger to people on the ground. For this reason, it's important to have goggles to keep you safe from potential collisions.

In addition to being a safety measure, goggles provide some other advantages:

  1. They help you see more easily while controlling your drone.
  1. You can record footage of your flight.
  1. They're one less thing to worry about when flying your drone.
  1. Goggles make drone racing more exciting.
  1. Aerial videos capture the whole experience.

Features To Consider Before Buying Drone Goggles

There are three main features to consider before purchasing a pair of goggles for flying drones:

Camera type

The first thing you should look at is the camera type. This will determine what footage you'll be able to see. There are three types of cameras: analog, digital, and HD cameras. Analog cameras provide less quality than digital or HD cameras because they convert signals into images much slower than the other two types of cameras. A digital camera uses an integrated circuit or a microprocessor to digitally capture images and send them as light pulses to a monitor or television screen. An HD camera is an analog camera with a digital video frame store that can store up to six minutes of footage on a single charge.


The first thing to consider when buying a pair of drone goggles is your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for every price point.

When it comes to pricing, you will find that most goggles range from $20 to $70. Generally speaking, the more expensive goggles will be lighter, offer better night vision, and have more features like HD cameras or head tracking. However, if you're on a tight budget, this isn't always the case.

The cheapest pair of goggles we found is priced at $20 and still offers most of the features you would want in your Googles (HD camera, head tracking).

Do some research before making a purchase if you want to make sure you buy the best pair for your needs without breaking your budget.


When it comes to choosing a pair of drone goggles, resolution is probably your most important factor. For quality viewing, you want to make sure the goggles you choose have a high-resolution camera.

For example, if you're flying a drone in a big open field where there's nothing blocking the view, you don't need a high-resolution camera. However, if you're flying indoors or trying to fly through trees and other obstacles, then a higher resolution will help you see more detail while flying.

Aspect Ratio

If you are looking for a pair of drone goggles, one of the first things you should consider is the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio determines how wide your field of vision will be when viewing a video. This is not to be confused with the screen size, which can vary depending on the size of your drone's screen and the distance between the viewer and the drone.

The three standard aspect ratios that you should be aware of are as follows: 16:9, 18:9, and 21:9, respectively. A popular aspect ratio for drone pilots is 16:9, which allows them to have a more immersive experience while flying their vehicles. In comparison to 16:9, 18:9 offers a larger field of view but less immersion. The wider field of view provided by 21:9 does not detract from immersion in the same way that 18:9 does.

Choosing the appropriate aspect ratio for your goggles is dependent on the type of experience you want to have while wearing them. The 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended if you want to feel completely immersed in what's going on in front of you. This is because it provides a wider field of view without sacrificing immersion as the 18:9 aspect ratio does. If you want an experience that feels more realistic while still having a wide field of vision, the aspect ratio of 18:9 may be a better choice for you because it provides a narrower field of vision.

Field of View

The degree to which you can see to your left and right is referred to as your field of view. Due to the fact that some drones have a wide-angle lens, the field of view for those goggles will be significantly greater.

In general, people who fly drones for recreational purposes prefer wider lenses because they provide a more immersive experience for the pilot. Those who race or fly their drones as a profession may require goggles with a narrower field of view because they must be more aware of what is going on around them at all times while performing their duties.

Head Tracking

There are currently two head tracking systems available for drone goggles on the market. In the first, referred to as "gaze orientation," the aircraft's camera tracks where your eyes are directed in order to move the aircraft's camera in that direction. In the second system, which is referred to as "head orientation," a built-in gyroscope monitors the pilot's head movement in order to control the aircraft.

On the negative side, gaze orientation can cause dizziness when done incorrectly. However, head orientation does not have this effect, but it is less accurate at following eye movement than gaze orientation, so you may have to tilt your head more than you would with gaze orientation in order to maneuver your drone.

Video Receiver Module

The video receiver module is one of the most important components of any pair of goggles because it is responsible for receiving the image from the drone's camera and sending it to your screen.

The modules in some goggles can be upgraded, whereas others only have one video receiver module that cannot be upgraded. If you want a good goggle that will last a long time, look for one that has a modular video receiver module installed. They are more expensive, but in the long run, they will be well worth it.


As drones become more popular for both professional and leisure use, so too do their accessories. 

With all the features and benefits of drone goggles, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for your needs. We’ve tried to cover as much as we could to help you narrow down your selection. By reviewing the following guide, you can find the best drone goggles for your needs.

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