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Dimple Fidget Toys

FOXOGO Simple Dimple Fidget Toy, 7 Pcs Simple Dimple Pack, Simple Dimple...

FOXOGO Simple Dimple Fidget Toy, 7 Pcs Simple Dimple Pack, Simple Dimple...

  • 【Simple Dimple Fidget Toy Pack】Simple dimple fidget toys are the most popular toys today. Our simple dimples pack has 7 different sizes and shapes toys. There are 3 small sizes that are easy to carry and some large ones, which will bring you different feelings.
  • 【Stress Relief & Interesting Game】Simple dimple pack is a fun way to keep the brain focused and the hands busy. Press the bubble, it will make a "pop" sound which sounds very cute. Relieve stress and anxiety by simply squeezing, stretching and flipping with these simple dimples. It also can exercise kid's sensitivity and expand thinking, cultivate kid's attention, creativity and patience.
  • 【Quality Material】This simple dimple fidget popper is made of ABS and silicone, has a smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons and clear clicks. Non-toxic, tasteless, decompression and comfortable touch, even kids can play with confidence, everyone will love their decompression and comfortable touch. When you need to clean the toy, just rinse it with water.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】Simple dimples can be played anywhere, such as in the library, school, classroom, office, car, bus or airplane. Due to their small size, they are suitable for travel in small pockets, purses. In addition, they can also be used as party gifts, and can also be used as prizes or rewards.
  • 【Great Gifts For All Ages】These fidget toys pack are perfect for anyone. They are suitable as stress relief toys for special needs. We provide a 12-month repair and no-reason return policy to help you enjoy the best shopping experience of our simple dimple fidget popper, you can contact us by e-mail if you have any problems.

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