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Cross Cable

Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station with LAT Pull, Row Bar, and...

Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station with LAT Pull, Row Bar, and...

  • HEAVY DUTY CABLE MACHINE- The BD-61 is constructed of high-quality steel for a strong and durable unit in your home gym! The rubber base caps that encase each foot provide further safety, stability, and protection to your gym floor. You also have the option to mount this Cable Crossover Machine to the ground for further stability (hardware included).
  • ADJUSTABLE- Features 16 adjustable positions and a cable pulley system that works with you as you step out for more stretch and a more intense workout! The 2 single strap handles are adjustable and attach to the pulley system.
  • DOUBLE BAR TRACK- Our Cable Crossover Machine features a double bar track that creates more stability and a smoother movement when using either standard 1" plates or 2" Olympic weight plates. The BD-61 also features a high pulley and a low pulley, as well as plate storage pegs for a clean and organized home gym! 1:1 cable ratio.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONAL TRAINER- A fully functional cable machine for your home gym! This unit features a lat pull down bar, as well as a curl/row bar, 2 single strap handles and a pull up station! Common exercises include the cable crossover for a chest workout, in addition to cable curls, upright row or low row, and pull ups or chin ups for a total body workout!
  • ADDITIONAL- Max weight load of 250 lb. Includes 4 plastic Olympic adapter sleeves to convert the standard 1" pegs to 2" Olympic pegs. An essential addition to any light-commercial or home gym. Warranty, 3-year frame, 1-year cable. Arrives in 3 separate boxes.
Light Commercial FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover Silver Machine with...

Light Commercial FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover Silver Machine with...

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART STRENGTH TRAINING EQUIPMENT- Step up your fitness routine with the FreeMotion EXT Dual Cable Crossover constructed out of sturdy 7 and 11 gauge steel tubing for outstanding durability and can support up to 350 lbs. Plus, it is electrostatically powder-coated for added resilience. Dual Cable Cross Dimensions: 60 L x 113 W x 84 H inches / Weight: 925 pounds.
  • VERSATILE AND DURABLE DESIGN - Its durable and versatile features can withstand frequent heavy use to ensure optimum exercise. This well-designed system is ideal for a full-body exercise that improves strength, tone, and stamina. Each arm rotates vertically in 12-Inch setting and horizontally in 9-Inch setting to accommodate nearly any movement pattern. Arms are counterbalanced for easier positioning.
  • ENDLESS VARIETY OF STANDING STRENGTH EXERCISES - Perform a variety of standing strength exercises to condition different sets of muscles. Some exercises allow you to focus on muscles used in specific sports such as golf or tennis. It also comes with a velcro-padded ankle cuff for more comfortable and secure placement. Plus, the weight stacks are enclosed to limit access to moving parts.
  • FREEMOTION SYSTEM FOR A MORE CUSTOM WORKOUT - The FreeMotion system permits a diverse range of activity for a more custom and comprehensive workout.
  • DAZADI MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and WARRANTY - Your item will arrive with all the necessary parts, without defect and/or shipping damage. Well ship new replacement parts or an entirely new bike for free in the event of defect or damage. If you still arent satisfied, youll get a full refund. All our items ship for free to your door, but we also offer in-home delivery and assembly for an added fee. Manufacturers Warranty: Lifetime for frame, 10 years for parts, 1 year for cables and labor, 90 day

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best Cross Cable

What are Cross Cable

A cross cable (also known as a "cross" or "T") is a short piece of wire used to connect two electrical devices together without having to use separate cables. They are often used in electronic circuits, but they also come in handy in everyday situations.

How Do I Use Them?

Cross cabling allows us to extend our existing wiring infrastructure. The concept is similar to using extension cords, except instead of extending a single power cord, we're extending multiple wires. A typical example would be if you wanted to run audio/video equipment off a wall outlet, but there was only enough room for one device. Using a cross cable, you could add another device, such as a television, and still keep everything powered up.

Types of Cross Cables

There are three types of cross cables:
• Short cross cables (YouTube Video): These are commonly found in electronics stores and are very useful for testing out small projects before building them into something larger.
• Extension cross cables (YouTube Video): These are used to make long runs of wires shorter. For instance, you might want to move a light switch across the room so you don't have to bend down to turn it on and off.
• Multi-port cross cables (YouTube Video): These are used to combine several individual ports into one. For instance, a multi-port cross cable may contain both a standard USB port and a firewire port. This makes connecting multiple peripherals easier than running them all individually.

Wiring Diagrams

If you're looking at a project where you'll be doing lots of wiring, consider drawing a diagram first. Then follow along with the tutorial while making sure you understand each step.

The Importance of A Purchasing a Quality Cross Cable

There's nothing worse than having a cross cable that doesn't fit properly. Not only does it look bad, but it could also cause problems if you use it for audio equipment.

1. What Does a Good Cross Cable Look Like?

A good quality cross cable has a flat metal body with two female connectors at each end. There should be four wires coming out of each connector. These wires should all match up perfectly so they're ready to plug into whatever device you want to connect them to.

2. How Do You Know Which One To Buy?

If you buy a cheap cross cable, there may be several issues. First off, the metal casing may not be sturdy enough to hold up over time. Second, the wiring inside might not be compatible with devices that come with standard plugs.

3. Should You Get a Male/Male Or Female/Female Cable?

When purchasing a cross cable, you'll often see male/male cables listed first. They cost less because they don't include a second set of wires. However, a female/female cable costs more, but provides extra protection against damage.

Features To Consider Before Buying Cross Cable

There are several things to consider before buying cross cable such as quality, price, warranty, portability, durability, flexibility, size, power consumption, cost, and so on.

1. Quality

It's important to know whether the product is made of good material. The best cables have better shielding than other products, thus reducing noise interference. For example, solid core copper cables provide greater conductivity compared to stranded wires. The cable should also have fewer twists per unit length. Some cables come with a rating for resistance against short circuits, but make sure to check out the manufacturer's specifications for specific information about the particular model.

2. Price

When looking at pricing, there are two factors to consider: the cost of manufacturing and shipping. When purchasing from overseas suppliers, expect to pay significantly higher prices due to transportation costs. Many retailers offer coupons or rebates to reduce the overall price. There may even be tax implications depending on where you live.

3. Warranty

If you purchase a cable directly from the manufacturer, you'll get the longest warranty period. However, many companies only sell direct to consumers because they don't want to waste money on return shipments. Make sure to ask if the company offers a warranty on its products.

4. Portability

Cables tend to weigh quite a bit, especially those that use thick wire gauges. While you could always buy multiple cables to avoid having to carry them around all day, it would be nice to have something smaller. Check the dimensions of the cable and compare them to your laptop bag or backpack. Look into how long the cable is, and see if it will fit inside a small compartment.

5. Durability

Some people worry about using portable devices while traveling. Others simply prefer carrying cables rather than dongles. Cables tend to last longer than dongles, but you still need to protect them from damage. Carry your cables in protective sleeves or boxes to keep them safe. You can also invest in durable hard plastic storage bags to prevent wear and tear.

Popular Cross Cablebrands

These days there are so many different types of cable providers available to consumers that choosing the right option has become increasingly difficult. Here's our list of popular cross brands to make it easier to find the best deal.


Amper'sand Cable

Cox Communications

Cox Communications



Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications

Google Fiber

Fiber Optics

Verizon FiOS




Frequently Asked Questions About Cross Cable

How do I know if my network cable is compatible?

If your router supports cross cable, you'll see a symbol indicating "Cross Cable" on the top right corner of your router's status window. If your device doesn't support cross cable, there won't be any indication of compatibility.

What about Ethernet cables?

Any brand of standard Ethernet cable will work fine for cross cable connections. The only difference between them is the length of the wire used in each connection. For example, a longer (and therefore thicker) cable may provide better performance than a shorter, thinner cable.

Can I use Cat5e instead of Cat6?

Yes! Although Cat5e has been discontinued, it still works perfectly for all purposes.

Will cross cable cause interference?

No, cross cable shouldn't interfere with other devices on your network. However, it's important to note that using two different types of Ethernet cabling at once could result in signal degradation. As long as both cables are of equal quality, they should perform equally.

Why would someone want to use cross cable?

It allows multiple devices to connect to the same Internet connection without interfering with each other. This is useful for connecting laptops, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, and other gadgets to the Internet.

Is cross cable supported by my ISP?

Many ISPs don't offer cross cable functionality because it's considered optional. Your provider might also restrict its usage due to potential security risks. Contact your ISP for details.

I've heard rumors that cross cable causes problems with Wi-Fi networks. Is that true?

While many people believe that cross cable can negatively impact wireless networks, there isn't enough evidence to prove this point. To avoid any confusion, we'd suggest sticking with single-cable configurations whenever possible.

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