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Corsair has been making computer components since 1996, and they have earned their reputation as being among the leading manufacturers of memory modules, power supplies, motherboards, cases, fans, keyboards, mice, headsets, graphics cards, SSDs, storage drives, cooling solutions, watercooling kits, and more. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and reliability.

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What is the Purpose Of A Corsair IceCUE?

The IceCUE is a small LED light bar that attaches to the side of your PC case. It has three different modes; white, blue, and red. White mode lights up the entire front panel while blue mode lights up the top half of the front panel. Red mode lights up the bottom half of the front panel. There are two buttons on the right hand side of the unit which allow you to switch between these modes.

How Does An IceCUE Help Me?

An iceCUE is useful for many reasons. First of all, it lets you see exactly where your fans are located. With a fan blowing directly into your face, it can be difficult to tell whether it is running correctly. However, with an iceCUE, you can clearly see if there is air being blown across your motherboard. Another reason why an iceCUE is helpful is that it gives you feedback regarding your CPU temperature. If your CPU gets too hot, it could potentially shut itself down. This is especially true if you run multiple cores. Lastly, an iceCUE can alert you to overheating issues. For example, if your CPU starts getting very warm, you can immediately take action to cool it down.

Is It Worth Buying?

I think that an iceCUE is worth purchasing if you plan on overclocking your processor. Overclocking requires extreme temperatures, and therefore, it is vital that you monitor your CPU temperature. An iceCUE can give you a heads up if your CPU is going to start shutting down due to high temps.

Overall, I think that an iceCUE is a good investment. Not only does it let you check your CPU temperature, but it also alerts you to potential problems. So, if you're planning on overclocking, I recommend picking up an iceCUE.

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The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Corsair IceQUE

Corsair has been around since 1994 and is known for its high performance gaming peripherals. Their products include keyboards, mice, headsets, power supplies, cases, and cooling solutions. Today we’re going to be talking about the importance of purchasing a quality iceque. We’ll talk about why you should invest in one and what features you should look for when shopping for one.

Why Invest in One?

Iceques are designed to cool your PC while running games or doing intensive computing. They allow you to run multiple programs simultaneously without overheating your CPU. Most importantly, they allow you to play games at higher resolutions and frame rates. Without an iceque, you could potentially fry your motherboard due to heat buildup.

How Do They Work?

An iceque consists of two parts; the fan and the radiator. The fan blows air across the fins of the radiator which transfers heat away from the processor. The cooler itself sits inside your case and is connected via tubing to the fan. The fan pulls hot air out of the case and pushes cold air into the case. As long as there is enough airflow, the cooler will continue to function effectively.

Features To Look For

There are many different types of iceques available today. Some are built specifically for overclocking purposes while others are meant for general usage. Here are some key features to look for when selecting an iceque.

Size – How big is the cooler? Generally speaking, bigger is better. Larger fans pull more air and therefore transfer more heat. Smaller fans require more force to push air through the tubes connecting the fan to the radiator. Therefore, smaller fans generate less noise.

Fan Speed – Fans speed determines how fast the air flows through the tube. Faster speeds produce lower temperatures. However, faster fans create louder noises. So, you must balance these factors depending on your needs.

Radiator Size – Radiators vary in size based on the amount of airflow required. Bigger radiators are capable of handling larger amounts of air flow. Smaller ones are generally recommended for low end systems.

Material – There are three main materials used in making iceques. Aluminum, copper, and plastic. Copper and aluminum are both good choices. Plastic tends to be cheaper and lighter weight. But, it does not conduct heat nearly as well as metal.

Where Can You Find

Features To Look For When Buying A Corsair IceQUE

Corsair has been making high quality PC components since 1994. Their products include motherboards, power supplies, memory modules, graphics cards, cases, cooling solutions, peripherals, and many others. Today we’re going to take a look at the features to look for when purchasing a Corsair iceQUE. We’ll be taking a look at the following features:

The brand name itself – Corsair

The warranty period

The number of fans included

The type of fan(s) included

The size of the case (if applicable)

The color scheme of the case

The amount of storage available inside the case

The presence of USB 3.0 ports

The presence of audio jacks

The presence of HDMI ports

The presence of DisplayPort ports

The presence of Thunderbolt 2 ports

The presence of eSATA/USB combo port

The presence of SATA 6 Gb/s ports

The presence of PCI Express x16 slots

The presence of PCIe M.2 slots

The presence of SLI connectors

The presence of watercooling options

The presence of RGB lighting

The presence of LED lighting

The presence of cable management options

The presence of dust filters

The presence of side panel access

The presence of front panel access

The presence of top mounted PSU

The presence of bottom mounted PSU

The presence of rear exhaust vents

The presence of front exhaust vents

The presence of internal drive bays

The presence of external drive bays

The presence of optical drives

Different Types of Corsair IceCUE

The Corsair iceCUE is a high performance liquid cooling solution designed specifically for PC enthusiasts who demand uncompromising quality and reliability. With its innovative design, the iceCUE features two 120mm fans which push air across the fins while providing superior heat dissipation capabilities. The result is a cooler running system that delivers outstanding thermal efficiency and unmatched quiet operation.


120mm radiator fan with dual ball bearings

Two 120mm fans with dual ball bearings

PWM controlled fans

Low noise level (LN2) - 30dBA

High airflow rate – 3.5 CFM

Compatible with most watercooling systems including CPU coolers, radiators, reservoirs, tubing, fittings, etc.

Easy installation using included hardware kit

No tools required

100% tested and guaranteed

Made in USA

Fan Speed: 1,200 RPM / 2,000 RPM

Frequency Range: 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz

Voltage Input: 12 VDC

Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.8 x 6.0 inches

Weight: 8 lbs.

Package Contents: One (1) Corsair ICE CUBE 120MM Radiator Fan Kit

Manufacturer Warranty: 90 days limited warranty

How To Install

Remove old fan assembly from case

Install new fan assembly into case

Replace existing fan blades

Connect power supply cables to motherboard connectors

Attach pump bracket to top of case

Mount pump bracket to top of case

Attach pump bracket to bottom of case

Place pump inside case

Secure pump bracket

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