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Compostable Phone Cases

Inbeage Fabric Bio Case for iPhone 13 (2021), Biodegradable and...

Inbeage Fabric Bio Case for iPhone 13 (2021), Biodegradable and...

  • 1 Piece of Plastic Discarded, 500 Years Wound on The Earth - Choosing a plant phone case is an easy way to reduce plastic waste. The case made from plant-based biopolymers (except for the fabric part woven from recycled plastic) is sustainable, zero-waste, non-toxic (free from BPA, phthalates, lead & cadmium). Let's create a plastic-free future together!
  • An Earth Conscious Case - With a significantly lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emission than tradional plastic, once you dispose of the case, just tear off the fabrics and place the 100% vegan body in an industrial compost facility or a backyard compost pit to nourish the soil. It will break down into carbon dioxide and water in 1 year, leaving no toxic residue. Moreover, it comes in a recyclable packaging.
  • A GREEN Alternative to Plastic Case - 6 ft drop protection. The organic materials naturally enhence shock absorption. Lightweight & slim. Minimalist design. Safeguards your phone as well as traditional plastic cases do.
  • Comfortable & Secure Grip - Anti-slip fabric back. VINTAGE, COZY & UNIQUE LOOK! Hence you won't find exactly the same one. Perfect as a gift for your family & friends.
  • ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone 13 (6.1", 2021) - Works with wireless charging and MagSafe without magnet connection. NOT compatible with MagSafe accessories like wallet or car mounts. Feel free to contact us any time! 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Xeber Eco Friendly Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max [Made from Wheat Stalks] 100%...

Xeber Eco Friendly Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max [Made from Wheat Stalks] 100%...

  • 🆕 【 Gospel of Environmentalists 】: - As we all know, plastic has caused great harm to the environment on which we live. But the phone cases on the market are made of plastic. As environmentalists, we want to make changes, so we developed this green phone case specially designed for environmentalists.
  • 🆕 【 100% Biodegradable Plant Material 】 : - This iPhone 13 Pro Max Eco friendly phone case is made of wheat straw, which is naturally biodegradable. once you dispose of the case this phone case, simply place it in an industrial composting facility or backyard compost pit to nourish the soil.It decomposes into carbon dioxide and water within 2 years, leaving no toxic residues.
  • 🆕 【 Recyclable Packing Box with Simple Stand Function 】 : - The packaging box of our iPhone 13 Pro Max slim case is made of environmentally friendly recycled paper, which is pollution-free and recyclable. And can be cut into a simple mobile phone holder to use. (Note: there is a cutting tutorial at the back of the box)
  • 🆕 【 Excellent protection 】: - iPhone 13 Pro Max case is equipped with four-corner airbags, which is extremely resistant to drop and shock, and lightweight and slim. The protrusions on the edges of the screen and the camera can provide effective protection for the camera and the screen.
  • 🆕 【 Compatibility 】: - It is perfectly compatible with your iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G 6.7-Inch. Support wireless charging, you can charge without removing the phone case.

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