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Chiming Wall Clocks

Chime clocks have been around since ancient times, but they didn't really take off until recently. They are now becoming more and more popular as a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other special occasions. We've rounded up a list of our favorite chime clocks, so you can get inspiration for your next purchase.

Howard Miller Lewis Wall Clock 613-637 – Windsor Cherry Home Decor with...

Howard Miller Lewis Wall Clock 613-637 – Windsor Cherry Home Decor with...

  • WALL CLOCK: The Lewis Wall Clock features a Windsor Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers with hand-rubbed accents to compliment your home decor. Beautiful decorative maple and ebony hand-rubbed marquetry overlays are featured at the corners.
  • DURABLE: This clock has a sturdy frame to relieve stress in a busy household. Display it in your kitchen, office, bedroom, or living room, as a great timepiece with a polished brass-finished lyre pendulum, black traditional Roman numerals (IIII instead of IV), and black serpentine hands to stand out over the white.
  • CHIMES: Easily tell time with key-wound, triple-chime movement that plays your choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington chimes to strike ¼, ½, and ¾ chimes accordingly with full chime to strike on each hour. An exclusive dual-ratchet winding arbor ensures safe movement winding and durable bronze bushings.
  • DIMENSIONS: The height of this clock is 33.5 inches (85 cm), with a width of 14.5 inches (37 cm) and a depth of 6.75 inches (17 cm). It is powered and operated by key-wound, triple-chime movement with a locking door for added security. Made in the USA.
  • HOWARD MILLER: Founded in 1926 and still family-owned in its third generation, Howard Miller is the world’s leading clock company and a respected brand name in fine specialty furnishings such as curio cabinets, wine and bar furnishings, custom storage cabinets, and SmartMoves adjustable height desks.

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What is the Purpose Of A Chime Wall Clock?

Chiming wall clocks are designed to be placed near a door or window where they can be heard throughout the house. Chiming wall clocks are useful for waking someone who has fallen asleep during the night. They are also helpful for reminding children to go to bed. Some chiming wall clocks include bells which ring periodically to remind you to take care of certain chores around the house.

Why Do We Need To Have A Chiming Wall Clock?

We live busy lives today. Many of us are always running late and we rarely stop to think about our surroundings. Our homes are no exception. Most of us leave our doors unlocked and forget to lock our windows. As a result, burglars break into our houses and steal everything inside. Even worse, many of us sleepwalk through the night leaving our homes wide open.

How Does A Chiming Wall Clock Help Us?

The chiming wall clock reminds us to check our surroundings. It lets us know whether our doors and windows are locked. It tells us to turn off lights and close curtains. It warns us to pay attention to our surroundings and to remember to shut the garage door. It reminds us to put away groceries and to feed pets. It reminds us to take medication and to brush our teeth. It reminds us to call our parents and tell them we love them.

Types of Chiming Wall Clocks

There are two types of chiming wall clocks. One type includes a bell that rings periodically. The second type includes a chime that sounds continuously. Both types of chiming wall clocks are very effective reminders. However, the continuous sounding chimes are easier to hear and are more likely to wake sleeping adults.

Using a chiming wall clock is beneficial for everyone. Children benefit from being reminded to go to bed. Adults benefit from being woken up by the sound of a chiming wall clock. People suffering from insomnia benefit from knowing that they must wake up soon. Pets benefit from being awakened by the sound of a chiming wall

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Chime Wall Clock

Chiming wall clocks are very popular among homeowners who enjoy the sound of bells ringing throughout the house. However, many people overlook the fact that these clocks require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to function correctly. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a high quality chime clock.

1) Sound Quality

Many cheap chimes clocks produce a low pitched tone which sounds tinny and unpleasant. High quality chime clocks produce a clear bell sound which is pleasing to the ear.

2) Durability

High quality chime clocks are built to last. Many inexpensive models contain plastic parts which break easily. Cheap chime clocks are prone to breaking due to poor construction. Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment.

3) Ease of Maintenance

Most chime clocks include instructions detailing how to maintain the clock. Most chime clocks are easy to repair and replace broken components. Low quality chime clocks are difficult to fix and often require professional assistance. Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment.


Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Investing in a high quality chime clock ensures that you receive years of enjoyment from your investment.

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Features To Look For When Buying A Chime Wall Clocks

Chiming wall clocks are a popular choice among homeowners who enjoy the sound of bells ringing throughout the house. There are many different types of chimes available today, including traditional bell chimes, digital chimes, and mechanical chimes. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Here we discuss the most common types of chimes and give tips on which ones are right for you.

Traditional Bell Chimes

The classic chime is still very popular today. Traditional bell chimes consist of a series of metal bells hung inside a frame. The bells hang directly above the doorbell button. As the doorbell rings, the bells ring in sequence. Some models include a light that illuminates when the doorbell rings. Other models include a motion sensor that activates the lights automatically.

Digital Chimes

Digital chimes are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. Digital chimes typically consist of a small speaker that plays music or sounds whenever someone presses the doorbell. Many models allow users to set the volume level and play specific songs. Others allow users to create custom melodies using a built-in MP3 player.

Mechanical Chimes

Mechanical chimes are another option for those who love the sound of bells ringing. Mechanical chimes consist of a large number of individual bells that swing back and forth. The swinging action creates a pleasant noise.

Tips for Choosing a Chiming Wall Clock

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a chiming wall clock. First, decide whether you want a traditional bell chime or a digital chime. Next, determine whether you want a single unit or multiple units. Finally, think about where you plan to install the chime. Most chimes require mounting brackets to be installed into walls or ceilings. Make sure you measure carefully before installing the bracket.

Consider Installation Costs

Installation costs vary depending on the size and shape of the chime. Installing a single unit requires drilling holes into the wall or ceiling. Multiple units require additional installation costs. Be sure to factor these costs into your final decision.

Motion sensors are becoming increasingly popular. They activate lights or appliances when someone approaches the doorbell. However, they aren't always reliable. Sometimes the motion sensor fails to detect movement. If you live in an apartment building, check with management to

Different Types of Chime Wall Clocks

Chiming wall clocks are very popular among homeowners who love the sound of bells ringing throughout the house. There are many different styles of chiming wall clocks available today. Some are designed to be placed on top of cabinets while others hang on walls. Most chiming wall clocks are powered by batteries which last anywhere between two weeks to several months depending on usage.

Types of Chiming Wall Clocks

There are three main types of chiming wall clocks: mechanical, electronic, and solar powered. Mechanical chiming wall clocks are the most traditional type of clock. They consist of a pendulum swinging back and forth inside a glass case. As the pendulum swings, it strikes metal plates attached to the sides of the case. Each strike produces a unique tone. Electronic chiming wall clocks are battery operated and produce a variety of sounds including chimes, bells, and musical tones. Solar powered chiming wall clocks are self contained units that generate electricity using sunlight. They are typically small enough to sit on a shelf or countertop.

Benefits of Choosing a Chiming Wall Clock

The benefits of owning a chiming wall clock include being able to hear the sound of the bell ring throughout the entire house. Many people enjoy the soothing sound of the chiming wall clock during quiet times. Others appreciate the fact that they can set the clock to play music or a special song whenever they wish. Finally, chiming wall clocks are inexpensive compared to other options.

How To Care For a Chiming Wall Clock

Caring for a chiming wall clock is easy. Simply remove the clock from its stand and wash it with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Do not allow the clock to touch anything wet. Avoid placing the clock near heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces. Never leave the clock unattended. Make sure the clock has plenty of ventilation.

Tips for Buying a Chiming Wall Clock

Before purchasing a chiming wall clock, think carefully about where you plan to put it. Will it be visible from the outside? How large is the room? Are there children or pets nearby? If you live in a busy household, you may want to avoid placing the clock in a high traffic area.

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