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Cherry Blossom Mouse Pad

Cherry Blossom Sakura Gaming Mouse Pad 31.5×11.8inch with Stitched Edges...

Cherry Blossom Sakura Gaming Mouse Pad 31.5×11.8inch with Stitched Edges...

  • 【Large Mouse Pad Size】Large extended desk mousepad,31.5 x 11.8 inch and perfect size.This xxl mouse pad are large enough to fit your mouse,gaming keyboard and other desk items,while maintaining protecting your desk all the time.Just immerse into your work or games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement.
  • 【Smooth Surface】The smooth surface of this desk mouse pad provides optimum speed and accurate control effortlessly while playing games.Large keyboard mat gives excellent experience while you surfing the web,working in the office and so on.
  • 【Non-slip & Rubber Base】With rubberized non-slip grip and texture of the mouse pads,letting you move your mouse on any surface at random.While sturdy,it's flexible enough to be rolled up for easy transport,to move around so you can work or game wherever you want.The rubber base keeps the entire table in place and prevents the computer accessories mat from moving or sliding,so as to keep the mouse moving smoothly over the entire table.
  • 【Water-resistant Coating】The xl mouse pad surface use waterproof material to effectively prevent water, coffee,juice and other liquids spill or other accidents caused by accidental damage.When the liquid splashes on the mat,it will form water droplets and slide down.It is good for cleaning and durable.Just wipe it with a wet cloth,and it won't delay your work,study or games.
  • 【Durble and Comfortable Material】Our gaming mouse mat for computer are designed with woven microfiber materials and high elasticity natural rubber materials for durability.Material is thick and feels soft in the hand,which can help to muffling noise when you type on the mouse pads heavily.
Japanese Black and White Cherry Blossom Gaming Mouse Pad XL Extended Large...

Japanese Black and White Cherry Blossom Gaming Mouse Pad XL Extended Large...

  • 1.【Package, Size and Material】 This Large-sized mouse pad is packaged without creases and bumps.This XL mouse pad is large enough to fit your gaming mouse, full-size mechanical keyboard, and other desk items. Measure 11.8×31.5×0.12 inches ( 300mm x 800mm x 3mm). Adopting high elasticity natural rubber material, this extended mouse pad will provide you with the maximum comfort using experience. Perfect size for work and game. 3mm thickness to adapt to all surfaces.
  • 2.【Ultra-smooth Surface】 Whether you are a gamer, working all day long in front of a screen, or a college student, this large mouse pad shouldn't be missing from your desk! Being larger than the average mousepad on the market, you don't have to pick up and set down your mouse nearly as often. Less time readjusting the mouse, fewer missed points, less frustration! More time winning games and making your team proud!
  • 3.【Durable Stitched Edges】Stitching along the edges of the surface ensures it will never fray or peel. The splash-proof coating allows liquid to slide off the surface. Effectively prevent damage caused by spilled beverages or other accidents. It is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and then finish the job.
  • 4.【Non-slip Rubber Base】 The soft and dense non-slip natural rubber base can firmly fix the desktop pad in the proper position. Even on imperfect surfaces, this funny large mouse pad can remain even and flat. Just immerse yourself in your work or game without worrying about annoying mouse pad movements.
  • 5.【Our service】Fast shipping and delivery 1-3 days. If the 3d novelty mouse pads don't meet your expectation, just contact us directly and we will provide you with the best service after the sale.

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