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Chantal Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Stovetop Modern Whistling Tea Kettle Surgical Stainless Steel...

Tea Kettle Stovetop Modern Whistling Tea Kettle Surgical Stainless Steel...

  • Built-in Whistles: Loud & clear whistle indicates when water has boiled, the removable lid with a good sealing performance that makes the whistling sound louder than other kettle, which is loud enough to call you from other rooms. Durable PA resin thumb-press spout keeps the knob stay cool
  • Healthy & European Design: Whistling tea kettle is designed in European-style and the handle is ergonomically designed with hand-polished, high-quality wenge wood, very gentle and delicate when you handle it, natural and no anything adding to ensure your safe, healthy drinking. Also the wood features with good hardness, easy to clean and not easy to mould for last-long using
  • High-temperature Resistant Lacquer: The surface layer of the teapot is a high temperature resistant lacquer, which can withstand up to 300℃ high-temoerature, will not peel, discolor and fade while heating. Wipe clean the tea kettle after burning and it will renew again
  • Fast Heating Base: Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle features a seamless 18/10 stainless steel construction with encapsulated base for even and qucik-heating and long lasting performance. Double-wall lid to improve heat retention and boils water quickly. Save your time to enjoy your morning tea or coffee
  • Sutable for Various Stoves Tea Kettle : Electric stoves, Gas stoves, Electric ceramic heater, Induction cooker, Halogen stove are all applicable. Attention that the handle will be hot after water boiled, please use a wet cloth or oven mitts to take up teakettle, or standing it for 3 minutes to prevent burns


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