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Cable Ties

Black Zip Ties Assorted Sizes, 200Pcs Nylon Cable Ties 4+6+8+12-Inch...

Black Zip Ties Assorted Sizes, 200Pcs Nylon Cable Ties 4+6+8+12-Inch...

  • 【Upgrade Nylon 66 Materials】Made of industrial strength nylon 66 fire-resistant material (fire rating 94V-2). It has high toughness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, and good insulation. The excellent performance ensures their safe use, even when cables or other objects are inadvertently heated. It can be used in the temperature range of -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to 85°C) and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue.
  • 【Thoughtful Design】With self-locking fastener design, all of cable zip ties lock securely, start and slip through easily, and snip off neatly. Wire ties with smooth and no burrs edges, not only for easy handling and to prevent snagging in tight, and more importantly, preventing you from hurting your fingers and other parts while using it. There is no doubt that it is a very thoughtful product.
  • 【Choose Your Own Size】Pack of 200pcs Zip Ties come with Sizes of 4/ 6/ 8/ 12in cable ties(50 of each size). The maximum width of this cable tie is 4mm/0.16inch and the maximum tensile strength up to 40LBS, it is more flexible and tougher than ordinary zip ties. This pack of plastic ties comes with small cable ties and long cable ties, you can choose the right size according to your needs, perfect for personal and professional applications.
  • 【Widely Application】These assorted cable ties are an excellent tool for home, office, garden, garage, travel and workshop organization. You can use it to manage cables, wires, and cords to keep them organized. It can also be used to fixing plants, bundling light strips, hanging curtains, Christmas decoration, etc. The most incredible thing is that it can be used for DIY creation, you can use these zip ties to create exquisite works of art. No more hesitation! Try it now!
  • 【Lifetime After-Sales Service】Capshi is a brand dedicated to providing customers with high quality product. In addition to specializing in the production and supply of high quality zip ties, Capshi also offers a lifetime after-sales service for each customer. When you have a problem in using the cable ties, please contact us and our customer service team will reply you and provide technical support within 13 hours.

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