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Cable Tie Mounts

Kable Kontrol Cable Tie Mounts – 1” Square - Adhesive Backed | For...

Kable Kontrol Cable Tie Mounts – 1” Square - Adhesive Backed | For...

  • DIMENSIONS – Size – 1” Inch (27.7 mm) Square | Zip Tie Slot Width – 0.2” (5.3 mm) | Hole Size – 0.2” Inch (5.0 mm) | Height – 0.2” Inch (5.7 mm) | Color – Natural | Material – Nylon | 100 pcs/pack | For use with 18-50LB tensile strength cable ties.
  • MATERIAL – The cable tie mounts are made with resilient lightweight nylon. The strong adhesive located on the back of the mount is made to last and can be secured to any surface of your choice. The convenient size and highly flexible design of these zip tie mounts allow multiple zip ties and wires to be secured to any surface at the same time making it a durable and cost-effective solution.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Kable Kontrol’s adhesive-backed nylon zip tie mounts are designed to be used together with cable ties. These mounts can be used indoors and outdoors making them the ideal solution to secure your wired bundles or other items to any surface you desire. With these mounts, cable management is effortless for your home, office, garage, workshop, or recreational needs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The adhesive backing on the cable tie anchors is easy to peel and mounts without tools. Simply peel off the protective paper and place the mount firmly on a clean, dust-free surface for best adhesion. Allow the adhesive tape to settle on the surface before mounting your items.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH – While the strong adhesive backing provides more than enough security for your cable management, you can also use the built-in self-tapping screw inserted into a special hole for extra strength where required. The screw hole does not interfere with the cable ties and make for an excellent option for outdoor usage.

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