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We've all had the experience of buying a great gift only to discover it doesn't fit into our space. Don't let this happen again! Make sure your gifts fit into your home by choosing decorative items that coordinate well with existing decor. These modern bookends will bring a touch of elegance to any room while adding a fun pop of color.

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best bookends

Bookends are small decorative objects placed on either side of a book to hold open pages. They're commonly found in homes and offices where bookshelves aren't available. In addition to holding open pages bookends serve many purposes including serving as decoration displaying artwork and providing stability to heavy volumes.

The most common reason why people use bookends is to display artwork. Artwork displayed on bookends looks beautiful and gives the room a sense of style. Another reason why people use bookends is because they provide stability to heavier books. Bookshelf shelves are generally too narrow to support large books. Therefore bookends allow us to store our books in a safe manner.

How To Choose A Good Book End

Choosing good quality book ends isn't difficult. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing which type of book end to get. First you must decide whether you'd rather go with traditional or modern styles. Traditional bookends are typically made of metal while modern ones are made of glass or plastic. Next you must determine whether you'd like to decorate your bookends or leave them plain. Decorating your bookends makes them stand out and give your room a unique appearance. However leaving them unadorned creates a minimalist effect. Finally you must decide between purchasing pre-made bookends or making your own. Pre-made bookends are easier to assemble and install. But they lack creativity and individuality. Making your own bookends requires patience and skill.

Decorate With Color

Color plays a big role in determining the overall appeal of your bookends. For example red bookends are very popular among those who enjoy bold colors. Black bookends are perfect for those who love minimalism. White bookends are ideal for those who want to create a calming atmosphere. Green bookends are great for those who appreciate nature. Blue bookends are best suited for those who enjoy watercolors. Yellow bookends are excellent choices for children's rooms. Orange bookends are perfect for those who enjoy bright colors. Purple bookends are great for those who enjoy royalty.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bookend

Bookends are essential pieces of furniture that hold your books upright while resting on top of each other. They are very useful because they allow you to read comfortably while sitting on the floor. Without these simple yet elegant accessories reading could be difficult and uncomfortable. However there are many different types of bookends available today. Some are designed specifically for holding books others are meant to display artwork or collectibles. There are also decorative bookends which are meant to complement your décor rather than serve a functional purpose.

Types of Bookends

There are three main categories of bookends: traditional modern and decorative. Traditional bookends are typically made of metal and include a flat base and two vertical arms. Modern bookends are generally made of plastic and are shaped differently. Decorative bookends are those that are meant to compliment your decor rather than function. For example a decorative bookend could be a piece of art or a sculpture. In addition there are several styles of bookends including round square rectangular and oval. Each style has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Round bookends are easy to stack together and provide ample room for storage. Square bookends are easier to store and transport than round ones. Rectangular bookends are best suited for displaying large objects such as paintings or sculptures. Oval bookends are ideal for displaying small objects such as figurines or photographs.

Benefits of Using a Bookend

Using a bookend is beneficial because it prevents your books from falling over and becoming damaged. It also makes it easier to flip pages since you no longer have to lift the entire book. Furthermore using a bookend ensures that your books remain upright and stable. Finally using a bookend improves your posture. Since you're not constantly bending over to retrieve your books you'll improve your back muscles and overall health.

How To Choose A Good Bookend

Choosing a good bookend requires careful consideration. First you must decide whether you want a traditional modern or decorative bookend. Second you must determine the type of material that you'd like your bookend to be made of.

Bookends are useful pieces of furniture that hold open the pages of a book. The most common type of bookend is called a wedge-shaped piece of metal which has two flat sides and a rounded top. Wedge shaped bookends are available in different materials including brass copper silver gold bronze iron steel pewter ceramic glass plastic and wood. There are many types of bookends available today ranging from simple decorative ones to those designed specifically for holding books.

Different Types of Bookend

Bookends are essential pieces of furniture for any library or bookstore. The most common types include metal bookends glass bookends and ceramic bookends. Metal bookends are typically made of steel and are available in different styles including traditional modern and contemporary. Glass bookends are generally made of crystal and are very popular because they provide a sleek and elegant appearance. Ceramic bookends are usually made of porcelain and are ideal for those who enjoy a classic style. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example metal bookends are sturdy and durable while glass bookends are lightweight and easy to transport. However both types require regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Ceramic bookends are extremely hardwearing and long lasting making them perfect for homes where children play.

Metal Bookends

Metal bookends are strong and durable. They're also versatile enough to be placed anywhere within the house. Because they're heavy they're best suited for areas where weight isn't an issue. Metal bookends are also relatively inexpensive and can last for years. Some metal bookends are designed to hold multiple volumes together. Others are single-purpose and only fit one volume. Regardless of which kind you choose metal bookends are a good choice for anyone who wants a sturdy piece of furniture that looks attractive and lasts for many years.

Glass Bookends

Glass bookends are light and portable. They're also quite beautiful. Most glass bookends are made of crystal and are available in several colors. Crystal bookends are especially useful for displaying artwork and photographs. Although glass bookends are fragile they're still fairly resistant to breakage. As long as you take care of them properly they can last for decades.

Ceramic Bookends

Ceramic bookends are incredibly durable. They're also highly decorative. Many ceramic bookends are handcrafted and therefore vary greatly in quality. Handmade ceramics are also very expensive. Therefore unless you plan to display artworks or collectibles ceramic bookends aren't worth the money. In addition ceramic bookends are prone to chipping and cracking.

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