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Blue TV Stand

Blue stands have been around since the early 1900s, but they haven't always had such a wide variety of designs and styles. Nowadays, however, there are more options than ever before. This article will help you understand what makes a good blue TV stand, as well as where to shop for the best ones available today.

Manhattan Comfort Rockefeller Modern 2 Drawers Living Room Television Stand...
  • Give Your Space a Lasting Upscale Look with the Rockefeller 62.99 TV Stand by Manhattan Comfort,...
  • Measures 62.99" inch L x 17.63" inch W x 26.77" inch H and Weighs 96.91 lbs. Requires Assembly.
  • Made from Durable MDF.
  • Classy Midcentury Look with Hairpin Legs. Comes with Two Shelves, Two Open Cubby Spaces and Two...
  • Recommended for 60" TVs. Perfect for the Living Room or Masters Bedroom.
Better Homes and Gardens T&j Ventures Oxford Square Blue Tv Stand and...
  • Fits most flat panel TVs up to to 55" up to 135 lbs/Adjustable interior shelves
  • Rear cable access/Ventilated rear panels
  • Floor levelers/Tempered glass doors
  • Easy assembly/Ample space for containing your gaming equipment, DVD player, cable devices as well as...
  • Dimensions: 47.75"L x 21"W x 30"H (121.3 cm x 53.34 cm x 76.2 cm)
Martin Svensson Home Avalon 63" TV Stand, W x 35" H, Catalina Blue
  • Catalina Blue Finish
  • Assembled product dimensions: 63" L x 35" H x 18" D
  • Two (2) large cabinets feature tempered Glass doors with an elegant Trellis design and two (2)...
  • VERSATILE design allows the piece to be used as an entertainment console, an Entry hall credenza,...
  • Ideal for most 65" flat panel TVs; easy to assemble
  • Design features include slightly distressed Finish, intricately cast door pulls, turned Bun feet,...
Livspace Modern Stand for TV up to 65in with 4 Doors Adjustable Panels Open...
  • This TV stand is a versatile option for rounding out your space in style,whether it's supporting...
  • In both sides,drawers and cabinets helps you tuck away DVDS,remotes,and other media...
  • Metal handle enhances texture .The overall use of particleboard,product quality is guaranteed,the...
  • There are two TV holes for preventing electronic devices such as DVD players.The two side doors...
  • In order to offer more options to users,there are three different colors of this TV stand are...
Manhattan Comfort Liberty Collection Mid Century Modern TV Stand With One...
  • Luxurious Dimensions: This TV Stand From The Liberty Collection is Designed With Great Dimensions of...
  • Durable Craftsmanship: This TV Stand Has Been Made With High Quality MDF To Ensure Durability and...
  • Mid Century Modern Design: The Fashionable Splayed Wooden Legs Enhance the Appeal of this TV Stand...
  • Upon Delivery There are Detailed Directions to Follow to Assemble This Product. Follow the Easy...
  • Purchase With Confidence: Manhattan Comfort has Been Manufacturing and Creating Products for Years...
Martin Furniture, Smoky Blue 72" TV Console, Entertainment Stand, Wood...
  • Smoky Blue finish highlights the Shaker Style aesthetic of the modern farmhouse style
  • Two drawers provide ample opportunity for storage
  • Two wood panel doors with antique bronze hardware
  • Three adjustable shelves offer creative display solutions
  • Accomodates most 75" TVs
Martin Svensson Home Palisades TV Stand, 63" W x 35" H, Catalina Blue with...
  • Two tone finish with Antique Catalina Blue finish case and Coffee Walnut Finished Veneer Top
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 63" L x 35" H x 18" D
  • Two (2) large cabinets feature tempered glass doors with an elegant trellis design allowing for...
  • Design features include slightly distressed finish, intricately cast door pulls, turned bun feet,...
  • Versatile design allows the piece to be used as an Entertainment Console, an Entry Hall Credenza, or...
  • Ideal for most 65" flat panel TVs
TV Wall Mounting - 51-65 inches, Customer Bracket, Cords Concealed in Cord...
  • Install 1 customer-supplied TV and standard mounting bracket, or remount of 1 TV to an existing...
  • This service does not include a wall mount. Please ensure an appropriate wall mount is available for...
  • Secure the TV and load test the hardware
  • Not all surfaces can safely accommodate a TV wall mount. Installation location is subject to...
  • Cord concealment within provider-supplied cover (approx. 3 ft), connect TV to power source and up to...
  • Cleanup work area. Take packaging to customer's bins unless customer declines
Blue Collar TV - Season 1, Vol. 1
  • DVD
  • Multiple Formats, Box set, Closed-captioned
  • English (Subtitled), Spanish (Subtitled), French (Subtitled)
  • 2
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Charging Stand for Nintendo-Switch Portable Charger Dock Compatible...
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Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best blue tv stand

What is the Purpose Of A Blue TV Stand?

The television stands are designed to hold the television set upright and stable. Television stands are available in different designs and styles. Some of these stands are made of metal while others are made of plastic. There are many types of television stands available in the market today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, which one is right for you? Let us discuss each of them here.

Types of TV Stands Available

There are two main types of television stands available in the market today. One is called wall mount and the other is called floor standing. Wall mounted stands are mostly used in homes where there is no room for a large sized television set. Floor standing stands are mainly used in offices and commercial establishments. Both types of stands are available in different colors and finishes.

Wall Mounted TV Stands

These stands are very easy to install. All you need to do is screw the base plate into the wall studs. Then attach the bracket to the base plate using screws. Finally, connect the cable to the bracket and plug it into the electrical outlet. Once everything is connected, you can hang the television on the stand.

Floor Standing TV Stands

This type of stand requires a lot of effort to be installed. First, you must remove the old furniture from the room. Next, you must measure the distance between the walls and the center of the room. After measuring, mark the location of the holes on the floor. Now drill the holes and insert the bolts. Attach the brackets to the floor and finally, attach the cables to the brackets. Once everything is attached, you can put the television on the stand.

Which Type To Use?

Both types of stands are suitable for most households. However, if you live in a small apartment, you may require a smaller size stand. For example, if you have a small living room, you may need a smaller stand. But if you have a larger living room, you may need a bigger stand.

So, now you know the differences between the two types of stands. Which one suits your needs best? Do let me know in the comments

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Blue TV Stand

Buying a television stand is essential for anyone who has a large screen television. Television stands allow you to store your electronics safely while providing easy access to your devices. There are many different types of television stands available today, each designed to suit specific needs. Some stands are built specifically for flat screens, others are meant for curved televisions. Others still are designed to hold multiple electronic devices. Regardless of which type you decide to go with, there are several factors to take into consideration when making your choice.

Size Matters

Before you start shopping around for a television stand, think about where you plan to put it. Do you intend to mount it directly to the wall? Will you be using it primarily for storage purposes? How big is your room? All these questions will determine whether you need a small, medium, or large television stand. Small stands are ideal for smaller rooms, whereas larger ones are necessary for those with bigger spaces.

Consider Curvature

Curved televisions require special care when storing them. Most stands are designed to accommodate round TVs, but if yours isn’t, you may need to invest in a custom stand. Many manufacturers now produce stands that are specially designed to support curved televisions. However, if you already own a stand that was purchased for a non-curved television, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Storage Capacity

Another factor to consider when selecting a television stand is its capacity. While most stands are capable of holding multiple devices, some models are designed to hold only one item. For example, a single-item stand may include shelves for placing DVDs or CDs, but no drawers for storing additional media. Make sure you check the specifications of the stand you’re considering before you buy it.


Television stands are typically constructed of either metal or plastic. Metal stands are generally heavier and sturdier than their plastic counterparts. Plastic stands are easier to assemble and disassemble, however, they aren’t nearly as durable as metal stands. Both materials are suitable for most applications, but if you plan to frequently transport your television, opt for a sturdy metal stand.


Finally, consider the design of the stand itself. Does it match the rest of your décor? Are the colors coordinated? Do you like the way it looks? These are all considerations that will affect your overall satisfaction with the product.


Features To Look For When Buying A Blue TV Stand

The television stands are available in different designs and styles. There are many types of stands which include wall mounted stands, floor standing stands, corner stands, etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, it is very essential to understand the features of each type before purchasing one. Here we discuss some of the most common features of these stands.

Wall Mounted Stands

These stands are mostly designed for mounting on walls. They are easy to install and remove. However, they require proper installation and maintenance. Wall mounted stands are suitable for small rooms where there is no room for large furniture. They are ideal for those who wish to mount TVs on the wall.

Floor Standing Stands

This type of stands are generally larger than wall mounted stands. Floor standing stands are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. They are sturdy and stable. They are also easier to maintain. But, they are heavy and difficult to carry around. Therefore, they are not recommended for smaller spaces.

Corner Stands

Corner stands are specially designed for placing in corners. Corner stands are mainly used for placement in dining rooms, kitchens, and offices. They are lightweight and portable. They are easy to assemble and disassemble. They are also easy to store. However, they are not suitable for mounting TVs on walls.

Portable Stands

Portable stands are light weight and compact. They are easy to transport and store. Portable stands are ideal for travel and camping. They are also useful for storing DVDs, CDs, and games. They are also ideal for children’s playrooms.

TV Mounting Kits

TV mounting kits are specifically designed for mounting televisions on walls. They are easy to install and remove. They are also easy to adjust. TV mounting kits are ideal for mounting flat screen televisions.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are specially designed for attaching shelves, cabinets, and racks to walls. They are commonly used for hanging pictures, mirrors, clocks, and lamps. They are also ideal for displaying collections of figurines, statues, and paintings.

Cabinet racks are specially designed for holding kitchen appliances. They are ideal for organizing kitchen utensils and tools. Cabinet racks are also

There are many different kinds of blue tv stands available today. Some are designed specifically for flat screen televisions while others are meant for old fashioned cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs. There are also several styles of blue tv stands that are suitable for both CRTs and flat screens. Here we will discuss the most common types of blue tv stands and which ones are best suited for each type of television set.

Flat Screen Television Stands

The most popular kind of blue tv stands are those designed for flat screen televisions. Flat screen televisions are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek design and ability to display high definition images. Many manufacturers now produce flat screen televisions that are smaller than traditional CRT models. As a result, there are fewer places to put these newer models. Therefore, flat screen television stands are needed to hold these small devices upright.

Traditional Cathode Ray Tube Television Stands

Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are still very popular among consumers. However, CRTs are getting harder to find since manufacturers are switching to flat panel displays. Traditional CRT televisions are bulky and heavy compared to modern flat panels. Because of this, CRT stands are no longer being manufactured. Instead, companies are producing flat screen television stands that are designed to accommodate CRTs.

Which Type of Blue TV Stand Is Best For Me?

Before purchasing a blue tv stand, you must decide whether you want a flat screen stand or a CRT stand. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will explain the differences between the two.

Advantages of Flat Panel Television Stands

They are easier to transport

They are lighter weight

They are cheaper

They are more compact

Disadvantages of Flat Panel Television Stands

They are bulkier

They are heavier

They require special care

They cannot be moved around freely

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