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Badge Clips

Badges have become increasingly important as more companies adopt the use of badges into their business practices. However, choosing the correct badge clip can be tricky - especially if you aren't sure what type of badge clip you require. This guide aims to help you make sense of the various options available to you.

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4 Pack Marble Badge Alligator Clip Retractable Reel Id Name Card Holder for...

4 Pack Marble Badge Alligator Clip Retractable Reel Id Name Card Holder for...

  • 【High Quality Materials】This retractable badge holder is made of ABS, waterproof, non-toxic, heat-resistant, the metal clip durable, hands open more effortless, keep good and you don't worry about clip will cut a hole in your coat, grip enough to grab your clothes rather than cut into your clothes
  • 【Cute and Practical】The design of this retractable badge holder is very cute, the pattern printing is clear, and 4 different patterns can be switched at will. This retractable badge clip is lightweight and perfect in size which is equipped with a retractable stretch cord and a rotatable metal clip. The longest stretch cord can be up to 24 inches and the retraction is smooth which has a wide range of applications and is very practical
  • 【Multi Purpose】This retractable badge holder can be used to hang ID card and access card that you can swipe card and display your ID card at any time. You can also used the retractable badge holder to hang sewing scissors. When you sew clothes, you can use scissors at any time, and you are not afraid to lose scissors or look for sewing scissors everywhere, so as to increase your work efficiency
  • 【Perfect Gift】You will get 4 pieces retractable badge clips with different patterns. This retractable badge holder is beautiful in color, easy to use and easy to clean. The retractable badge holder is very suitable for doctors, nurses, students, volunteers, teachers and the office staff and it is the perfect gift for friends or colleagues
  • 【Buy with Confidence】Yuntop is committed to providing customers with quality products and caring services. If you have any questions during the use of our products, please tell us by email. If you are not satisfied with our products, we promise 100% refund. Customers' satisfaction is our greatest pursuit
Winchester Police Badge Holder Belt Clip with Chain, Universal Badge Shield...

Winchester Police Badge Holder Belt Clip with Chain, Universal Badge Shield...

  • ID BADGE HOLDER DECKED OUT WITH GENUINE LEATHER CONSTRUCTION - Quality accessories are the pieces that pull your look together. Therefore, we combine top quality, full grain genuine leather with expert craftsmanship to deliver excellent quality products with heavy-duty stitching for law enforcement officers to have their proud stamp right on the leather clip. This police shield style badge holder is a universal size that fits most police badges, sturdy, and easy to put badge on and off.
  • WEAR ON BELT OR NECK WITH EASE - We chose military-grade materials for their durability and, in turn, created this badge holder with a clip that’ll last along, law enforcement accessories. Heavy Duty for Professional Use. This oval cop retractable badge holders features a sturdy leather belt clasp for easy clip-on with pants pockets or waist belts. Additionally, these id holders for badges come on-chain for easy access when inside a pant pocket or wear around the neck.
  • LANYARD ID HOLDER FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT - Detective badge holder with lanyard holds pin style badges best, also work with some clip badges. Designed to fits well with oval and eagle top style badges. Universal leather badge holder size that fits most police badges for Cop, Detective, SWAT, FBI, NYPD, DELTA, Police, SIGMA, Firefighter, Fugitive Recovery, Concealed Weapons Permit, Repossession, Detective, Law Enforcement, Security Officer, Military Official, Repossession, Army, Captain Badge, etc.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT GEAR RECESSED LEATHER BADGE HOLDER / HOLSTER CONSTRUCTION - This Winchester id badge holder has a badge holder cut on the front side that measures approximately 3.5" X 2.75", Recessed and with Hook Fastener Closure, a sturdy leather belt clasp on the backside, and a 1-piece stainless-steel beaded detachable Lanyard. Badge Holders by PD Holsters and Wallets, which are unique, easy to use, and carry design with an impressive look.
  • GREAT AS UNIQUE LAW ENFORCEMENT GIFTS –We attach great importance to the quality of the police badge holder, as it would add a timeless look to their pride of law enforcement officers with our Winchester id badge holder range. These badge holders are packaged in a signature gift box and ready for gifting, which makes it perfect police officer gifts/gifts for him on his Birthday as a gift for boyfriend, Anniversary gifts for husband, Christmas gifts for men, thanksgiving gifts, or gifts for dad.
  • WINCHESTER AN AMERICAN LEGEND (Since 1866): It's our mission to create accessories of the highest possible quality and sophistication for the lowest price. A world leader in delivering innovative products, Winchester is The American Legend, a brand built on integrity, hard work, and a deep focus on its loyal customers. The Winchester brand represents the rugged, independent spirit of the American West, and offers well-constructed, wearable accessories at affordable prices.

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best badge clips

What is the Purpose Of A Badge Clips?

Badge clips are small plastic devices that clip around badges and attach to clothing. They allow you to wear your badge while still being able to remove it easily. Most badge clips are designed to be worn on the outside pocket of your pants or jacket. Some models are designed to be attached directly to your shirt collar.

Why Do People Wear Badges?

The main reason why people wear badges is to show others who they are. For example, police officers wear badges to identify themselves as law enforcement officials. Other examples include military personnel, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

How Can Badge Clips Help Me?

Clipping your badge to your clothes gives you the ability to carry your ID card with you wherever you go. This way, you always have access to your information no matter where you are. With a badge clip, you can leave your wallet behind and still have your ID card available.

Where To Find Badge Clips

There are many places online where you can shop for badge clips. Many websites sell badge clips individually or in sets. There are also companies that specialize in selling badge clips. One popular company is called "ID Clip". Their website offers badge clips in different styles and colors.

Are Badge Clips Safe?

Yes, badge clips are safe. They are very durable and most models are constructed using high quality materials. However, there are certain precautions you must take when wearing badge clips. First, make sure the badge clip you select has been tested and approved by the manufacturer. Second, avoid placing heavy objects on top of the clip. Third, avoid putting sharp objects into pockets or purses containing badge clips. Lastly, avoid leaving your badge clipped to your clothing overnight. This could result in damage to the clip itself.

Badge clips are useful tools for anyone who needs to carry their identification cards with them. Whether you are a student, employee, or volunteer, badge clips are easy to use and convenient to carry. Just remember to follow safety guidelines when clipping your badge to your clothing.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Badge Clips

Badges are essential tools for many professionals today. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect, nurse, or business owner, badges play an integral role in helping others identify who you are. Badges are worn on clothing, hats, jackets, lapels, collars, etc., and serve as a visual representation of your professional identity. For example, doctors wear white coats which represent their medical degree; lawyers wear black suits which represent their legal profession; engineers wear lab coats which represent their engineering degrees; architects wear blue ties which represent their architectural designations; nurses wear scrubs which represent their nursing qualifications; and accountants wear grey pants which represent their accounting credentials.

How Do Badge Clips Help Professionals?

Badge clips allow individuals to display their professional identification while remaining discreet. Badge clips are available in different materials including plastic, leather, metal, fabric, and paper. Some badge clips are designed to be attached directly to the item being identified (e.g. a coat), whereas others clip around the edge of the object (e.g. a tie). Badge clips are typically found on clothing, hats, jackets, lapels, collars, etc. However, badge clips are also commonly seen on vehicles, buildings, signs, uniforms, and other objects where identifying information is required.

Types of Badge Clips Available

There are two main types of badge clips: standard and custom. Standard badge clips are pre-made and sold in bulk quantities. Custom badge clips are created specifically for each individual customer based upon specifications provided by the customer. Both types of badge clips are manufactured using high quality materials and precision cutting techniques. Most badge clips are constructed of durable metals such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, nickel silver, titanium, and gold plated metals. Other materials include plastics, fabrics, leather, vinyl, and paper. Badge clips are available in a variety of colors and designs depending on the type of material used. Many badge clips are embossed with logos, emblems, or words to further enhance the appearance of the clip.

Using badge clips has several benefits. First, badge clips are easy to apply and remove. Second, badge clips are inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. Third, badge clips are highly visible and therefore effective in promoting products and services. Fourth, badge clips are reusable. Fifth, badge clips are environmentally friendly since they are recyclable. Sixth, badge clips are versatile. Finally, badge clips are customizable. Badge

Features To Look For When Buying A Badge Clips

1) Durable Material

The material used to manufacture badges must be strong enough to withstand repeated usage. Most commonly used materials include plastic, metal, leather, canvas, etc. However, there are many different types of materials available depending upon the application.

2) Easy Installation

Badges are generally installed using adhesive tape which comes pre-cut into strips. Once applied, the badge clip is secured firmly to the desired location. There are several ways to install a badge clip including double sided tape, hook & loop fasteners, Velcro, snaps, rivets, screws, etc.

3) Customizable Design

There are numerous options available for customizing badge clips. Some designs allow customization while others require modification prior to installation. Depending on the type of design chosen, the process varies slightly. For example, embroidered patches can be customized directly on the fabric itself whereas vinyl stickers cannot be modified once printed.

4) Ease of Use

Some badge clips are designed specifically for ease of use. Others require additional tools or equipment to operate. For example, most badge holders require the user to remove the badge from its backing paper and insert it into the holder. Other holders are designed to hold multiple badges simultaneously.

5) Versatility

Many badge holders are designed to accommodate both flat and round badges. While these holders are ideal for standard sized badges, they may prove difficult to handle larger badges. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a holder that accommodates large badges.

7) Convenience

Most badge holders are easy to store away and transport. They can be stored inside a backpack, briefcase, purse, glove compartment, car trunk, etc. Alternatively, they can be attached to key chains, lanyards, belts, etc.

While badge holders are primarily intended for convenience purposes, they can also serve as safety devices. For instance, badge holders can be worn

Different Types of Badge Clips

There are many different kinds of badge clip available today. Some are designed specifically for badges while others are meant for general usage. Here we will discuss the most common ones.


These are very popular among students who carry around lots of documents. Clipboards are generally flat and rectangular shaped. Most of these are made of plastic and metal. There are two main styles of clipboards; the standard clipboard and the accordion style clipboard. Both of these are easy to store and transport. However, the accordion style has been found to be easier to handle since it folds into itself.


This type of clip is commonly seen on lanyard keychains. Lanyards are typically worn around the neck and attached to a belt loop. They are useful for carrying keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. Many companies sell custom printed lanyards which allow you to customize the design and color of the lanyard.


The keychain is another form of clip. Key chains are small enough to fit inside pockets and purses. They are ideal for storing keys, coins, pens, pencils, and anything else you wish to carry around. They are inexpensive and convenient. Most key chain clips are made of plastic and metal. They are cheap and durable.


Most pen clips are designed to hold pens upright. Pen clips are perfect for holding pens and pencils. Pens are handy tools for taking notes during meetings and lectures. Pen clips are also good for attaching to notebooks and folders. They are also useful for organizing paperwork.


Many notebook clips are designed to attach to the front cover of a notebook. Notebook clips are useful for attaching paper files, receipts, business cards, and other forms of documentation. They are also useful for attaching to binders and portfolios.


Portfolio clips are useful for attaching to school bags, briefcases, and other large containers. Portfolios are useful for storing papers, reports, and other materials. They are also useful for attaching to clothing and accessories.


Binder clips are useful for attaching binder covers to binders. Binder clips are useful for attaching loose papers, receipts, and other miscellaneous documents. They are also useful for attaching to clothes and accessories.

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