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Av Cable

Audio Video Cable, Riksoin [6.6ft,Shielded Gold-Plated] 3-Male to 3-Male...

Audio Video Cable, Riksoin [6.6ft,Shielded Gold-Plated] 3-Male to 3-Male...

  • ⭐️Excellent Sound Quality: Riksoin composite audio video Cable (6.6ft/2meters) is a professional 3 RCA to 3 RCA cable. Built with dual-shielding gold-plated connector and oxygen copper wire core making it less susceptible to outside interference, which provide you the clear & clean audio video quality
  • 💗Plug & Play - Superb Fit: No software and drivers required, just enjoy the high quality stereo by simply connecting two devices with this 3-Male to 3-Male RCA stereo audio cable. Yellow/Red/white color-marked connectors for quick, easy left-and-right hookups. (Yellow-video, White - Left Audio, Red - Right Audio), RCA connectors have easy grips for plugging and unplugging while ensuring reliability.
  • 💪Incredibly Durable: Strong fiber, the most flexible, powerful and durable material, makes tensile force increased by 200%. Can bear 10000+ bending test. Premium Aluminum housing makes the cable more durable, nylon braided rca cable adds additional durability and tangle free.
  • ✅Universal Compatibility: This AV Cable Compatibles with all devices of 3 RCA port, ideal for Home-Entertainment system such as DVD players, DVRs, VHS, VCRs, TVs, satellite receivers, Camcorder, Set-Top-Box, Projectorand other 3RCA-enabled devices.
  • 📢【What You Get】1x 6.6FT/2M 3-Male to 3-Male RCA Stereo Cable AV cord. ★★★★★For any reason, contact us and we will help to solve the problem. Fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service to solve your problems within 24 hours.

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best Av Cable

What are Av Cable

What is AV cable? How do they work? And how do you connect them? Let's find out!


A lot of people don't know what av cable is. The acronym stands for audio visual (AV) cables. They're used to transmit audio signals between two devices. Most commonly, we use them to send TV signals from our television set to a DVD player or VCR. But there are many other uses too.

Types of AV Cables

There are three main types of AV cables: coaxial, fiber optic, and twisted pair. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Coaxial cables were originally developed to carry radio frequency signals. They're still widely used today to deliver cable television signals.

Coaxial vs Fiber Optic

Fiber optics are often considered superior because they provide better sound quality than coaxial cables. However, they also cost significantly more.

Twisted Pair

Twisted pair cabling was designed specifically for transmitting data over telephone lines. Although it's been around since the early 1900s, twisted pair is now rarely used to transfer analog signals. Instead, it's mostly used to transmit data.

Connecting Your Devices

To connect your devices, you'll need either a male connector or female connector. To make sure everything works properly, it's important to get both connectors right. Otherwise, your device won't receive audio/video signals correctly.

Male Connector

A male connector is typically located at the end of a cable. When you plug a male connector into a corresponding female connector, you complete the connection. Male connectors come in several different sizes, but only one size fits all.

Female Connector

A female connector looks similar to a standard USB port. It accepts plugs from almost any electronic device. When you insert a male connector into a female connector, you establish electrical communication between the two devices.

The Importance of A Purchasing a Quality Av Cable

How do you know if you're getting a quality AV cable? Here's how to tell.

What Makes AV Cables Different Than Other Audio Devices?

When you plug in your TV into your sound system, there are three main components involved: the source (the device sending audio), the amplifier, and the speakers. Your sound card/AV receiver has its own amplifier inside, but all the cables between them go through your AV receiver. The two devices connected to each other via those cables form a circuit, so they both must pass along signals without losing data.

Cable Types and Features

Most people use HDMI cables because they provide higher resolution than analog connections. But the differences between different types of cables are often subtle, so don't assume anything about the quality of a particular type based solely on its appearance.

Types of AV Cables

There are four basic types of AV cables available today:

  • HDMI 2.0A: High definition multimedia interface version 2.0A provides maximum compatibility with HDTVs. These are typically used in older TVs, set top boxes, and DVD players.
  • Component Video: Component video was the standard connection method until HDMI came along. Most modern TVs support component video inputs, while many Blu-ray players still only offer composite RCA connectors.
  • Composite Video: Composite video is the old standard for connecting televisions and VCRs together. It's also the standard connector for game consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.
  • S-Video: S-video allows you to connect a computer directly to a television using an adapter box. Although it doesn't allow for true 1080p resolution, it can handle lower resolutions such as 720p and 480i.

Features That Make AV Cables Better

Not all AV cables have equal features. Here are a few things to look out for when buying an AV cable:


    Features To Consider Before Buying Av Cable

    The following features may help you determine if AV cable is right for your business needs.

    Quality Construction

    If you're looking for quality construction, look for products made with solid copper wire. Solid copper has a higher conductivity than stranded copper, so it's less likely to pick up noise.

    Easy Installation

    AV cables are often installed using screw terminals, making them easier to install than patch cords.

    Good Warranty

    Look for warranties that cover installation and testing. The warranty period should also include any future upgrades to your equipment.

    Multiple Connections

    AV connectors come in several different sizes. Look for connectors that allow multiple connections at once.

    Popular Av Cablebrands

    Top 10 popular cable brands and services

    1. Comcast (xFinity) – USA

    Comcast has been offering TV and Internet bundles since the mid 1990's. The company now offers its own set top box called xBox One and has also introduced several different tiers of internet packages.

    2. Time Warner Cable - USA

    Time Warner was originally known as MediaOne Group before merging with Charter Communications in 2013. TWC provides both television and broadband services.

    3. Cox Communications - USA

    Cox is the third largest cable provider in the United States after Comcast and AT&T. They offer a variety of programming options including news, sports, music, movies, and comedy shows.

    4. Bright House Networks - USA

    Bright House is part of a larger company named Spectrum Brands Inc., which owns over 100 regional broadcast stations. Their primary focus is local broadcasting.

    5. Verizon FiOS - USA

    Verizon began offering fiber optic internet access in the late 90's. Today they provide telephone, internet, and TV services.

    6. RCN - Canada

    RCN offers a variety of bundled services including HDTV, phone, and internet.

    7. Optimum - Canada

    Optimum offers similar services to those offered by Rogers Communications. Like other Canadian providers, Optimum offers many services under the same brand name.

    8. Shaw Direct - Canada

    Shaw Direct provides basic cable, satellite, and DSL services. They are owned by BCE Inc.

    9. Bell Aliant - Canada

    Bell Aliant is a telecommunications company based out of Quebec City. As part of Bell Canada, they offer phone, wireless, and cable services.

    10. Telus - Canada

    Telus is

    Frequently Asked Questions About Av Cable

    Av cable is a fiber optic data network used to transmit data over long distances. Av cable was developed by AT&T in 1984. Today, there are two types of av cable systems available: coaxial and fiber optics.

    What is Coaxial?

    Coaxial cables consist of three parts: the central conductor (the wire), insulation, and outer sheath. The insulation is made up of polyethylene, while the outer sheath consists of plastic.

    How Does Fiber Optic Work?

    A fiber optic cable uses light waves instead of electricity to send information across a longer distance than a standard cable. Fiber optic networks use glass fibers rather than copper wires to carry data between devices. Because glass has higher bandwidth capabilities than copper, fiber optic networks allow for faster transmission speeds.

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