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Anime iPhone 11 Case,Sad Japanese Anime Motion Schoolgirl Aesthetic Cute...

Anime iPhone 11 Case,Sad Japanese Anime Motion Schoolgirl Aesthetic Cute...

  • [Unique Design] Do you or someone you know love Anime? Then get this Japanese Manga Japan Geek Jpop Kpop Tokyo Aesthetic Vaporwave Comics Ramen Sushi Maki Kawaii Otaku Japanese Art Comic design. Anime fans will absolutely love this design. Show your love for Jpop Japan Music Japanese Japanimation Computer Animation Mangaka Gekiga Fandom or just Japanese culture in general. A must-have for Anime fans. This Retro Vintage Anime Manga Kawaii Kanji design is perfect for birthdays, Christmas etc.
  • [Premium Skin-Friendly Materials] It is made of high quality silicone material through up to 38 processes, which is different from other ordinary silicone covers. The appearance of silicone is extremely silky and soft, and it feels great in your hands.
  • [Fully Protect the Screen and Camera]The surrounding edge of the silicone case is 1.5mm higher than the screen, and the camera frame is also 1.32mm raised. Even if your iPhone accidentally dropped, the screen and the camera will not directly touch the ground, because the stress points are the four corners of the silicone cover, which perfectly protects your iPhone
  • [Precision Cut-Out and Slim Fit Design] Just like the iPhone, our silicone protective case undergoes a rigorous production process during the design and production process to ensure that every silicone case is suitable for your iPhone. It is built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.
  • [Support Wireless Charging] The soft and slim fit design makes wireless charging more convenient, you don't need to remove the silicone protective case. When you need to charge, put your iPhone on wireless charger, or set it on a wireless charger certified by the QI standard.

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