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Ac Connector

NSPENCM 85W Mac Book Pro Charger, Replacement AC 85w 2T-Tip Connector Power...

NSPENCM 85W Mac Book Pro Charger, Replacement AC 85w 2T-Tip Connector Power...

  • 【Universal Compatibility】NSPENCM 85w power adapter for macbook Pro 13 inch-15 inch: A1278,A1502,A1344,A1465,A1502,A1425,A1435,A1466,A1398,A1424,ME293, ME294, ME664, ME665, MC975, MC976, MD506, MJLU2, MJLT2, MGXC2, MGXA2. Compatible with MacBook Air 45/60/85W with T-Tip 5/8 in interface(11 inch -13 inch, Mid 2012 Early 2017).Knowing what specific laptop model you have is important.Please check out carefully Before Purchasing.
  • 【Voltage Input 】DEWANG AC 100-240V, 1.8a, 50-60Hz/output: 20V, 4.6a.The macbook charger provides a fast and stable energy inflow. It also help maintain a healthy life cycle for batteries.
  • 【Magnetic T-Tip】The 85W T-type magnetic connector can help guide the plug into the system to achieve a fast and safe connection,which with long service life up to 100,000 to 200,000 times or more, functional connection and charging, bringing you great convenience and maximum benefit .The amber light means your laptop is charging,and the green light means it is fully charged.
  • 【Compact & Portable 】NSPENCM Mac chargers has a mini cube design (3.15*3.15*1.10), which helps to save your precious luggage space, and makes a great travel companion for you on the road.
  • 【Safety quality】 Adopt quality power management IC, with short-circuit, overload and over-current protection function to ensure the safety of Macbook.We provide high-quality customer service. We are confident in the quality of our product and offer you 18 month warranty.
[Upgraded Version] SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter Switching Power...

[Upgraded Version] SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter Switching Power...

  • ✅Universal AC/DC Adapter - AC Input:100-240V 0.25A 50/60Hz, DC Output:3V/4.5V/5V/6V/7.5V/9V/12V. Advanced secure technique, with full PROTECTION of over Voltages/ over Current/ short Circuits/ over Temperature. [ BUY SoulBay NEW !!]
  • ✅Upgraded Version Power Supply - Made of Compact Material. Newly designed adapter plugs to make this adapter Plugged in More Easily, new 57.1 inches cable in length, adding a magnet ring and LED terminal connector. There is ALSO a Micro USB Plug so this item can also function as an adaptor to turn any USB cable into a charger, such as usb charging camera.
  • ✅All-in-one Adapter - This 30w replacement ac adapter comes with 8 interchangeable tips, which makes it fits 95% of AC/DC home appliances, Such as 3V to 12V Household Electronics, Tablet PC, Scales, Routers, Speakers, LED Strip Lights, CCTV camera system, USB Charging Camera, and so on.
  • ✅Multifunctional 30W Adapter - Variable voltage is easy to select, you can converts to different voltage with ease using the provided key. 5.5mm*2.1mm DC Power Cable Connector Plug, easy to connect and practical to use. Supporting DC 12V-2A or 12V-1.5A appliances.[Note: DC Plug Polarity: inner Positive(+), outer Negative(-), Polarity is Not reversible.]
  • ✅Exactly What You Are Looking for - Reasonably priced, versatile adjustable charger, different sizes of output and different levels of voltage. Safe to operate, Handy to set up at the correct voltage and Easy to attach the adapter plugs. Any issue for the product, please keep free to Contact us before returning. WE ALWAYS STAND BEHIND and OFFER fantastic after-sale support!
TAIFU 4-Pin 12V 8.33A - 9A AC Adapter Replacement for Synology Disk Station...

TAIFU 4-Pin 12V 8.33A - 9A AC Adapter Replacement for Synology Disk Station...

  • Compalibility - with Synology Disk Station DS409, DS409+, DS410, DS410j, DS411, DS411+, DS411+II, DS411j, DS412+, DS413, DS413j, DS414, DS414j, DS415+ Server DiskStation Network Storage NAS Server 12VDC 8.33A 8.3A 100W - 120W Power Supply Cord Cable PS Charger Mains PSU(with 4-Prong Connector)
  • Fit for: Synology DiskStation DS413 DS413j DS414 DS414J DS411 + II DS411+II DS411II, DS713+ Robust & Scalable, Cube Station CS407 NAS Server 4 Prong Connector ; Synology DS409 DS409+ DS409+R1 DS415 DS415+ DS415play DS408 DiskStation NAS Server Network Storage, EA1100E-120 EA1100E120 LI SHIN 100W - 120W 4PIN DIN Adapter Power Supply
  • Synology DiskStation ST-C-120-12000833CT STC-120-12000833CT MBA50208 P/N: EA11001E-120 MicroBattery, DS916+ DS916 Network Attached Storage NAS Server; PGB EA11011D-120 EA11001E-120 Synology DiskStation Network Attached Storage NAS Disk Station 12VDC Server, DS918+ DS918 4 bay
  • Power Spes - Input Volt Range: 110-240V / Output: 12V 9A 108W max (compatible with 12V 8.33A, 12V 8A, 12V 7.5A, 12V 7A, etc) Input Volt Range: 110-240V / Tested Units. In Great Working Condition. We guarantee our products will charge your device as efficiently as the original charger. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards. // OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection
  • 30 Days Money Back And 3 Year Warranty - we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. And we will exchange your product free of charge should it become defective for 3 years from the date of purchase.You can contact with us any time!

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best Ac Connector

What are Ac Connector

Ac connector, also known as a standard audio/video interconnect (AVI) cable, is a physical connection between two devices that enables them to transmit data back and forth using audio signals. It's commonly used to connect computers to TV sets, DVD players, VCRs, camcorders, recorders, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, CD players, cameras, etc.

What is AVC?

It stands for Audio Video Codec, which refers to the set of rules governing how data streams across different types of connections. For example, the compression techniques used to make HDTV broadcasts feasible involve a combination of compression algorithms and other technologies.

How Does Ac Connector Work?

When two devices communicate over a physical connection such as a coaxial cable, there must be some method of ensuring that both ends receive exactly the same information at precisely the same moment. Otherwise, they might interpret the data differently, resulting in distortion.

Why Use AC Connectors?

One major advantage of connecting via ac connectors is that you don't have to worry about signal degradation due to latency issues. Latency occurs whenever the receiver doesn't get all the bits of information sent out simultaneously; instead, it gets pieces of information arriving at different times.

Advantages of Using Ac Connector

  • Compatibility: Most modern devices support ac connectors, so it's safe to assume that if one device supports ac connectors, the other will too.
  • Reliability: Because the ac connectors provide an electrical connection, they're generally less prone to damage than cables. They also allow for faster transfer speeds because there aren't many components in the middle of the line.
  • Security: Since ac connectors use an unencrypted radio frequency transmission, they can easily be tapped into without requiring additional equipment.
  • Noise Reduction: When you plug ac connectors directly into each other, you eliminate noise caused by impedance mismatches. Noise reduction allows for clearer audio reproduction.
  • The Importance of A Purchasing a Quality Ac Connector

    If you're planning on buying a car audio connector, there's nothing better than knowing how to buy quality connectors. These types of devices are essential to ensure your vehicle audio system works properly. If you want to get the best out of your vehicle, you'll need to make sure you purchase the right type of connectors. Here are three things you should look for when purchasing a connector.

    1. Material Matters

    There are many different materials used to manufacture car audio connectors. Some examples include aluminum, copper, brass, steel, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and silicone. When choosing between two similar products, consider material first. Rubber and silicone connectors tend to cost less, but they don't last nearly as long as metal and other hard plastics. Metal connectors are generally stronger and longer lasting than rubber and silicone connectors.

    2. Design Matters

    When shopping for a connector, you should also pay close attention to its design. There are many different shapes and sizes available. For example, round connectors are typically smaller and cheaper than square connectors. Round connectors also allow more room inside them, so they fit into tight spaces easier than square connectors.

    3. Installation Matters

    Lastly, think about where you plan on installing your connector. If you intend to install it yourself, it may be worth paying extra money for a pre-installed connector instead of trying to do it yourself. Pre-installation makes the installation process much simpler and saves you time and effort.

    Features To Consider Before Buying Ac Connector

    When buying Ac Connector, there are several features that you should consider before purchasing.

    1. Support for Multiple Devices

    There are two types of connectors available: USB 2.0 and microUSB. The former supports faster speeds but requires the use of a PC; while the latter works fine without a computer and offers better portability.

    2. Compatibility

    If you're planning to connect multiple devices at once, make sure they all support the same connector type. Otherwise, you'll end up having to change out cables often.

    3. Durable Design

    The best connectors last long enough to avoid frequent replacement. They also provide durability against moisture and dust. But if your device's connection cable breaks after only a few months, then you might want to look into replacing it.

    Popular Ac Connectorbrands

    We have compiled a list of popular brands for all your automotive needs! We've included the best car audio products for sale including speakers, amplifiers, receivers, subwoofers, amps, intercom systems, DVD players, Bluetooth devices, navigation systems, cell phones, car chargers, GPS units, alarm systems, power tools, and other accessories.

    Ac Audio Systems

    Ac Audio Systems

    Alpine Electronics

    Alpine Electronics



    Audio Innovations

    Audio Innovations

    Automatic Transmissions

    Automatic Transmissions

    Bose Corporation

    Bose Corporation

    Cabelas Outdoor World

    Cabelas Outdoor World

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ac Connector

    This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about the AC connector.

    1. What Does the AC Connector Do?

    The AC connector allows for audio communication between teachers and students using VoiceThread, VSee, Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other similar tools. For example, if you use a voice chat tool like Skype, you can ask students to click on the “Start Audio Chat” button located at the top right corner of their screen. Then, they simply type whatever they want to say into the text box below.

    2. How do I get started using the AC connector?

    There are two ways to connect with the AC connector: (a) via a web browser; and (b) directly through a desktop application called Talkyte. To access the AC connector via a web browser, visit https://acconnector.com/applications/view/web_browser/. Click on the icon labeled “AC Connector” and follow the prompts to install the app on your computer.

    3. Where can I find documentation regarding the AC connector?

    For detailed information about how to set up and configure the AC connector, please refer to our Help Center under the section titled “How to Use the AC Connector.”

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