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6 Monitor Stand

Husky Mounts Monitor Riser Laptop Stand, Adjustable Legs, Stackable, 15.75'...

Husky Mounts Monitor Riser Laptop Stand, Adjustable Legs, Stackable, 15.75"...

  • Lift your monitors up to a comfortable level with the Husky Mounts Monitor Laptop Stand Riser! The stand is made with a bamboo top and durable matte steel legs. The top is perforated to allow for air circulation. Legs are adjustable to maximize positive ergonomic usage.
  • This riser can hold up to 44 lbs, and works great as display for computer monitors and/or small television sets. It's tall enough on its own that the space beneath can be used as storage. Two stands can be stacked one on top of the other for efficient use of space. Put an All In One printer copier scanner on top, and reams of paper and replacement cartridges beneath.
  • Each stand measures 15.75" long and 9.25" wide. There is a clearance of 13" between legs. The legs can be adjusted from 4.5" to 6" in height. This provides ample space to tuck away notepads, a mouse, staplers, tape dispensers and other office supplies.
  • The legs of this stand are easy to adjust. Just depress the button to slip it out of the hole and pull the bottom part of the leg to the desired length. The button will slip into the new hole and lock automatically. This secures the height of your stand and provides extra stability. If you need more height, these stands can be stacked.
  • This stand comes together in less than a minute, and requires no instructions. Legs simply screw into the top, no tools required except your own hand. This stand comes singly, or sold in sets of two. A great choice for anything around the house or office requiring a little bit of lift!

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