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5 Gallon Water Cooler

Water coolers have been around since the early 1900s, but they were never really taken seriously until recently. Nowadays, they are becoming more common than ever before. If you're thinking about getting yourself a new water cooler, then read our guide to help you make the decision easier. We outline everything you need to know about choosing a water cooler, including what features to look for, as well as where to get the best deals.

Frigidaire EFWC498 Water Cooler/Dispenser in White
  • Hot and cold water, with safety lock for hot button
  • Stainless steel weld tank, prevent from overheating and drain water
  • Adjustable front leveling legs
  • Fits standard 3 and 5 gallon bottles
  • Removable drip tray for easy clean up
Igloo 5 Gallon Portable Sports Cooler Water Beverage Dispenser with Flat...
  • Recessed and angled drip-resistant spigot for easy dispensing
  • Reinforced handles for strength and product longevity
  • Keeper cord affixes lid to cooler for cleanliness and loss prevention
  • Pressure-fit lid won't trap dirt or mold
  • UV inhibitors and infrared technology protect the cooler against sun damage
  • Seat-top lid provides sitting surface
Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser with BioGuard- 3...
  • THREE TEMPERATURES: Three temperature settings allow you to customize your drinking experience This...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our sleek stylish stainless steel cabinet will make this water cooler fit right...
  • LIGHT THE WAY: Our built-in nightlight makes the water spouts clearly visible at night & has an...
  • BOTTOM LOADING WITH BIOGUARD: Our water cooler is bottom loading to eliminate the strain of lifting,...
  • CHILD SAFE: This product is UL/Energy Star Approved and features a child safety lock on the hot...
Igloo Heavy Duty Beverage Coolers, 5 Gallon
  • Product Type :Professional Healthcare
  • Package Dimensions :34.29 Cm L X34.29 Cm W X49.784 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :United States
  • Package Weight :7.0lbs
Igloo 5 Gallon Cooler with Seat Lid in Orange
  • 5 gallon
  • Seat top
  • Orange body, white lid & handles
  • Recessed & angled drip resistant spigot for easy dispensing
  • Reinforced handles for strength & product longevity
Frigidaire EFWC519 Stainless Steel Water Cooler/Dispenser, Stainless
  • Stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser
  • Compressor cooled for always cold water
  • Holds 3 or 5 Gal. water bottles
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Hot water safety latch prevents accidents
  • Indicator lights that is easy to read
Brio Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser – Essential Series - 3...
  • BOTTOM-LOAD WATER COOLER: Don’t struggle to lift heavy bottles and simplify your life with a...
  • HOT, COLD & ROOM-TEMPERATURE WATER: Three temperature settings allow you to customize your drinking...
  • CHILD-SAFETY LOCK: Never worry about accidental pouring of hot water again with the two-step...
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: Maintenance with this cooler is a breeze with smart technology, as it lets you...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The stylish design features a stainless-steel accent and is the perfect, classy...
Igloo 5 Gallon Wheeled Portable Sports Cooler Water Beverage Dispenser with...
  • Recessed spigot is leak-resistant and removable for convenient cleaning
  • Locking, telescoping handle with inset wheels offer easy transportation
  • Molded-in side handles provide easy lifting
  • High-density polyethylene construction

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the
best 5 gallon water cooler

What is the Purpose Of A Water Cooler?

Water coolers are designed to be placed next to a sink where users can fill bottles with cold water. Some models include built-in ice makers which allow users to create ice cubes while filling their bottles. Other features include adjustable shelves and bottle holders. Most water coolers are equipped with a spigot for easy refilling.

Why Should You Buy a Water Cooler?

The main reason why most people buy a water cooler is to reduce the amount of hot water they consume during the course of a day. Hot showers and baths are very common activities among adults. However, many people forget to turn the faucet off once they finish taking a shower or bath. As a result, they end up wasting a lot of hot water. With a water cooler, you can take advantage of the cold water supply and avoid wasting precious resources.

Save Money

Another benefit of owning a water cooler is saving money. Many people who own a water cooler report spending less money on bottled water. Instead of purchasing a case of bottled water each week, they can refill their water cooler several times throughout the day. This saves money and reduces the number of trips to the store.

Help Save Our Environment

Many people believe that drinking tap water is unhealthy. While there are no studies proving that drinking tap water causes health problems, there are plenty of reasons why we should drink filtered water. First, our bodies require certain minerals found in natural spring water. Second, tap water contains chlorine which kills bacteria and viruses. Third, tap water has been tested and proven safe to drink. Finally, drinking tap water is cheaper than buying bottled water.

Improve Health

Drinking filtered water improves overall health. Drinking unfiltered water increases the risk of developing stomach ulcers and kidney stones. Filtering removes harmful chemicals and impurities from tap water. Additionally, filtering prevents the growth of microorganisms which could potentially harm your body.

Increase Productivity

Studies show that workers who drink filtered water perform better and are more productive. Workers who drink filtered water are able to concentrate longer periods of time and complete more work in a shorter period of time. Employees who drink filtered water are also less likely to suffer from headaches and migraines.

Stress levels decrease when employees drink filtered water. Studies show that stress levels drop significantly when employees drink filtered water. Employees who drink filtered

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality 5 Gallon Water Cooler

Water coolers are essential tools for any business owner. Whether you own a small shop or a large corporation, there is no doubt that you will benefit from owning a high quality water cooler. There are many different types of water coolers available today, each offering its own unique benefits. However, most businesses fail to take advantage of these benefits due to lack of knowledge regarding which type of water cooler is right for them.

Benefits of High Quality Water Coolers

High quality water coolers offer several advantages over low quality models. First, they are built to last. Most manufacturers guarantee their products for years, providing customers with confidence that they will be able to enjoy their product for many years to come. Second, they are easy to maintain. Many high quality units include filters that require little maintenance. Third, they are designed to reduce noise levels. Low quality models typically produce loud noises during operation. Fourth, they are durable. Some models are constructed using heavy duty materials that allow them to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Finally, they are affordable. Many high quality models are priced lower than comparable models offered by competitors.

Types of Water Coolers Available Today

There are two main categories of water coolers available today. One category includes those that operate on gravity alone. Gravity based systems rely solely on the force of gravity to circulate the water throughout the unit. Another category includes those that utilize pumps to circulate the water. Both types of systems are effective, however, gravity based systems are generally considered easier to install and maintain.

How To Select A Water Cooler For Your Business

Selecting a water cooler for your business requires careful consideration. Before making a final decision, ask yourself the following questions: How long do you plan to own the water cooler? Do you plan to sell the business within five years? Will you be operating the business for more than ten years? Are you planning to expand into another location? Once you've answered these questions, select a water cooler that meets your needs. Remember, the longer you plan to own the cooler, the higher the price tag will likely be.

Tips For Choosing A Water Cooler

Before selecting a water cooler, determine whether you plan to use it primarily for drinking purposes or both drinking and cooking. If you plan to drink the majority of the water, then a gravity based system is probably the way to go. If you plan to cook with the water, then a pump based system is ideal.

Features To Look For When Buying A 5 Gallon Water Cooler

The most common type of water coolers available today are those which hold five gallons of water. There are many different features to look for when purchasing a five gallon water cooler. Here we will discuss some of these features and explain why each is important.


One of the biggest factors to take into consideration when selecting a five gallon water cooler is its size. Most five gallon water coolers are designed to be placed on top of a refrigerator. However, there are smaller models which are designed to sit on a countertop. Regardless of where you decide to put yours, make sure that it has enough room underneath to accommodate your ice maker and filter.

Filter Type

Another factor to consider when shopping for a five gallon water cooler is the type of filter it uses. Some filters require regular maintenance while others last indefinitely. Make sure that the filter you select is easy to maintain and does not require special tools. Many filters include a built-in pump which circulates the water throughout the unit.

Ice Maker

An additional feature to look for when considering a five gallon water cooler is whether or not it includes an ice maker. An ice maker is essential for cooling beverages during hot summer months. Ice makers typically consist of two parts; a reservoir and an icemaker. The reservoir holds the water needed to create ice cubes. The icemaker is responsible for freezing the water and creating the ice cubes. Some units allow you to control the amount of ice produced. Others automatically produce the correct amount of ice based on the volume of water stored in the reservoir.

Water Dispenser

Finally, another feature to look for when purchasing a five gallon water cooler is whether or not it comes equipped with a dispenser. A dispenser is useful for filling multiple cups simultaneously. Some dispensers are automatic while others must be manually operated. Either way, make sure that the dispenser is large enough to fill several cups at once.


There are many different types of five gallon water coolers available today. Each offers unique benefits and drawbacks. Before making your final decision, carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option. Remember, the right choice could save you money and headaches later on.

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Different Types of 5 Gallon Water Coolers

Water coolers are very popular these days. There are many different kinds available. Some are designed to be portable while others are stationary. Most of them are built to last and are easy to maintain. Here we will discuss five different types of water coolers.

1) Portable Water Coolers

These are the most common type of water cooler. They are typically small enough to carry around and are ideal for outdoor activities. They are generally inexpensive and easy to install. However, they are not suitable for indoor use due to the fact that they cannot withstand extreme temperatures. They are also prone to leaking.

2) Stationary Water Coolers

Stationary water coolers are large units that are meant to be placed inside a room. They are usually installed permanently and are quite heavy. They are perfect for offices where there is no access to outside air. They are also good for homes with multiple rooms since they can be moved between rooms.

3) Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water coolers are smaller versions of stationary water coolers. They are usually mounted directly above a sink and are ideal for kitchens. They are also convenient for families who live together.

4) Undercounter Water Coolers

Undercounter water coolers are larger models that are meant to be placed underneath sinks. They are usually made of stainless steel and are ideal for commercial settings. They are also very durable and can handle high volumes of water.

5) Recirculating Water Coolers

Recirculating water coolers are the largest and heaviest of the bunch. They are usually found in restaurants and hotels. They are equipped with pumps and filters which allow them to continuously circulate water throughout the entire unit. They are also very efficient and require little maintenance.


There are many different types of water coolers available today. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you research each option thoroughly before making your decision.

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